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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Cephalotripsy - (n.) The act or operation of crushing the head of a fetus in the womb in order to effect delivery.
    Dripstone - (n.) A drip, when made of stone. See Drip, 2.
    Gripsack - (n.) A traveler's handbag.
    Lithotripsy - (n.) The operation of crushing a stone in the bladder with an instrument called lithotriptor or lithotrite; lithotrity.
    Ripsaw - (v. t.) A handsaw with coarse teeth which have but a slight set, used for cutting wood in the direction of the fiber; -- called also ripping saw.
    Thrips - (n.) Any one of numerous small species of Thysanoptera, especially those which attack useful plants, as the grain thrips (Thrips cerealium).
    Tripsis - (n.) Trituration.
    Tripsis - (n.) Shampoo.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Ripsaw - n. Coarse saw for sawing wood along the grain.
    Thrips - n. (pl. Same) an insect harmful to plants. [greek, = woodworm]

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