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    Trip - (n. i.) To move with light, quick steps; to walk or move lightly; to skip; to move the feet nimbly; -- sometimes followed by it. See It, 5.
    Trip - (n. i.) To make a brief journey or pleasure excursion; as, to trip to Europe.
    Trip - (n. i.) To take a quick step, as when in danger of losing one's balance; hence, to make a false; to catch the foot; to lose footing; to stumble.
    Trip - (n. i.) Fig.: To be guilty of a misstep; to commit an offense against morality, propriety, or rule; to err; to mistake; to fail.
    Trip - (v. t.) To cause to stumble, or take a false step; to cause to lose the footing, by striking the feet from under; to cause to fall; to throw off the balance; to supplant; -- often followed by up; as, to trip up a man in wrestling.
    Trip - (v. t.) Fig.: To overthrow by depriving of support; to put an obstacle in the way of; to obstruct; to cause to fail.
    Trip - (v. t.) To detect in a misstep; to catch; to convict.
    Trip - (v. t.) To raise (an anchor) from the bottom, by its cable or buoy rope, so that it hangs free.
    Trip - (v. t.) To pull (a yard) into a perpendicular position for lowering it.
    Trip - (v. t.) To release, let fall, or see free, as a weight or compressed spring, as by removing a latch or detent.
    Trip - (n.) A quick, light step; a lively movement of the feet; a skip.
    Trip - (n.) A brief or rapid journey; an excursion or jaunt.
    Trip - (n.) A false step; a stumble; a misstep; a loss of footing or balance. Fig.: An error; a failure; a mistake.
    Trip - (n.) A small piece; a morsel; a bit.
    Trip - (n.) A stroke, or catch, by which a wrestler causes his antagonist to lose footing.
    Trip - (n.) A single board, or tack, in plying, or beating, to windward.
    Trip - (n.) A herd or flock, as of sheep, goats, etc.
    Trip - (n.) A troop of men; a host.
    Trip - (n.) A flock of widgeons.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Atrip - (adv.) Just hove clear of the ground; -- said of the anchor.
    Atrip - (adv.) Sheeted home, hoisted taut up and ready for trimming; -- said of sails.
    Atrip - (adv.) Hoisted up and ready to be swayed across; -- said of yards.
    Cantrip - (n.) A charm; an incantation; a shell; a trick; adroit mischief.
    Centripetal - (a.) Tending, or causing, to approach the center.
    Centripetal - (a.) Expanding first at the base of the inflorescence, and proceeding in order towards the summit.
    Centripetal - (a.) Having the radicle turned toward the axis of the fruit, as some embryos.
    Centripetal - (a.) Progressing by changes from the exterior of a thing toward its center; as, the centripetal calcification of a bone.
    Centripetence - (n.) Centripetency.
    Centripetency - (n.) Tendency toward the center.
    Cephalotripsy - (n.) The act or operation of crushing the head of a fetus in the womb in order to effect delivery.
    Countertrippant - (a.) Trippant in opposite directions. See Trippant.
    Countertripping - (a.) Same as Countertrippant.
    Lithontriptic - (a.) Having the quality of, or used for, dissolving or destroying stone in the bladder or kidneys; as, lithontriptic forceps.
    Lithontriptic - (n.) A lithontriptic remedy or agent, as distilled water.
    Lithontriptist - (n.) Same as Lithotriptist.
    Lithontriptor - (n.) See Lithotriptor.
    Lithotripsy - (n.) The operation of crushing a stone in the bladder with an instrument called lithotriptor or lithotrite; lithotrity.
    Lithotriptic - (a. & n.) Same as Lithontriptic.
    Lithotriptist - (n.) One skilled in breaking and extracting stone in the bladder.
    Lithotriptor - (n.) An instrument for triturating the stone in the bladder; a lithotrite.
    Lythontriptic - (a.) See Lithontriptic.
    Outstripped - (imp. & p. p.) of Outstrip
    Outstripping - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Outstrip
    Outstrip - (v. t.) To go faster than; to outrun; to advance beyond; to leave behing.
    Overtrip - (v. t.) To trip over nimbly.
    Patripassian - (n.) One of a body of believers in the early church who denied the independent preexistent personality of Christ, and who, accordingly, held that the Father suffered in the Son; a monarchian.
    Stripped - (imp. & p. p.) of Strip
    Stripping - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Strip
    Strip - (v. t.) To deprive; to bereave; to make destitute; to plunder; especially, to deprive of a covering; to skin; to peel; as, to strip a man of his possession, his rights, his privileges, his reputation; to strip one of his clothes; to strip a beast of his skin; to strip a tree of its bark.
    Strip - (v. t.) To divest of clothing; to uncover.
    Strip - (v. t.) To dismantle; as, to strip a ship of rigging, spars, etc.
