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    Pose - (a.) Standing still, with all the feet on the ground; -- said of the attitude of a lion, horse, or other beast.
    Pose - (n.) A cold in the head; catarrh.
    Pose - (v. t.) The attitude or position of a person; the position of the body or of any member of the body; especially, a position formally assumed for the sake of effect; an artificial position; as, the pose of an actor; the pose of an artist's model or of a statue.
    Pose - (v. t.) To place in an attitude or fixed position, for the sake of effect; to arrange the posture and drapery of (a person) in a studied manner; as, to pose a model for a picture; to pose a sitter for a portrait.
    Pose - (v. i.) To assume and maintain a studied attitude, with studied arrangement of drapery; to strike an attitude; to attitudinize; figuratively, to assume or affect a certain character; as, she poses as a prude.
    Pose - (v. t.) To interrogate; to question.
    Pose - (v. t.) To question with a view to puzzling; to embarrass by questioning or scrutiny; to bring to a stand.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Adipose - (a.) Of or pertaining to animal fat; fatty.
    Adiposeness - (n.) Alt. of Adiposity
    Appose - (v. t.) To place opposite or before; to put or apply (one thing to another).
    Appose - (v. t.) To place in juxtaposition or proximity.
    Appose - (v. t.) To put questions to; to examine; to try. [Obs.] See Pose.
    Apposed - (a.) Placed in apposition; mutually fitting, as the mandibles of a bird's beak.
    Apposer - (n.) An examiner; one whose business is to put questions. Formerly, in the English Court of Exchequer, an officer who audited the sheriffs' accounts.
    Composed - (imp. & p. p.) of Compose
    Compose - (v. t.) To form by putting together two or more things or parts; to put together; to make up; to fashion.
    Compose - (v. t.) To form the substance of, or part of the substance of; to constitute.
    Compose - (v. t.) To construct by mental labor; to design and execute, or put together, in a manner involving the adaptation of forms of expression to ideas, or to the laws of harmony or proportion; as, to compose a sentence, a sermon, a symphony, or a picture.
    Compose - (v. t.) To dispose in proper form; to reduce to order; to put in proper state or condition; to adjust; to regulate.
    Compose - (v. t.) To free from agitation or disturbance; to tranquilize; to soothe; to calm; to quiet.
    Compose - (v. t.) To arrange (types) in a composing stick in order for printing; to set (type).
    Compose - (v. i.) To come to terms.
    Composed - (a.) Free from agitation; calm; sedate; quiet; tranquil; self-possessed.
    Composer - (n.) One who composes; an author. Specifically, an author of a piece of music.
    Composer - (n.) One who, or that which, quiets or calms; one who adjusts a difference.
    Cross-purpose - (n.) A counter or opposing purpose; hence, that which is inconsistent or contradictory.
    Cross-purpose - (n.) A conversational game, in which questions and answers are made so as to involve ludicrous combinations of ideas.
    Decomposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Decompose
    Decompose - (v. t.) To separate the constituent parts of; to resolve into original elements; to set free from previously existing forms of chemical combination; to bring to dissolution; to rot or decay.
    Decompose - (v. i.) To become resolved or returned from existing combinations; to undergo dissolution; to decay; to rot.
    Decomposed - (a.) Separated or broken up; -- said of the crest of birds when the feathers are divergent.
    Deposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Depose
    Depose - (v. t.) To lay down; to divest one's self of; to lay aside.
    Depose - (v. t.) To let fall; to deposit.
    Depose - (v. t.) To remove from a throne or other high station; to dethrone; to divest or deprive of office.
    Depose - (v. t.) To testify under oath; to bear testimony to; -- now usually said of bearing testimony which is officially written down for future use.
    Depose - (v. t.) To put under oath.
    Depose - (v. i.) To bear witness; to testify under oath; to make deposition.
    Deposer - (n.) One who deposes or degrades from office.
    Deposer - (n.) One who testifies or deposes; a deponent.
    Discomposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Discompose
    Discompose - (v. t.) To disarrange; to interfere with; to disturb; to disorder; to unsettle; to break up.
    Discompose - (v. t.) To throw into disorder; to ruffle; to destroy the composure or equanimity; to agitate.
    Discompose - (v. t.) To put out of place or service; to discharge; to displace.
    Discomposed - (a.) Disordered; disturbed; disquieted.
    Disposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Dispose
    Dispose - (v. t.) To distribute and put in place; to arrange; to set in order; as, to dispose the ships in the form of a crescent.
    Dispose - (v. t.) To regulate; to adjust; to settle; to determine.
