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    Tree - (n.) Any perennial woody plant of considerable size (usually over twenty feet high) and growing with a single trunk.
    Tree - (n.) Something constructed in the form of, or considered as resembling, a tree, consisting of a stem, or stock, and branches; as, a genealogical tree.
    Tree - (n.) A piece of timber, or something commonly made of timber; -- used in composition, as in axletree, boottree, chesstree, crosstree, whiffletree, and the like.
    Tree - (n.) A cross or gallows; as Tyburn tree.
    Tree - (n.) Wood; timber.
    Tree - (n.) A mass of crystals, aggregated in arborescent forms, obtained by precipitation of a metal from solution. See Lead tree, under Lead.
    Tree - (v. t.) To drive to a tree; to cause to ascend a tree; as, a dog trees a squirrel.
    Tree - (v. t.) To place upon a tree; to fit with a tree; to stretch upon a tree; as, to tree a boot. See Tree, n., 3.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Amber tree - () A species of Anthospermum, a shrub with evergreen leaves, which, when bruised, emit a fragrant odor.
    Axletree - (n.) A bar or beam of wood or iron, connecting the opposite wheels of a carriage, on the ends of which the wheels revolve.
    Axletree - (n.) A spindle or axle of a wheel.
    Axtree - (n.) Axle or axletree.
    Bay tree - () A species of laurel. (Laurus nobilis).
    Beam tree - () A tree (Pyrus aria) related to the apple.
    Beech tree - () The beech.
    Boottree - (n.) An instrument to stretch and widen the leg of a boot, consisting of two pieces, together shaped like a leg, between which, when put into the boot, a wedge is driven.
    Bo tree - () The peepul tree; esp., the very ancient tree standing at Anurajahpoora in Ceylon, grown from a slip of the tree under which Gautama is said to have received the heavenly light and so to have become Buddha.
    Bridgetree - (n.) The beam which supports the spindle socket of the runner in a grinding mill.
    Bully tree - () The name of several West Indian trees of the order Sapotaceae, as Dipholis nigra and species of Sapota and Mimusops. Most of them yield a substance closely resembling gutta-percha.
    By-street - (n.) A separate, private, or obscure street; an out of the way or cross street.
    Candleberry tree - () A shrub (the Myrica cerifera, or wax-bearing myrtle), common in North America, the little nuts of which are covered with a greenish white wax, which was formerly, used for hardening candles; -- also called bayberry tree, bayberry, or candleberry.
    Caper tree - () See Capper, a plant, 2.
    Chesstree - (n.) A piece of oak bolted perpendicularly on the side of a vessel, to aid in drawing down and securing the clew of the mainsail.
    Cow tree - () A tree (Galactodendron utile or Brosimum Galactodendron) of South America, which yields, on incision, a nourishing fluid, resembling milk.
    Crab tree - () See under Crab.
    Crosstrees - (n. pl.) Pieces of timber at a masthead, to which are attached the upper shrouds. At the head of lower masts in large vessels, they support a semicircular platform called the "top."
    Doretree - (n.) A doorpost.
    Doubletree - (n.) The bar, or crosspiece, of a carriage, to which the singletrees are attached.
    Entree - (n.) A coming in, or entrance; hence, freedom of access; permission or right to enter; as, to have the entree of a house.
    Entree - (n.) In French usage, a dish served at the beginning of dinner to give zest to the appetite; in English usage, a side dish, served with a joint, or between the courses, as a cutlet, scalloped oysters, etc.
    Fir tree - () See Fir.
    Galapee tree - () The West Indian Sciadophyllum Brownei, a tree with very large digitate leaves.
    Gatten tree - () A name given to the small trees called guelder-rose (Viburnum Opulus), cornel (Cornus sanguinea), and spindle tree (Euonymus Europaeus).
    Gauntree - (n.) Alt. of Gauntry
    Gawntree - (n.) See Gauntree.
    Gourd tree - () A tree (the Crescentia Cujete, or calabash tree) of the West Indies and Central America.
