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    Scale - (n.) The dish of a balance; hence, the balance itself; an instrument or machine for weighing; as, to turn the scale; -- chiefly used in the plural when applied to the whole instrument or apparatus for weighing. Also used figuratively.
    Scale - (n.) The sign or constellation Libra.
    Scale - (v. t.) To weigh or measure according to a scale; to measure; also, to grade or vary according to a scale or system.
    Scale - (n.) One of the small, thin, membranous, bony or horny pieces which form the covering of many fishes and reptiles, and some mammals, belonging to the dermal part of the skeleton, or dermoskeleton. See Cycloid, Ctenoid, and Ganoid.
    Scale - (n.) Hence, any layer or leaf of metal or other material, resembling in size and thinness the scale of a fish; as, a scale of iron, of bone, etc.
    Scale - (n.) One of the small scalelike structures covering parts of some invertebrates, as those on the wings of Lepidoptera and on the body of Thysanura; the elytra of certain annelids. See Lepidoptera.
    Scale - (n.) A scale insect. (See below.)
    Scale - (n.) A small appendage like a rudimentary leaf, resembling the scales of a fish in form, and often in arrangement; as, the scale of a bud, of a pine cone, and the like. The name is also given to the chaff on the stems of ferns.
    Scale - (n.) The thin metallic side plate of the handle of a pocketknife. See Illust. of Pocketknife.
    Scale - (n.) An incrustation deposit on the inside of a vessel in which water is heated, as a steam boiler.
    Scale - (n.) The thin oxide which forms on the surface of iron forgings. It consists essentially of the magnetic oxide, Fe3O4. Also, a similar coating upon other metals.
    Scale - (v. t.) To strip or clear of scale or scales; as, to scale a fish; to scale the inside of a boiler.
    Scale - (v. t.) To take off in thin layers or scales, as tartar from the teeth; to pare off, as a surface.
    Scale - (v. t.) To scatter; to spread.
    Scale - (v. t.) To clean, as the inside of a cannon, by the explosion of a small quantity of powder.
    Scale - (v. i.) To separate and come off in thin layers or laminae; as, some sandstone scales by exposure.
    Scale - (v. i.) To separate; to scatter.
    Scale - (n.) A ladder; a series of steps; a means of ascending.
    Scale - (n.) Hence, anything graduated, especially when employed as a measure or rule, or marked by lines at regular intervals.
    Scale - (n.) A mathematical instrument, consisting of a slip of wood, ivory, or metal, with one or more sets of spaces graduated and numbered on its surface, for measuring or laying off distances, etc., as in drawing, plotting, and the like. See Gunter's scale.
    Scale - (n.) A series of spaces marked by lines, and representing proportionately larger distances; as, a scale of miles, yards, feet, etc., for a map or plan.
    Scale - (n.) A basis for a numeral system; as, the decimal scale; the binary scale, etc.
    Scale - (n.) The graduated series of all the tones, ascending or descending, from the keynote to its octave; -- called also the gamut. It may be repeated through any number of octaves. See Chromatic scale, Diatonic scale, Major scale, and Minor scale, under Chromatic, Diatonic, Major, and Minor.
    Scale - (n.) Gradation; succession of ascending and descending steps and degrees; progressive series; scheme of comparative rank or order; as, a scale of being.
    Scale - (n.) Relative dimensions, without difference in proportion of parts; size or degree of the parts or components in any complex thing, compared with other like things; especially, the relative proportion of the linear dimensions of the parts of a drawing, map, model, etc., to the dimensions of the corresponding parts of the object that is represented; as, a map on a scale of an inch to a mile.
    Scale - (v. t.) To climb by a ladder, or as if by a ladder; to ascend by steps or by climbing; to clamber up; as, to scale the wall of a fort.
    Scale - (v. i.) To lead up by steps; to ascend.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Counterscale - (n.) Counterbalance; balance, as of one scale against another.
    Enscale - (v. t.) To cover with scales.
    Gunter's scale - () A scale invented by the Rev. Edmund Gunter (1581-1626), a professor of astronomy at Gresham College, London, who invented also Gunter's chain, and Gunter's quadrant.