    Strip - (v. t.) To pare off the surface of, as land, in strips.
    Strip - (v. t.) To deprive of all milk; to milk dry; to draw the last milk from; hence, to milk with a peculiar movement of the hand on the teats at the last of a milking; as, to strip a cow.
    Strip - (v. t.) To pass; to get clear of; to outstrip.
    Strip - (v. t.) To pull or tear off, as a covering; to remove; to wrest away; as, to strip the skin from a beast; to strip the bark from a tree; to strip the clothes from a man's back; to strip away all disguisses.
    Strip - (v. t.) To tear off (the thread) from a bolt or nut; as, the thread is stripped.
    Strip - (v. t.) To tear off the thread from (a bolt or nut); as, the bolt is stripped.
    Strip - (v. t.) To remove the metal coating from (a plated article), as by acids or electrolytic action.
    Strip - (v. t.) To remove fiber, flock, or lint from; -- said of the teeth of a card when it becomes partly clogged.
    Strip - (v. t.) To pick the cured leaves from the stalks of (tobacco) and tie them into "hands"; to remove the midrib from (tobacco leaves).
    Strip - (v. i.) To take off, or become divested of, clothes or covering; to undress.
    Strip - (v. i.) To fail in the thread; to lose the thread, as a bolt, screw, or nut. See Strip, v. t., 8.
    Strip - (n.) A narrow piece, or one comparatively long; as, a strip of cloth; a strip of land.
    Strip - (n.) A trough for washing ore.
    Strip - (n.) The issuing of a projectile from a rifled gun without acquiring the spiral motion.
    Stripe - (n.) A line, or long, narrow division of anything of a different color or structure from the ground; hence, any linear variation of color or structure; as, a stripe, or streak, of red on a green ground; a raised stripe.
    Stripe - (n.) A pattern produced by arranging the warp threads in sets of alternating colors, or in sets presenting some other contrast of appearance.
    Stripe - (n.) A strip, or long, narrow piece attached to something of a different color; as, a red or blue stripe sewed upon a garment.
    Stripe - (n.) A stroke or blow made with a whip, rod, scourge, or the like, such as usually leaves a mark.
    Stripe - (n.) A long, narrow discoloration of the skin made by the blow of a lash, rod, or the like.
    Stripe - (n.) Color indicating a party or faction; hence, distinguishing characteristic; sign; likeness; sort; as, persons of the same political stripe.
    Stripe - (n.) The chevron on the coat of a noncommissioned officer.
    Striped - (imp. & p. p.) of Stripe
    Striping - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Stripe
    Stripe - (v. t.) To make stripes upon; to form with lines of different colors or textures; to variegate with stripes.
    Stripe - (v. t.) To strike; to lash.
    Striped - (a.) Having stripes of different colors; streaked.
    Strip-leaf - (n.) Tobacco which has been stripped of its stalks before packing.
    Stripling - (n.) A youth in the state of adolescence, or just passing from boyhood to manhood; a lad.
    Stripper - (n.) One who, or that which, strips; specifically, a machine for stripping cards.
    Strippet - (n.) A small stream.
    Stripping - (n.) The act of one who strips.
    Stripping - (n.) The last milk drawn from a cow at a milking.
    Subtriple - (a.) Containing a third, or one part to three.
    Subtriplicate - (a.) Expressed by the cube root; -- said especially of ratios.
    Tray-trip - (n.) An old game played with dice.
    Tripped - (imp. & p. p.) of Trip
    Tripping - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Trip
    Tripalmitate - (n.) A palmitate derived from three molecules of palmitic acid.
    Tripalmitin - (n.) See Palmitin.
    Tripang - (n.) See Trepang.
    Triparted - (a.) Parted into three piece; having three parts or pieces; -- said of the field or of a bearing; as, a cross triparted.
    Triparted - (a.) Divided nearly to the base into three segments or lobes.
    Tripartible - (a.) Divisible into three parts.
    Tripartient - (a.) Dividing into three parts; -- said of a number which exactly divides another into three parts.
    Tripartite - (v. i.) Divided into three parts; triparted; as, a tripartite leaf.
    Tripartite - (v. i.) Having three corresponding parts or copies; as, to make indentures tripartite.
    Tripartite - (v. i.) Made between three parties; as, a tripartite treaty.
    Tripartitely - (adv.) In a tripartite manner.
    Tripartition - (n.) A division by threes, or into three parts; the taking of a third part of any number or quantity.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Trip - v. (-pp-) 1 a (often foll. By up) (cause to) stumble, esp. By catching the feet. B (foll. By up) (cause to) make a slip or blunder. 2 a move with quick light steps. B (of a rhythm etc.) Run lightly. 3 make an excursion to a place. 4 a operate (a mechanism) suddenly by knocking aside a catch etc. B automatically cut out. 5 slang have a hallucinatory experience caused by a drug. n. 1 journey or excursion, esp. For pleasure. 2 a stumble or blunder. B tripping or being tripped up. 3 nimble step. 4 slang drug-induced hallucinatory experience. 5 device for tripping a mechanism etc. [dutch trippen skip, hop]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Airstrip - n. Strip of ground for the take-off and landing of aircraft.