    Grass tree - () An Australian plant of the genus Xanthorrhoea, having a thick trunk crowned with a dense tuft of pendulous, grasslike leaves, from the center of which arises a long stem, bearing at its summit a dense flower spike looking somewhat like a large cat-tail. These plants are often called "blackboys" from the large trunks denuded and blackened by fire. They yield two kinds of fragrant resin, called Botany-bay gum, and Gum Acaroides.
    Grass tree - () A similar Australian plant (Kingia australis).
    Hattree - (n.) A hatstand.
    Hep tree - () The wild dog-rose.
    Hip tree - () The dog-rose.
    Ironbark tree - () The Australian Eucalyptus Sideroxylon, used largely by carpenters and shipbuilders; -- called also ironwood.
    Locust tree - () A large North American tree of the genus Robinia (R. Pseudacacia), producing large slender racemes of white, fragrant, papilionaceous flowers, and often cultivated as an ornamental tree. In England it is called acacia.
    Mahwa tree - () An East Indian sapotaceous tree (Bassia latifolia, and also B. butyracea), whose timber is used for wagon wheels, and the flowers for food and in preparing an intoxicating drink. It is one of the butter trees. The oil, known as mahwa and yallah, is obtained from the kernels of the fruit.
    Manteltree - (n.) The lintel of a fireplace when of wood, as frequently in early houses.
    Neem tree - () An Asiatic name for Melia Azadirachta, and M. Azedarach. See Margosa.
    Nickar tree - () Same as Nicker nut, Nicker tree.
    Nicker tree - () The plant producing nicker nuts.
    Ople tree - () The witch-hazel.
    Outstreet - (n.) A street remote from the center of a town.
    Peepul tree - () A sacred tree (Ficus religiosa) of the Buddhists, a kind of fig tree which attains great size and venerable age. See Bo tree.
    Pipal tree - () Same as Peepul tree.
    Pippul tree - () Same as Peepul tree.
    Planer tree - () A small-leaved North American tree (Planera aquatica) related to the elm, but having a wingless, nutlike fruit.
    Plane tree - () Same as 1st Plane.
    Portreeve - (n.) A port warden.
    Quicken tree - () The European rowan tree; -- called also quickbeam, and quickenbeam. See Rowan tree.
    Rooftree - (n.) The beam in the angle of a roof; hence, the roof itself.
    Rowan tree - () A european tree (Pyrus aucuparia) related to the apple, but with pinnate leaves and flat corymbs of small white flowers followed by little bright red berries. Called also roan tree, and mountain ash. The name is also applied to two American trees of similar habit (Pyrus Americana, and P. sambucifolia).
    Saddletree - (n.) The frame of a saddle.
    Shea tree - () An African sapotaceous tree (Bassia, / Butyrospermum, Parkii), from the seeds of which a substance resembling butter is obtained; the African butter tree.
    Shittah tree - (n.) A tree that furnished the precious wood of which the ark, tables, altars, boards, etc., of the Jewish tabernacle were made; -- now believed to have been the wood of the Acacia Seyal, which is hard, fine grained, and yellowish brown in color.
    Singletree - (n.) The pivoted or swinging bar to which the traces of a harnessed horse are fixed; a whiffletree.
    Soapberry tree - () Any tree of the genus Sapindus, esp. Sapindus saponaria, the fleshy part of whose fruit is used instead of soap in washing linen; -- also called soap tree.
    Stree - (n.) Straw.
    Streek - (v. t.) To stretch; also, to lay out, as a dead body. See Streak.
    Streel - (v. i.) To trail along; to saunter or be drawn along, carelessly, swaying in a kind of zigzag motion.
    Streen - (n.) See Strene.
    Street - (a.) Originally, a paved way or road; a public highway; now commonly, a thoroughfare in a city or village, bordered by dwellings or business houses.
    Streetwalker - (n.) A common prostitute who walks the streets to find customers.
    Streetward - (n.) An officer, or ward, having the care of the streets.
    Streetward - (a.) Facing toward the street.
    Summertree - (n.) A summer. See 2d Summer.
    Swingletree - (v. i.) A whiffletree, or whippletree. See Singletree.
    Swingtree - (n.) The bar of a carriage to which the traces are fastened; the whiffletree.
