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    Watch - (v. i.) The act of watching; forbearance of sleep; vigil; wakeful, vigilant, or constantly observant attention; close observation; guard; preservative or preventive vigilance; formerly, a watching or guarding by night.
    Watch - (v. i.) One who watches, or those who watch; a watchman, or a body of watchmen; a sentry; a guard.
    Watch - (v. i.) The post or office of a watchman; also, the place where a watchman is posted, or where a guard is kept.
    Watch - (v. i.) The period of the night during which a person does duty as a sentinel, or guard; the time from the placing of a sentinel till his relief; hence, a division of the night.
    Watch - (v. i.) A small timepiece, or chronometer, to be carried about the person, the machinery of which is moved by a spring.
    Watch - (n.) An allotted portion of time, usually four hour for standing watch, or being on deck ready for duty. Cf. Dogwatch.
    Watch - (n.) That part, usually one half, of the officers and crew, who together attend to the working of a vessel for an allotted time, usually four hours. The watches are designated as the port watch, and the starboard watch.
    Watch - (v. i.) To be awake; to be or continue without sleep; to wake; to keep vigil.
    Watch - (v. i.) To be attentive or vigilant; to give heed; to be on the lookout; to keep guard; to act as sentinel.
    Watch - (v. i.) To be expectant; to look with expectation; to wait; to seek opportunity.
    Watch - (v. i.) To remain awake with any one as nurse or attendant; to attend on the sick during the night; as, to watch with a man in a fever.
    Watch - (v. i.) To serve the purpose of a watchman by floating properly in its place; -- said of a buoy.
    Watch - (v. t.) To give heed to; to observe the actions or motions of, for any purpose; to keep in view; not to lose from sight and observation; as, to watch the progress of a bill in the legislature.
    Watch - (v. t.) To tend; to guard; to have in keeping.
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    Deathwatch - (n.) A small beetle (Anobium tessellatum and other allied species). By forcibly striking its head against woodwork it makes a ticking sound, which is a call of the sexes to each other, but has been imagined by superstitious people to presage death.
    Deathwatch - (n.) A small wingless insect, of the family Psocidae, which makes a similar but fainter sound; -- called also deathtick.
    Deathwatch - (n.) The guard set over a criminal before his execution.
    Dogwatch - (n.) A half watch; a watch of two hours, of which there are two, the first dogwatch from 4 to 6 o'clock, p. m., and the second dogwatch from 6 to 8 o'clock, p. m.
    Outwatch - (v. t.) To exceed in watching.
    Overwatch - (v. t.) To watch too much.
    Overwatch - (v. t.) To weary or exhaust by watching.
    Swatch - (n.) A swath.
    Swatch - (n.) A piece, pattern, or sample, generally of cloth.
    Watched - (imp. & p. p.) of Watch
    Watching - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Watch
    Watchdog - (n.) A dog kept to watch and guard premises or property, and to give notice of the approach of intruders.
    Watcher - (n.) One who watches; one who sits up or continues; a diligent observer; specifically, one who attends upon the sick during the night.
    Watches - (n. pl.) The leaves of Saracenia flava. See Trumpets.
    Watchet - (a.) Pale or light blue.
    Watchful - (a.) Full of watch; vigilant; attentive; careful to observe closely; observant; cautious; -- with of before the thing to be regulated or guarded; as, to be watchful of one's behavior; and with against before the thing to be avoided; as, to be watchful against the growth of vicious habits.
    Watchhouses - (pl. ) of Watchhouse
    Watchhouse - (n.) A house in which a watch or guard is placed.
    Watchhouse - (n.) A place where persons under temporary arrest by the police of a city are kept; a police station; a lockup.
    Watchmaker - (n.) One whose occupation is to make and repair watches.
    Watchmen - (pl. ) of Watchman
    Watchman - (n.) One set to watch; a person who keeps guard; a guard; a sentinel.
    Watchman - (n.) Specifically, one who guards a building, or the streets of a city, by night.
    Watchtower - (n.) A tower in which a sentinel is placed to watch for enemies, the approach of danger, or the like.
    Watchword - (n.) A word given to sentinels, and to such as have occasion to visit the guards, used as a signal by which a friend is known from an enemy, or a person who has a right to pass the watch from one who has not; a countersign; a password.
    Watchword - (n.) A sentiment or motto; esp., one used as a rallying cry or a signal for action.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Watch - v. 1 keep the eyes fixed on. 2 keep under observation; follow observantly. 3 (often foll. By for) be in an alert state; be vigilant. 4 (foll. By over) look after; take care of. n. 1 small portable timepiece for carrying on the wrist or in a pocket. 2 state of alert or constant observation or attention. 3 naut. A usu. Four-hour spell of duty. B (in full starboard or port watch) each of the halves into which a ship's crew is divided to take alternate watches. 4 hist. Watchman or watchmen. on the watch for waiting for (an anticipated occurrence). Watch it (or oneself) colloq. Be careful. Watch out (often foll. By for) be on one's guard. watcher n. (also in comb.). [old english: related to *wake1]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Bird-watcher - n. Person who observes wild birds as a hobby. bird-watching n.
    Black watch - n. (prec. By the) royal highland regiment.
    Death-watch - n. (in full death-watch beetle) small beetle which makes a ticking sound, said to portend death.
    Dogwatch - n. Either of two short watches on a ship (46 or 68 p.m.).
    Fire-watcher - n. Person keeping watch for fires, esp. Those caused by bombs.
    Neighbourhood watch - n. Organized local vigilance by householders to discourage crime.
    Night-watchman - n. 1 person employed to keep watch at night. 2 cricket inferior batsman sent in near the close of a day's play.
    Stopwatch - n. Watch that can be stopped and started, used to time races etc.
    Swatch - n. 1 sample, esp. Of cloth. 2 collection of samples. [origin unknown]
    Watchdog - n. 1 dog guarding property etc. 2 person or body monitoring others' rights etc.
    Watchful - adj. 1 accustomed to watching, alert. 2 on the watch. watchfully adv. Watchfulness n.
    Watching brief - n. Brief of a barrister who follows a case for a client not directly concerned.
    Watchmaker - n. Person who makes and repairs watches and clocks.
    Watchman - n. Man employed to look after an empty building etc. At night.
    Watch-night service - n. Religious service held on the last night of the year.
    Watch-tower - n. Tower for keeping watch from.
    Watchword - n. Phrase summarizing a guiding principle.
    Wrist-watch - n. Small watch worn on a strap etc. Round the wrist.
    Wrist-watch - n. Small watch worn on a strap etc. Round the wrist.

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