    Asset-stripping - n. The taking over of a company and selling off of its assets to make a profit.
    Candystripe - n. Alternate stripes of white and a colour. candystriped adj.
    Centripetal - adj. Moving or tending to move towards a centre. centripetally adv. [latin peto seek]
    Centripetal force - n. Force acting on a body causing it to move towards a centre.
    Comic strip - n. Sequence of drawings telling a story.
    Day-trip - n. Trip completed in one day. day-tripper n.
    Ego-trip - n. Colloq. Activity to boost one's own self-esteem or self-conceit.
    Film-strip - n. Series of transparencies in a strip for projection.
    Mbius strip - n. Math. One-sided surface formed by joining the ends of a narrow rectangle after twisting one end through 180. [mbius, name of a mathematician]
    Outstrip - v. (-pp-) 1 go faster than. 2 surpass, esp. Competitively.
    Pinstripe - n. 1 (often attrib.) Narrow stripe in cloth (pinstripe suit). 2 (in sing. Or pl.) Pinstripe suit (came wearing his pinstripes). pinstriped adj.
    Round trip - n. Trip to one or more places and back again.
    Stars and stripes - n.pl. National flag of the us.
    Strip - v. (-pp-) 1 (often foll. By of) remove the clothes or covering from. 2 (often foll. By off) undress oneself. 3 (often foll. By of) deprive (a person) of property or titles. 4 leave bare. 5 (often foll. By down) remove the accessory fittings of or take apart (a machine etc.). 6 damage the thread of (a screw) or the teeth of (a gearwheel). 7 remove (paint) or remove paint from (a surface) with solvent. 8 (often foll. By from) pull (a covering etc.) Off (stripped the masks from their faces). n. 1 act of stripping, esp. In striptease. 2 colloq. Distinctive outfit worn by a sports team. [old english]
    Strip - n. Long narrow piece. tear a person off a strip colloq. Rebuke a person. [low german strippe strap]
    Strip cartoon - n. = *comic strip.
    Strip club - n. Club at which striptease is performed.
    Stripe - n. 1 long narrow band or strip differing in colour or texture from the surface on either side of it. 2 mil. Chevron etc. Denoting military rank. [perhaps from low german or dutch]
    Striped - adj. Marked with stripes.
    Strip light - n. Tubular fluorescent lamp.
    Stripling - n. Youth not yet fully grown. [from *strip2]
    Stripper - n. 1 person or thing that strips something. 2 device or solvent for removing paint etc. 3 striptease performer.
    Strip-search - n. Search involving the removal of all a person's clothes. v. Search in this way.
    Striptease - n. Entertainment in which the performer slowly and erotically undresses.
    Stripy - adj. (-ier, -iest) striped.
    Tripartite - adj. 1 consisting of three parts. 2 shared by or involving three parties. [latin partior divide]
    Tripe - n. 1 first or second stomach of a ruminant, esp. An ox, as food. 2 colloq. Nonsense, rubbish. [french]
    Triple - adj. 1 consisting of three usu. Equal parts or things; threefold. 2 involving three parties. 3 three times as much or many. n. 1 threefold number or amount. 2 set of three. v. (-ling) multiply by three. triply adv. [latin triplus from greek]
    Triple crown - n. Winning of all three of a group of sporting events, esp. In rugby.
    Triple jump - n. Athletic contest comprising a hop, step, and jump.
    Triplet - n. 1 each of three children or animals born at one birth. 2 set of three things, esp. Three equal notes played in the time of two of the same value.
    Triplex - adj. Triple, threefold. [latin]
    Triplicate - adj. 1 existing in three examples or copies. 2 having three corresponding parts. 3 tripled. n. Each of a set of three copies or corresponding parts. v. (-ting) 1 make in three copies. 2 multiply by three. in triplicate in three copies. triplication n. [latin: related to *triplex]
    Tripod - n. 1 three-legged stand for a camera etc. 2 stool, table, or utensil resting on three feet or legs. [greek, = three-footed]
    Tripos - n. (at cambridge university) honours examinations for primary degrees. [related to *tripod]
    Tripper - n. Person who goes on a pleasure trip.
    Triptych - n. Picture or relief carving on three panels, usu. Hinged together at the sides. [after *diptych]
    Trip-wire - n. Wire stretched close to the ground to trip up an intruder or to operate an alarm or other device when disturbed.

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