    Dispose - (v. t.) To deal out; to assign to a use; to bestow for an object or purpose; to apply; to employ; to dispose of.
    Dispose - (v. t.) To give a tendency or inclination to; to adapt; to cause to turn; especially, to incline the mind of; to give a bent or propension to; to incline; to make inclined; -- usually followed by to, sometimes by for before the indirect object.
    Dispose - (v. t.) To exercise finally one's power of control over; to pass over into the control of some one else, as by selling; to alienate; to part with; to relinquish; to get rid of; as, to dispose of a house; to dispose of one's time.
    Dispose - (v. i.) To bargain; to make terms.
    Dispose - (n.) Disposal; ordering; management; power or right of control.
    Dispose - (n.) Cast of mind; disposition; inclination; behavior; demeanor.
    Disposed - (p. a.) Inclined; minded.
    Disposed - (p. a.) Inclined to mirth; jolly.
    Disposedness - (n.) The state of being disposed or inclined; inclination; propensity.
    Disposement - (n.) Disposal.
    Disposer - (n.) One who, or that which, disposes; a regulator; a director; a bestower.
    Dispurpose - (v. t.) To dissuade; to frustrate; as, to dispurpose plots.
    Exposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Expose
    Expose - (v. t.) To set forth; to set out to public view; to exhibit; to show; to display; as, to expose goods for sale; to expose pictures to public inspection.
    Expose - (v. t.) To lay bare; to lay open to attack, danger, or anything objectionable; to render accessible to anything which may affect, especially detrimentally; to make liable; as, to expose one's self to the heat of the sun, or to cold, insult, danger, or ridicule; to expose an army to destruction or defeat.
    Expose - (v. t.) To deprive of concealment; to discover; to lay open to public inspection, or bring to public notice, as a thing that shuns publicity, something criminal, shameful, or the like; as, to expose the faults of a neighbor.
    Expose - (v. t.) To disclose the faults or reprehensible practices of; to lay open to general condemnation or contempt by making public the character or arts of; as, to expose a cheat, liar, or hypocrite.
    Expose - (v. t.) A formal recital or exposition of facts; exposure, or revelation, of something which some one wished to keep concealed.
    Exposedness - (n.) The state of being exposed, laid open, or unprotected; as, an exposedness to sin or temptation.
    Exposer - (n.) One who exposes or discloses.
    Foredispose - (v. t.) To bestow beforehand.
    Imposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Impose
    Impose - (v. t.) To lay on; to set or place; to put; to deposit.
    Impose - (v. t.) To lay as a charge, burden, tax, duty, obligation, command, penalty, etc.; to enjoin; to levy; to inflict; as, to impose a toll or tribute.
    Impose - (v. t.) To lay on, as the hands, in the religious rites of confirmation and ordination.
    Impose - (v. t.) To arrange in proper order on a table of stone or metal and lock up in a chase for printing; -- said of columns or pages of type, forms, etc.
    Impose - (v. i.) To practice trick or deception.
    Impose - (n.) A command; injunction.
    Imposement - (n.) Imposition.
    Imposer - (n.) One who imposes.
    Incomposed - (a.) Disordered; disturbed.
    Indisposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Indispose
    Indispose - (v. t.) To render unfit or unsuited; to disqualify.
    Indispose - (v. t.) To disorder slightly as regards health; to make somewhat.
    Indispose - (v. t.) To disincline; to render averse or unfavorable; as, a love of pleasure indisposes the mind to severe study; the pride and selfishness of men indispose them to religious duties.
    Indisposedness - (n.) The condition or quality of being indisposed.
    Infrapose - (v. t.) To place under or beneath.
    Interposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Interpose
    Interpose - (v. t.) To place between; as, to interpose a screen between the eye and the light.
    Interpose - (v. t.) To thrust; to intrude; to between, either for aid or for troubling.
    Interpose - (v. t.) To introduce or inject between the parts of a conversation or argument.
    Interpose - (v. i.) To be or come between.
    Interpose - (v. i.) To step in between parties at variance; to mediate; as, the prince interposed and made peace.
    Interpose - (v. i.) To utter a sentiment by way of interruption.
    Interpose - (n.) Interposition.
    Interposer - (n.) One who, or that which, interposes or intervenes; an obstacle or interruption; a mediator or agent between parties.
    Juxtapose - (v. t.) To place in juxtaposition.
    Opposed - (imp. & p. p.) of Oppose
    Oppose - (n.) To place in front of, or over against; to set opposite; to exhibit.
