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    Rear - (adv.) Early; soon.
    Rear - (n.) The back or hindmost part; that which is behind, or last in order; -- opposed to front.
    Rear - (n.) Specifically, the part of an army or fleet which comes last, or is stationed behind the rest.
    Rear - (a.) Being behind, or in the hindmost part; hindmost; as, the rear rank of a company.
    Rear - (v. t.) To place in the rear; to secure the rear of.
    Rear - (v. t.) To raise; to lift up; to cause to rise, become erect, etc.; to elevate; as, to rear a monolith.
    Rear - (v. t.) To erect by building; to set up; to construct; as, to rear defenses or houses; to rear one government on the ruins of another.
    Rear - (v. t.) To lift and take up.
    Rear - (v. t.) To bring up to maturity, as young; to educate; to instruct; to foster; as, to rear offspring.
    Rear - (v. t.) To breed and raise; as, to rear cattle.
    Rear - (v. t.) To rouse; to stir up.
    Rear - (v. i.) To rise up on the hind legs, as a horse; to become erect.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Arear - (v. t. & i.) To raise; to set up; to stir up.
    Arear - (adv.) Backward; in or to the rear; behindhand.
    Arrear - (adv.) To or in the rear; behind; backwards.
    Arrear - (n.) That which is behind in payment, or which remains unpaid, though due; esp. a remainder, or balance which remains due when some part has been paid; arrearage; -- commonly used in the plural, as, arrears of rent, wages, or taxes.
    Arrearage - (n.) That which remains unpaid and overdue, after payment of a part; arrears.
    Drear - (a.) Dismal; gloomy with solitude.
    Drear - (n.) Sadness; dismalness.
    Drearihead - (n.) Alt. of Drearihood
    Drearihood - (n.) Affliction; dreariness.
    Drearily - (adv.) Gloomily; dismally.
    Dreariment - (n.) Dreariness.
    Dreariness - (n.) Sorrow; wretchedness.
    Dreariness - (n.) Dismalness; gloomy solitude.
    Drearing - (n.) Sorrow.
    Drearisome - (a.) Very dreary.
    Dreary - (superl.) Sorrowful; distressful.
    Dreary - (superl.) Exciting cheerless sensations, feelings, or associations; comfortless; dismal; gloomy.
    Firearm - (n.) A gun, pistol, or any weapon from a shot is discharged by the force of an explosive substance, as gunpowder.
    Forearm - (v. t.) To arm or prepare for attack or resistance before the time of need.
    Forearm - (n.) That part of the arm or fore limb between the elbow and wrist; the antibrachium.
    Overearnest - (a.) Too earnest.
    Prearm - (v. t.) To forearm.
    Prearrange - (v. t.) To arrange beforehand.
    Reared - (imp. & p. p.) of Rear
    Rearing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Rear
    Reardorse - (n.) Alt. of Reardoss
    Reardoss - (n.) A reredos.
    Rearer - (n.) One who, or that which, rears.
    Reargue - (v. t.) To argue anew or again.
    Reargument - (n.) An arguing over again, as of a motion made in court.
    Rear-horse - (n.) A mantis.
    Rearly - (adv.) Early.
    Rearmost - (a.) Farthest in the rear; last.
    Rearmouse - (n.) Alt. of Reremouse
    Rearrange - (v. t.) To arrange again; to arrange in a different way.
    Rearrangement - (n.) The act of rearranging, or the state of being rearranged.
    Rearward - (n.) The last troop; the rear of an army; a rear guard. Also used figuratively.
    Rearward - (a. & adv.) At or toward the rear.
    Stonebrearer - (n.) A machine for crushing or hammering stone.
    Uprear - (v. t.) To raise; to erect.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Rear - n. 1 back part of anything. 2 space behind, or position at the back of, anything. 3 colloq. Buttocks. adj. At the back. bring up the rear come last. [probably from *rearward or *rearguard]
    Rear - v. 1 a bring up and educate (children). B breed and care for (animals). C cultivate (crops). 2 (of a horse etc.) Raise itself on its hind legs. 3 a set upright. B build. C hold upwards. 4 extend to a great height. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Arrears - n.pl. Amount (esp. Of work, rent, etc.) Still outstanding or uncompleted. in arrears behind, esp. In payment. [medieval latin adretro behindhand]
    Dreary - adj. (-ier, -iest) dismal, dull, gloomy. drearily adv. Dreariness n. [old english]
    Firearm - n. (usu. In pl.) Gun, pistol, or rifle.
    Forearm - n. The arm from the elbow to the wrist or fingertips.
    Forearm - v. Arm beforehand, prepare.
    Prearrange - v. (-ging) arrange beforehand. prearrangement n.
    Rear admiral - n. Naval officer ranking below vice admiral.
    Rearguard - n. Body of troops detached to protect the rear, esp. In retreats. [french rereguarde]
    Rearguard action - n. 1 engagement undertaken by a rearguard. 2 defensive stand or struggle, esp. When losing.
    Rear-lamp - n. (also rear-light) usu. Red light at the rear of a vehicle.
    Rearm - v. (also absol.) Arm again, esp. With improved weapons. rearmament n.
    Rearmost - adj. Furthest back.
    Rearrange - v. (-ging) arrange again in a different way. rearrangement n.
    Rearrest - v. Arrest again. n. Rearresting or being rearrested.
    Rearward - n. (esp. In prepositional phrases) rear (to the rearward of; in the rearward). adj. To the rear. adv. (also rearwards) towards the rear. [anglo-french rerewarde = *rearguard]
    Squirearchy - n. (pl. -ies) landowners collectively.

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