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    Pence - (n.) pl. of Penny. See Penny.
    Pence - (pl. ) of Penny
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Dispence - (v. i. & n.) See Dispense.
    Epencephalic - (a.) Pertaining to the epencephalon.
    Epencephalic - (a.) Situated on or over the brain.
    Epencephalon - (n.) The segment of the brain next behind the midbrain, including the cerebellum and pons; the hindbrain. Sometimes abbreviated to epen.
    Fourpence - (n.) A British silver coin, worth four pence; a groat.
    Fourpence - (n.) A name formerly given in New England to the Spanish half real, a silver coin worth six and a quarter cents.
    Mill-sixpence - (n.) A milled sixpence; -- the sixpence being one of the first English coins milled (1561).
    Ninepences - (pl. ) of Ninepence
    Ninepence - (n.) An old English silver coin, worth nine pence.
    Ninepence - (n.) A New England name for the Spanish real, a coin formerly current in the United States, as valued at twelve and a half cents.
    Pencel - (n.) A small, narrow flag or streamer borne at the top of a lance; -- called also pennoncel.
    Sixpences - (pl. ) of Sixpence
    Sixpence - (n.) An English silver coin of the value of six pennies; half a shilling, or about twelve cents.
    Spence - (n.) A place where provisions are kept; a buttery; a larder; a pantry.
    Spence - (n.) The inner apartment of a country house; also, the place where the family sit and eat.
    Spencer - (n.) One who has the care of the spence, or buttery.
    Spencer - (n.) A short jacket worn by men and by women.
    Spencer - (n.) A fore-and-aft sail, abaft the foremast or the mainmast, hoisted upon a small supplementary mast and set with a gaff and no boom; a trysail carried at the foremast or mainmast; -- named after its inventor, Knight Spencer, of England [1802].
    Threepence - (n.) A small silver coin of three times the value of a penny.
    Twelvepence - (n.) A shilling sterling, being about twenty-four cents.
    Twopence - (n.) A small coin, and money of account, in England, equivalent to two pennies, -- minted to a fixed annual amount, for almsgiving by the sovereign on Maundy Thursday.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Pence - pl. Of *penny.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Sixpence - n. 1 sum of six esp. Old pence. 2 hist. Coin worth this.
    Threepence - n. Sum of three pence.
    Tuppence - n. = *twopence. [phonetic spelling]
    Twopence - n. 1 sum of two pence. 2 (esp. With neg.) Colloq. Thing of little value (don't care twopence).

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