    Intranscalent - (a.) Impervious to heat; adiathermic.
    Muscales - (n. pl.) An old name for mosses in the widest sense, including the true mosses and also hepaticae and sphagna.
    Rascaless - (n.) A female rascal.
    Scaled - (imp. & p. p.) of Scale
    Scaleback - (n.) Any one of numerous species of marine annelids of the family Polynoidae, and allies, which have two rows of scales, or elytra, along the back. See Illust. under Chaetopoda.
    Scalebeam - (n.) The lever or beam of a balance; the lever of a platform scale, to which the poise for weighing is applied.
    Scalebeam - (n.) A weighing apparatus with a sliding weight, resembling a steelyard.
    Scaleboard - (n.) A thin slip of wood used to justify a page.
    Scaleboard - (n.) A thin veneer of leaf of wood used for covering the surface of articles of furniture, and the like.
    Scaled - (a.) Covered with scales, or scalelike structures; -- said of a fish, a reptile, a moth, etc.
    Scaled - (a.) Without scales, or with the scales removed; as, scaled herring.
    Scaled - (a.) Having feathers which in form, color, or arrangement somewhat resemble scales; as, the scaled dove.
    Scaleless - (a.) Destitute of scales.
    Scalene - (a.) Having the sides and angles unequal; -- said of a triangle.
    Scalene - (a.) Having the axis inclined to the base, as a cone.
    Scalene - (a.) Designating several triangular muscles called scalene muscles.
    Scalene - (a.) Of or pertaining to the scalene muscles.
    Scalene - (n.) A triangle having its sides and angles unequal.
    Scalenohedral - (a.) Of or pertaining to a scalenohedron.
    Scalenohedron - (n.) A pyramidal form under the rhombohedral system, inclosed by twelve faces, each a scalene triangle.
    Scaler - (n.) One who, or that which, scales; specifically, a dentist's instrument for removing tartar from the teeth.
    Scale-winged - (a.) Having the wings covered with small scalelike structures, as the Lepidoptera; scaly-winged.
    Transcalency - (n.) The quality or state of being transcalent.
    Transcalent - (a.) Pervious to, or permitting the passage of, heat.
    Unscale - (v. t.) To divest of scales; to remove scales from.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Scale - n. 1 each of the thin horny plates protecting the skin of fish and reptiles. 2 something resembling this. 3 white deposit formed in a kettle etc. By hard water. 4 tartar formed on teeth. v. (-ling) 1 remove scale(s) from. 2 form or come off in scales. scaly adj. (-ier, -iest). [french escale]
    Scale - n. 1 a (often in pl.) Weighing machine. B (also scale-pan) each of the dishes on a simple balance. 2 (the scales) zodiacal sign or constellation libra. tip (or turn) the scales 1 be the decisive factor. 2 (usu. Foll. By at) weigh. [old norse skl bowl]
    Scale - n. 1 graded classification system (high on the social scale). 2 a (often attrib.) Ratio of reduction or enlargement in a map, model, picture, etc. (on a scale of one inch to the mile; a scale model). B relative dimensions. 3 mus. Set of notes at fixed intervals, arranged in order of pitch. 4 a set of marks on a line used in measuring etc. B rule determining the distances between these. C rod etc. On which these are marked. v. (-ling) 1 a climb (a wall, height, etc.). B climb (the social scale, heights of ambition, etc.). 2 represent proportionally; reduce to a common scale. in scale in proportion. Scale down (or up) make or become smaller (or larger) in proportion. To scale uniformly in proportion. [latin scala ladder]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Descale - v. (-ling) remove scale from.
    Full-scale - adj. Not reduced in size, complete.
    Kelvin scale - n. Scale of temperature with zero at absolute zero.
    Large-scale - adj. Made or occurring on a large scale.
    Pair of scales - n. Simple balance.
    Richter scale - n. Scale of 010 for representing the strength of an earthquake. [richter, name of a seismologist]
    Scalene - adj. (esp. Of a triangle) having unequal sides. [greek skalenos unequal]
    Sliding scale - n. Scale of fees, taxes, wages, etc., that varies according to some other factor.
    Small-scale - adj. Made or occurring on a small scale.

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