    Oppose - (n.) To put in opposition, with a view to counterbalance or countervail; to set against; to offer antagonistically.
    Oppose - (n.) To resist or antagonize by physical means, or by arguments, etc.; to contend against; to confront; to resist; to withstand; as, to oppose the king in battle; to oppose a bill in Congress.
    Oppose - (n.) To compete with; to strive against; as, to oppose a rival for a prize.
    Oppose - (v. i.) To be set opposite.
    Oppose - (v. i.) To act adversely or in opposition; -- with against or to; as, a servant opposed against the act.
    Oppose - (v. i.) To make objection or opposition in controversy.
    Opposeless - (a.) Not to be effectually opposed; irresistible.
    Opposer - (n.) One who opposes; an opponent; an antagonist; an adversary.
    Pappose - (a.) Furnished with a pappus; downy.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Pose - v. (-sing) 1 assume a certain attitude of the body, esp. When being photographed or painted. 2 (foll. By as) pretend to be (another person etc.) (posing as a celebrity). 3 behave affectedly to impress others. 4 put forward or present (a question etc.). 5 place (an artist's model etc.) In a certain attitude. n. 1 attitude of body or mind. 2 affectation, pretence. [latin pauso *pause, confused with latin pono place]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Adipose - adj. Of fat; fatty (adipose tissue). adiposity n. [latin adeps fat]
    All-purpose - attrib. Adj. Having many uses.
    All-purpose - attrib. Adj. Having many uses.
    Compose - v. (-sing) 1 create in music or writing. 2 constitute; make up. 3 arrange artistically, neatly, or for a specified purpose. 4 a (often refl.) Calm; settle. B (as composed adj.) Calm, self-possessed. 5 printing a set up (type). B arrange (an article etc.) In type. composed of made up of, consisting of. composedly adv. [french: related to *pose]
    Composer - n. Person who composes (esp. Music).
    Decompose - v. (-sing) 1 rot. 2 separate (a substance, light, etc.) Into its elements. decomposition n.
    Depose - v. (-sing) 1 remove from office, esp. Dethrone. 2 law (usu. Foll. By to, or that + clause) testify, esp. On oath. [french from latin: related to *deposit]
    Discompose - v. (-sing) disturb the composure of. discomposure n.
    Dispose - v. (-sing) 1 (usu. Foll. By to, or to + infin.) A make willing; incline (was disposed to agree). B tend (wheel was disposed to buckle). 2 arrange suitably. 3 (as disposed adj.) Have a specified inclination (ill-disposed; well-disposed). 4 determine events (man proposes, god disposes). dispose of 1 a deal with. B get rid of. C finish. D kill. 2 sell. 3 prove (an argument etc.) Incorrect. [french: related to *pose]
    Expose - v. (-sing) (esp. As exposed adj.) 1 leave uncovered or unprotected, esp. From the weather. 2 (foll. By to) a put at risk of. B subject to (an influence etc.). 3 photog. Subject (a film) to light, esp. By operation of a camera. 4 reveal the identity or fact of. 5 exhibit, display. expose oneself display one's body, esp. One's genitals, indecently in public. [latin pono put]
    Expos - n. 1 orderly statement of facts. 2 revelation of something discreditable. [french]
    Ill-disposed - adj. 1 (often foll. By towards) unfavourably disposed. 2 malevolent.
    Impose - v. (-sing) 1 (often foll. By on, upon) lay (a tax, duty, charge, or obligation) on. 2 enforce compliance with. 3 also refl. (foll. By on, upon, or absol.) Take advantage of (will not impose on you any longer). 4 (often foll. By on, upon) inflict (a thing) on. [latin impono]
    Indisposed - adj. 1 slightly unwell. 2 averse or unwilling. indisposition n.
    Interpose - v. (-sing) 1 (often foll. By between) insert (a thing) between others. 2 say (words) as an interruption; interrupt. 3 exercise or advance (a veto or objection) so as to interfere. 4 (foll. By between) intervene (between parties). interposition n. [latin pono put]
    Interpose - v. (-sing) 1 (often foll. By between) insert (a thing) between others. 2 say (words) as an interruption; interrupt. 3 exercise or advance (a veto or objection) so as to interfere. 4 (foll. By between) intervene (between parties). interposition n. [latin pono put]
    Juxtapose - v. (-sing) 1 place (things) side by side. 2 (foll. By to, with) place (a thing) beside another. juxtaposition n. Juxtapositional adj. [latin juxta next, pono put]
    Multi-purpose - attrib. Adj. Having several purposes.