    Til tree - () See Teil.
    Treed - (imp. & p. p.) of Tree
    Treeing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Tree
    Treebeard - (n.) A pendulous branching lichen (Usnea barbata); -- so called from its resemblance to hair.
    Treefuls - (pl. ) of Treeful
    Treeful - (n.) The quantity or number which fills a tree.
    Treeless - (a.) Destitute of trees.
    Treen - (a.) Made of wood; wooden.
    Treen - (a.) Relating to, or drawn from, trees.
    Treen - () pl. of Tree.
    Treenail - (n.) A long wooden pin used in fastening the planks of a vessel to the timbers or to each other.
    Trestletree - (n.) One of two strong bars of timber, fixed horizontally on the opposite sides of the masthead, to support the crosstrees and the frame of the top; -- generally used in the plural.
    Upstreet - (adv.) Toward the higher part of a street; as, to walk upstreet.
    Water tree - () A climbing shrub (Tetracera alnifolia, / potatoria) of Western Africa, which pours out a watery sap from the freshly cut stems.
    Whiffletree - (n.) Same as Whippletree.
    Whippletree - (n.) The pivoted or swinging bar to which the traces, or tugs, of a harness are fastened, and by which a carriage, a plow, or other implement or vehicle, is drawn; a whiffletree; a swingletree; a singletree. See Singletree.
    Whippletree - (n.) The cornel tree.
    Whitten tree - () Either of two shrubs (Viburnum Lantana, and V. Opulus), so called on account of their whitish branches.
    Wicken tree - () Same as Quicken tree.
    Witch-tree - (n.) The witch-hazel.
    Yestreen - (n.) Yester-evening; yesternight; last night.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Tree - n. 1 perennial plant with a woody self-supporting main stem or trunk and usu. Unbranched for some distance above the ground. 2 piece or frame of wood etc. For various purposes (shoe-tree). 3 = *family tree. v. (trees; treed) force to take refuge in a tree.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Backstreet - n. Side-street, alley. attrib. Adj. Illicit; illegal (backstreet abortion).
    Christmas tree - n. Evergreen tree or imitation of this set up and decorated at christmas.
    Civvy street - n. Slang civilian life. [abbreviation]
    Easy street - n. Colloq. Affluence.
    Entre - n. 1 dish served between the fish and meat courses. 2 us main dish. 3 right of admission. [french]
    Family tree - n. Genealogical chart.
    Gum-tree - n. Tree exuding gum, esp. A eucalyptus. up a gum-tree colloq. In great difficulties.
    High street - n. Principal shopping street of a town.
    High street - n. Principal shopping street of a town.
    Man in the street - n. Ordinary person.
    Off-street - adj. (esp. Of parking) other than on a street.
    On-street - adj. (esp. Of parking) along a street.
    Roof-tree - n. Ridge-piece of a roof.
    Sandal-tree - n. Tree yielding sandalwood.
    Shoe-tree - n. Shaped block for keeping a shoe in shape.
    Snowball-tree - n. Guelder rose.
    Spindle tree - n. Tree with hard wood used for spindles.
    Street - n. 1 a public road in a city, town, or village. B this with the houses etc. On each side. 2 people who live or work in a particular street. on the streets living by prostitution. Streets ahead (often foll. By of) colloq. Much superior (to). Up (or right up) one's street colloq. What one likes, knows about, etc. [old english]
    Streetcar - n. Us tram.
    Street credibility - n. (also street cred) slang familiarity with a fashionable urban subculture.
    Streetwalker - n. Prostitute seeking customers in the street.
    Streetwise - n. Knowing how to survive modern urban life.
    Treecreeper - n. Small creeping bird feeding on insects in tree-bark.
    Tree-fern - n. Large fern with an upright trunklike stem.
    Tree line - n. = *timberline.
    Tree ring - n. Ring in a cross-section of a tree, from one year's growth.
    Tree surgeon - n. Person who treats decayed trees in order to preserve them.
    Treetop - n. Topmost part of a tree.
    Tulip-tree - n. Tree producing tulip-like flowers.

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