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    Visa - (n.) See Vis/.
    Visa - (v. t.) To indorse, after examination, with the word vise, as a passport; to vise.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Advisability - (n.) The quality of being advisable; advisableness.
    Advisable - (a.) Proper to be advised or to be done; expedient; prudent.
    Advisable - (a.) Ready to receive advice.
    Advisable-ness - (n.) The quality of being advisable or expedient; expediency; advisability.
    Advisably - (adv.) With advice; wisely.
    Brass-visaged - (a.) Impudent; bold.
    Chevisance - (n.) Achievement; deed; performance.
    Chevisance - (n.) A bargain; profit; gain.
    Chevisance - (n.) A making of contracts.
    Chevisance - (n.) A bargain or contract; an agreement about a matter in dispute, such as a debt; a business compact.
    Chevisance - (n.) An unlawful agreement or contract.
    Devisable - (a.) Capable of being devised, invented, or contrived.
    Devisable - (a.) Capable of being bequeathed, or given by will.
    Devisal - (n.) A devising.
    Envisaged - (imp. & p. p.) of Envisage
    Envisaging - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Envisage
    Envisage - (v. t.) To look in the face of; to apprehend; to regard.
    Envisagement - (n.) The act of envisaging.
    Hard-visaged - (a.) Of a harsh or stern countenance; hard-featured.
    Improvisate - (a.) Unpremeditated; impromptu; extempore.
    Improvisated - (imp. & p. p.) of Improvisate
    Improvisating - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Improvisate
    Improvisate - (v. t. & i.) To improvise; to extemporize.
    Improvisation - (n.) The act or art of composing and rendering music, poetry, and the like, extemporaneously; as, improvisation on the organ.
    Improvisation - (n.) That which is improvised; an impromptu.
    Improvisatize - (v. t. & i.) Same as Improvisate.
    Improvisator - (n.) An improviser, or improvvisatore.
    Improvisatore - (n.) See Improvvisatore.
    Improvisatorial - (a.) Alt. of Improvisatory
    Improvisatory - (a.) Of or pertaining to improvisation or extemporaneous composition.
    Improvisatrice - (n.) See Improvvisatrice.
    Improvvisatori - (pl. ) of Improvvisatore
    Improvvisatore - (n.) One who composes and sings or recites rhymes and short poems extemporaneously.
    Improvvisatrici - (pl. ) of Improvvisatrice
    Improvvisatrice - (n.) A female improvvisatore.
    Inadvisable - (a.) Not advisable.
    Irreplevisable - (a.) Not capable of being replevied.
    Ovisac - (n.) A Graafian follicle; any sac containing an ovum or ova.
    Ovisac - (n.) The inner layer of the fibrous wall of a Graafian follicle.
    Replevisable - (a.) Repleviable.
    Revisable - (a.) That may be revised.
    Revisal - (n.) The act of revising, or reviewing and reexamining for correction and improvement; revision; as, the revisal of a manuscript; the revisal of a proof sheet; the revisal of a treaty.
    Supervisal - (n.) Supervision.
    Unadvisable - (a.) Not advisable; inadvisable; inexpedient.
    Unvisard - (v. t.) To take the vizard or mask from; to unmask.
    Visaed - (imp. & p. p.) of Visa
    Visaing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Visa
    Visage - (n.) The face, countenance, or look of a person or an animal; -- chiefly applied to the human face.
    Visage - (v. t.) To face.
    Visaged - (a.) Having a visage.
    Visard - (n.) A mask. See Visor.
    Visard - (v. t.) To mask.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Visa - n. Endorsement on a passport etc., esp. Allowing entrance to or exit from a country. [latin, = seen]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Advisable - adj. To be recommended, expedient. advisability n.
    Envisage - v. (-ging) 1 have a mental picture of (a thing not yet existing). 2 imagine as possible or desirable. [french: related to *visage]
    Inadvisable - adj. Not advisable. inadvisability n.
    Visage - n. Literary face. [latin visus sight]

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