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    Russ - (n. sing. & pl.) A Russian, or the Russians.
    Russ - (n. sing. & pl.) The language of the Russians.
    Russ - (a.) Of or pertaining to the Russians.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Babirussa - (n.) A large hoglike quadruped (Sus, / Porcus, babirussa) of the East Indies, sometimes domesticated; the Indian hog. Its upper canine teeth or tusks are large and recurved.
    Babyrussa - (n.) See Babyroussa.
    Brussels - (n.) A city of Belgium, giving its name to a kind of carpet, a kind of lace, etc.
    Cerussite - (n.) Native lead carbonate; a mineral occurring in colorless, white, or yellowish transparent crystals, with an adamantine, also massive and compact.
    Ferriprussiate - (n.) A ferricyanate; a ferricyanide.
    Ferriprussic - (a.) Ferricyanic.
    Ferroprussiate - (n.) A ferrocyanate; a ferocyanide.
    Ferroprussic - (a.) Ferrocyanic.
    Kingtruss - () A truss, framed with a king-post; -- used in roofs, bridges, etc.
    Nitroprussic - (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or designating, a complex acid called nitroprussic acid, obtained indirectly by the action of nitric acid on potassium ferrocyanide (yellow prussiate), as a red crystalline unstable substance. It forms salts called nitroprussides, which give a rich purple color with alkaline subphides.
    Nitroprusside - (n.) See Nitroprussic.
    Prussian - (a.) Of or pertaining to Prussia.
    Prussian - (n.) A native or inhabitant of Prussia.
    Prussiate - (n.) A salt of prussic acid; a cyanide.
    Prussic - (a.) designating the acid now called hydrocyanic acid, but formerly called prussic acid, because Prussian blue is derived from it or its compounds. See Hydrocyanic.
    Queen truss - () A truss framed with queen-posts; a queen-post truss.
    Russet - (a.) Of a reddish brown color, or (by some called) a red gray; of the color composed of blue, red, and yellow in equal strength, but unequal proportions, namely, two parts of red to one each of blue and yellow; also, of a yellowish brown color.
    Russet - (a.) Coarse; homespun; rustic.
    Russet - (n.) A russet color; a pigment of a russet color.
    Russet - (n.) Cloth or clothing of a russet color.
    Russet - (n.) A country dress; -- so called because often of a russet color.
    Russet - (n.) An apple, or a pear, of a russet color; as, the English russet, and the Roxbury russet.
    Russeting - (n.) See Russet, n., 2 and 4.
    Russety - (a.) Of a russet color; russet.
    Russia - (n.) A country of Europe and Asia.
    Russian - (a.) Of or pertaining to Russia, its inhabitants, or language.
    Russian - (n.) A native or inhabitant of Russia; the language of Russia.
    Russianize - (v. t.) To make Russian, or more or less like the Russians; as, to Russianize the Poles.
    Russification - (n.) The act or process of Russifying, or the state of being Russified.
    Russify - (v. t.) To Russianize; as, to Russify conquered tribes.
    Russophile - (n.) Alt. of Russophilist
    Russophilist - (n.) One who, not being a Russian, favors Russian policy and aggrandizement.
    Russophobe - () Alt. of Russophobist
    Russophobist - () One who dreads Russia or Russian influence.
    Russophobia - (n.) Morbid dread of Russia or of Russian influence.
    Truss - (n.) A bundle; a package; as, a truss of grass.
    Truss - (n.) A padded jacket or dress worn under armor, to protect the body from the effects of friction; also, a part of a woman's dress; a stomacher.
    Truss - (n.) A bandage or apparatus used in cases of hernia, to keep up the reduced parts and hinder further protrusion, and for other purposes.
    Truss - (n.) A tuft of flowers formed at the top of the main stalk, or stem, of certain plants.
    Truss - (n.) The rope or iron used to keep the center of a yard to the mast.
    Truss - (n.) An assemblage of members of wood or metal, supported at two points, and arranged to transmit pressure vertically to those points, with the least possible strain across the length of any member. Architectural trusses when left visible, as in open timber roofs, often contain members not needed for construction, or are built with greater massiveness than is requisite, or are composed in unscientific ways in accordance with the exigencies of style.
    Trussed - (imp. & p. p.) of Truss
    Trussing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Truss
    Truss - (n.) To bind or pack close; to make into a truss.
    Truss - (n.) To take fast hold of; to seize and hold firmly; to pounce upon.
    Truss - (n.) To strengthen or stiffen, as a beam or girder, by means of a brace or braces.
    Truss - (n.) To skewer; to make fast, as the wings of a fowl to the body in cooking it.
    Truss - (n.) To execute by hanging; to hang; -- usually with up.
    Trussing - (n.) The timbers, etc., which form a truss, taken collectively.
    Trussing - (n.) The art of stiffening or bracing a set of timbers, or the like, by putting in struts, ties, etc., till it has something of the character of a truss.
    Trussing - (n.) The act of a hawk, or other bird of prey, in seizing its quarry, and soaring with it into air.
    Untruss - (v. t.) To loose from a truss, or as from a truss; to untie or unfasten; to let out; to undress.
    Untruss - (n.) Alt. of Untrusser
    Untrusser - (n.) One who untrussed persons for the purpose of flogging them; a public whipper.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Brussels sprout - n. 1 brassica with small cabbage-like buds on a stem. 2 such a bud. [brussels in belgium]
    Byelorussian - (also belorussian) n. Native or language of byelorussia in eastern europe. adj. Of byelorussia, its people, or language. [russian from belyi white, russiya russia]
    Jack russell - n. Short-legged breed of terrier.
    Prussian - adj. Of prussia, or esp. Its rigidly militaristic tradition. n. Native of prussia. [prussia, former german state]
    Prussian blue - n. & adj. (as adj. Often hyphenated) deep blue (pigment).
    Prussic acid - n. Hydrocyanic acid. [french]
    Russet - adj. Reddish-brown. n. 1 russet colour. 2 rough-skinned russet-coloured apple. [latin russus]
    Russian - n. 1 a native or national of russia or (loosely) the former soviet union. B person of russian descent. 2 language of russia. adj. 1 of russia or (loosely) the former soviet union or its people. 2 of or in russian.
    Russian roulette - n. Firing of a revolver, with one chamber loaded, at one's head, after spinning the chamber.
    Russian salad - n. Salad of mixed diced vegetables with mayonnaise.
    Russo- - comb. Form russian; russian and.
    Truss - n. 1 framework supporting a roof, bridge, etc. 2 surgical appliance worn to support a hernia. 3 bundle of hay or straw. 4 compact terminal cluster of flowers or fruit. v. 1 tie up (a fowl) for cooking. 2 (often foll. By up) tie (a person) up with the arms to the sides. 3 support (a roof or bridge etc.) With a truss or trusses. [french]
    White russian - n. = *byelorussian.

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