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    Smart - (v. i.) To feel a lively, pungent local pain; -- said of some part of the body as the seat of irritation; as, my finger smarts; these wounds smart.
    Smart - (v. i.) To feel a pungent pain of mind; to feel sharp pain or grief; to suffer; to feel the sting of evil.
    Smart - (v. t.) To cause a smart in.
    Smart - (v. i.) Quick, pungent, lively pain; a pricking local pain, as the pain from puncture by nettles.
    Smart - (v. i.) Severe, pungent pain of mind; pungent grief; as, the smart of affliction.
    Smart - (v. i.) A fellow who affects smartness, briskness, and vivacity; a dandy.
    Smart - (v. i.) Smart money (see below).
    Smart - (v. i.) Causing a smart; pungent; pricking; as, a smart stroke or taste.
    Smart - (v. i.) Keen; severe; poignant; as, smart pain.
    Smart - (v. i.) Vigorous; sharp; severe.
    Smart - (v. i.) Accomplishing, or able to accomplish, results quickly; active; sharp; clever.
    Smart - (v. i.) Efficient; vigorous; brilliant.
    Smart - (v. i.) Marked by acuteness or shrewdness; quick in suggestion or reply; vivacious; witty; as, a smart reply; a smart saying.
    Smart - (v. i.) Pretentious; showy; spruce; as, a smart gown.
    Smart - (v. i.) Brisk; fresh; as, a smart breeze.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Arsesmart - (n.) Smartweed; water pepper.
    Nosesmart - (n.) A kind of cress, a pungent cruciferous plant, including several species of the genus Nasturtium.
    Smarted - (imp. & p. p.) of Smart
    Smarting - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Smart
    Smarten - (v. t.) To make smart or spruce; -- usually with up.
    Smartle - (v. i.) To waste away.
    Smartly - (adv.) In a smart manner.
    Smartness - (n.) The quality or state of being smart.
    Smartweed - (n.) An acrid plant of the genus Polygonum (P. Hydropiper), which produces smarting if applied where the skin is tender.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Smart - adj. 1 well-groomed, neat. 2 brightly coloured, newly painted, etc. 3 stylish, fashionable. 4 (esp. Us) clever, ingenious, quickwitted. 5 quick, brisk. 6 painfully severe; sharp, vigorous. v. 1 feel or give pain. 2 rankle. 3 (foll. By for) suffer the consequences of. n. Sharp pain; stinging sensation. adv. Smartly. smartish adj. & adv. Smartly adv. Smartness n. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Outsmart - v. Outwit, be cleverer than.
    Smart alec - n. (also smart aleck) colloq. Conceited know-all.
    Smarten - v. (usu. Foll. By up) make or become smart.
    Smart money - n. Money invested by people with expert knowledge.

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