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    Variety - (n.) The quality or state of being various; intermixture or succession of different things; diversity; multifariousness.
    Variety - (n.) That which is various.
    Variety - (n.) A number or collection of different things; a varied assortment; as, a variety of cottons and silks.
    Variety - (n.) Something varying or differing from others of the same general kind; one of a number of things that are akin; a sort; as, varieties of wood, land, rocks, etc.
    Variety - (n.) An individual, or group of individuals, of a species differing from the rest in some one or more of the characteristics typical of the species, and capable either of perpetuating itself for a period, or of being perpetuated by artificial means; hence, a subdivision, or peculiar form, of a species.
    Variety - (n.) In inorganic nature, one of those forms in which a species may occur, which differ in minor characteristics of structure, color, purity of composition, etc.
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    Subvariety - (n.) A subordinate variety, or a division of a variety.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Variety - n. (pl. -ies) 1 diversity; absence of uniformity; many-sidedness. 2 quantity or collection of different things (for a variety of reasons). 3 a class of things that differ from the rest in the same general class. B member of such a class. 4 (foll. By of) different form of a thing, quality, etc. 5 biol. Subdivision of a species. 6 series of dances, songs, comedy acts, etc. (variety show). [latin: related to *various]

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