    Oppose - v. (-sing) 1 set oneself against; resist; argue or compete against. 2 (foll. By to) place in opposition or contrast. as opposed to in contrast with. opposer n. [latin: related to *opponent]
    Overexpose - v. (-sing) 1 expose too much to the public. 2 expose (film) too long. overexposure n.
    Poser - n. 1 poseur. 2 colloq. Puzzling question or problem.
    Poseur - n. Person who behaves affectedly. [french poser *pose]
    Predispose - v. (-sing) 1 influence favourably in advance. 2 (foll. By to, or to + infin.) Render liable or inclined beforehand. predisposition n.
    Presuppose - v. (-sing) 1 assume beforehand. 2 imply. presupposition n.
    Propose - v. (-sing) 1 (also absol.) Put forward for consideration or as a plan; suggest. 2 (usu. Foll. By to + infin., or verbal noun) intend; purpose (propose to open a caf). 3 (usu. Foll. By to) offer oneself in marriage. 4 nominate (a person) as a member of a society, for an office, etc. propose a toast (or somebody's health) ask people to drink to someone's health. proposer n. [latin pono posit- place]
    Purpose - n. 1 object to be attained; thing intended. 2 intention to act. 3 resolution, determination. v. (-sing) have as one's purpose; design, intend. on purpose intentionally. To no purpose with no result or effect. To the purpose 1 relevant. 2 useful. [latin propono *propose]
    Purpose-built - adj. (also purpose-made) built or made for a specific purpose.
    Purposeful - adj. 1 having or indicating purpose. 2 intentional. 3 resolute. purposefully adv. Purposefulness n.
    Purposeless - adj. Having no aim or plan.
    Purposely - adv. On purpose.
    Purpose-made - var. Of *purpose-built.
    Reimpose - v. (-sing) impose again, esp. After a lapse.
    Repose - n. 1 cessation of activity, excitement, or toil. 2 sleep. 3 peaceful or quiescent state; tranquillity. v. (-sing) 1 (also refl.) Lie down in rest. 2 (often foll. By in, on) lie, be lying or laid, esp. In sleep or death. [latin: related to *pause]
    Repose - v. (-sing) (foll. By in) place (trust etc.) In. [from *re-, *pose]
    Reposeful - adj. Showing or inducing repose. reposefully adv. [from *repose1]
    Self-imposed - adj. (of a task etc.) Imposed on and by oneself.
    Superimpose - v. (-sing) (usu. Foll. By on) lay (a thing) on something else. superimposition n.
    Suppose - v. (-sing) (often foll. By that) 1 assume; be inclined to think. 2 take as a possibility or hypothesis (suppose you are right; supposing you are right). 3 (in imper.) As a formula of proposal (suppose we try again). 4 (of a theory or result etc.) Require as a condition (that supposes we're on time). 5 (in imper. Or pres. Part. Forming a question) in the circumstances that; if (suppose he won't let you?). 6 (as supposed adj.) Presumed (his supposed brother). 7 (in passive; foll. By to + infin.) A be expected or required (was supposed to write to you). B (with neg.) Ought not; not be allowed to (you are not supposed to go in there). i suppose so expression of hesitant agreement. [french: related to *pose]
    Supposedly - adv. Allegedly; as is generally believed.
    To , before a vowel, when stressed prep. 1 introducing a noun expressing: a what is reached, approached, or touched (fell to the ground; went to paris; five minutes to six). B what is aimed at (throw it to me). C as far as (went on to the end). D what is followed (made to order). E what is considered or affected (am used to that; that is nothing to me). F what is caused or produced (turn to stone). G what is compared (nothing to what it once was; equal to the occasion). H what is increased (add it to mine). I what is involved or composed as specified (there is nothing to it). 2 introducing the infinitive: a as a verbal noun (to get there is the priority). B expressing purpose, consequence, or cause (we eat to live; left him to starve; i'm sorry to hear that). C as a substitute for to + infinitive (wanted to come but was unable to). adv. 1 in the normal or required position or condition (come to; heave to). 2 (of a door) in a nearly closed position. to and fro 1 backwards and forwards. 2 repeatedly between the same points. [old english] -
    Transpose - v. (-sing) 1 a cause (two or more things) to change places. B change the position of (a thing) in a series. 2 change the order or position of (words or a word) in a sentence. 3 put (music) into a different key. transposition n. [french: related to *pose]
    Underexpose - v. (-sing) expose (film) for too short a time etc. underexposure n.
    Unexposed - adj. Not exposed.
    Unopposed - adj. Not opposed.
    Well-disposed - adj. (often foll. By towards) friendly or sympathetic.

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