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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Ninepins - (n. pl.) A game played with nine pins, or pieces of wood, set on end, at which a wooden ball is bowled to knock them down; bowling.
    Spinster - (n.) A woman who spins, or whose occupation is to spin.
    Spinster - (n.) A man who spins.
    Spinster - (n.) An unmarried or single woman; -- used in legal proceedings as a title, or addition to the surname.
    Spinster - (n.) A woman of evil life and character; -- so called from being forced to spin in a house of correction.
    Spinstress - (n.) A woman who spins.
    Spinstry - (n.) The business of one who spins; spinning.
    Tenpins - (n.) A game resembling ninepins, but played with ten pins. See Ninepins.
    Wapinschaw - (n.) An exhibition of arms. according to the rank of the individual, by all persons bearing arms; -- formerly made at certain seasons in each district.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Pins and needles - n.pl. Tingling sensation in a limb recovering from numbness.
    Pinstripe - n. 1 (often attrib.) Narrow stripe in cloth (pinstripe suit). 2 (in sing. Or pl.) Pinstripe suit (came wearing his pinstripes). pinstriped adj.
    Spinster - n. 1 formal unmarried woman. 2 woman, esp. Elderly, thought unlikely to marry. spinsterish adj. [originally = woman who spins]

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