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    Wrong - () imp. of Wring. Wrung.
    Wrong - (a.) Twisted; wry; as, a wrong nose.
    Wrong - (a.) Not according to the laws of good morals, whether divine or human; not suitable to the highest and best end; not morally right; deviating from rectitude or duty; not just or equitable; not true; not legal; as, a wrong practice; wrong ideas; wrong inclinations and desires.
    Wrong - (a.) Not fit or suitable to an end or object; not appropriate for an intended use; not according to rule; unsuitable; improper; incorrect; as, to hold a book with the wrong end uppermost; to take the wrong way.
    Wrong - (a.) Not according to truth; not conforming to fact or intent; not right; mistaken; erroneous; as, a wrong statement.
    Wrong - (a.) Designed to be worn or placed inward; as, the wrong side of a garment or of a piece of cloth.
    Wrong - (adv.) In a wrong manner; not rightly; amiss; morally ill; erroneously; wrongly.
    Wrong - (a.) That which is not right.
    Wrong - (a.) Nonconformity or disobedience to lawful authority, divine or human; deviation from duty; -- the opposite of moral right.
    Wrong - (a.) Deviation or departure from truth or fact; state of falsity; error; as, to be in the wrong.
    Wrong - (a.) Whatever deviates from moral rectitude; usually, an act that involves evil consequences, as one which inflicts injury on a person; any injury done to, or received from; another; a trespass; a violation of right.
    Wrong - (v. t.) To treat with injustice; to deprive of some right, or to withhold some act of justice from; to do undeserved harm to; to deal unjustly with; to injure.
    Wrong - (v. t.) To impute evil to unjustly; as, if you suppose me capable of a base act, you wrong me.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Awrong - (adv.) Wrongly.
    Self-wrong - (n.) Wrong done by a person himself.
    Wronged - (imp. & p. p.) of Wrong
    Wronging - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Wrong
    Wrongdoer - (n.) One who injures another, or who does wrong.
    Wrongdoer - (n.) One who commits a tort or trespass; a trespasser; a tort feasor.
    Wrongdoing - (n.) Evil or wicked behavior or action.
    Wronger - (n.) One who wrongs or injures another.
    Wrongful - (a.) Full of wrong; injurious; unjust; unfair; as, a wrongful taking of property; wrongful dealing.
    Wronghead - (n.) A person of a perverse understanding or obstinate character.
    Wronghead - (a.) Wrongheaded.
    Wrongheaded - (a.) Wrong in opinion or principle; having a perverse understanding; perverse.
    Wrongless - (a.) Not wrong; void or free from wrong.
    Wrongly - (adv.) In a wrong manner; unjustly; erroneously; wrong; amiss; as, he judges wrongly of my motives.
    Wrongness - (n.) The quality or state of being wrong; wrongfulness; error; fault.
    Wrongous - (a.) Constituting, or of the nature of, a wrong; unjust; wrongful.
    Wrongous - (a.) Not right; illegal; as, wrongous imprisonment.
    Wrong-timed - (a.) Done at an improper time; ill-timed.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Wrong - adj. 1 mistaken; not true; in error. 2 unsuitable; less or least desirable (the wrong road; a wrong decision). 3 contrary to law or morality (it is wrong to steal). 4 amiss; out of order, in a bad or abnormal condition (something wrong with my heart; has gone wrong). adv. (usually placed last) in a wrong manner or direction; with an incorrect result (guessed wrong). n. 1 what is morally wrong. 2 unjust action (suffer a wrong). v. 1 treat unjustly. 2 mistakenly attribute bad motives to. do wrong sin. Do wrong to malign or mistreat (a person). Get wrong 1 misunderstand (a person etc.). 2 obtain an incorrect answer to. Get (or get hold of) the wrong end of the stick misunderstand completely. Go wrong 1 take the wrong path. 2 stop functioning properly. 3 depart from virtuous behaviour. In the wrong responsible for a quarrel, mistake, or offence. On the wrong side of 1 out of favour with (a person). 2 somewhat more than (a stated age). Wrong side out inside out. Wrong way round in the opposite or reverse of the normal or desirable orientation or sequence etc. wrongly adv. Wrongness n. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Wrongdoer - n. Person who behaves immorally or illegally. wrongdoing n.
    Wrong-foot - v. Colloq. 1 (in tennis, football, etc.) Catch (an opponent) off balance. 2 disconcert; catch unprepared.
    Wrongful - adj. Unwarranted, unjustified (wrongful arrest). wrongfully adv.
    Wrong-headed - adj. Perverse and obstinate.
    Wrong side - n. Worse or undesired or unusable side of esp. Fabric.

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