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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Abnormous - (a.) Abnormal; irregular.
    Achymous - (a.) Without chyme.
    Acrotomous - (a.) Having a cleavage parallel with the base.
    Aetheogamous - (a.) Propagated in an unusual way; cryptogamous.
    Agamous - (a.) Having no visible sexual organs; asexual.
    Agamous - (a.) cryptogamous.
    Allogamous - (a.) Characterized by allogamy.
    Allonymous - (a.) Published under the name of some one other than the author.
    Amphigamous - (a.) Having a structure entirely cellular, and no distinct sexual organs; -- a term applied by De Candolle to the lowest order of plants.
    Amphistomous - (a.) Having a sucker at each extremity, as certain entozoa, by means of which they adhere.
    Anadromous - (a.) Ascending rivers from the sea, at certain seasons, for breeding, as the salmon, shad, etc.
    Anadromous - (a.) Tending upwards; -- said of terns in which the lowest secondary segments are on the upper side of the branch of the central stem.
    Androtomous - (a.) Having the filaments of the stamens divided into two parts.
    Angiomonospermous - (a.) Producing one seed only in a seed pod.
    Angiospermous - (a.) Having seeds inclosed in a pod or other pericarp.
    Angiostomous - (a.) With a narrow mouth, as the shell of certain gastropods.
    Animous - (a.) Full of spirit; hot; vehement; resolute.
    Anonymous - (a.) Nameless; of unknown name; also, of unknown or unavowed authorship; as, an anonymous benefactor; an anonymous pamphlet or letter.
    Anonymously - (adv.) In an anonymous manner; without a name.
    Anonymousness - (n.) The state or quality of being anonymous.
    Antidromous - (a.) Changing the direction in the spiral sequence of leaves on a stem.
    Antistrumous - (a.) Good against scrofulous disorders.
    Arhythmous - (a.) See Arrhizal, Arrhizous, Arrhythmic, Arrhythmous.
    Arrhythmous - (a.) Being without rhythm or regularity, as the pulse.
    Aspermous - (a.) Destitute of seeds; aspermatous.
    Astomous - (a.) Not possessing a mouth.
    Athalamous - (a.) Not furnished with shields or beds for the spores, as the thallus of certain lichens.
    Athermous - (a.) Athermanous.
    Autogamous - (a.) Characterized by autogamy; self-fertilized.
    Autonomous - (a.) Independent in government; having the right or power of self-government.
    Autonomous - (a.) Having independent existence or laws.
    Azymous - (a.) Unleavened; unfermented. B () is the second letter of the English alphabet. (See Guide to Pronunciation, // 196, 220.) It is etymologically related to p, v, f, w and m , letters representing sounds having a close organic affinity to its own sound; as in Eng. bursar and purser; Eng. bear and Lat. ferre; Eng. silver and Ger. silber; Lat. cubitum and It. gomito; Eng. seven, Anglo-Saxon seofon, Ger. sieben, Lat. septem, Gr."epta`, Sanskrit saptan. The form of letter B is Roman, from Greek B (Beta), of Semitic origin. The small b was formed by gradual change from the capital B.
    Balsamous - (a.) Having the quality of balsam; containing balsam.
    Bigamous - (a.) Guilty of bigamy; involving bigamy; as, a bigamous marriage.
    Biramous - (a.) Having, or consisting of, two branches.
    Blasphemous - (a.) Speaking or writing blasphemy; uttering or exhibiting anything impiously irreverent; profane; as, a blasphemous person; containing blasphemy; as, a blasphemous book; a blasphemous caricature.
    Blasphemously - (adv.) In a blasphemous manner.
    Brumous - (a.) Foggy; misty.
    Camous - (a.) Alt. of Camoys
    Camoused - (a.) Depressed; flattened.
    Camously - (adv.) Awry.
    Campylospermous - (a.) Having seeds grooved lengthwise on the inner face, as in sweet cicely.
    Catadromous - (a.) Having the lowest inferior segment of a pinna nearer the rachis than the lowest superior one; -- said of a mode of branching in ferns, and opposed to anadromous.
    Catadromous - (a.) Living in fresh water, and going to the sea to spawn; -- opposed to anadromous, and said of the eel.
    Catanadromous - (a.) Ascending and descending fresh streams from and to the sea, as the salmon; anadromous.
    Chromous - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, chromium, when this element has a valence lower than that in chromic compounds.
    Chymous - (a.) Of or pertaining to chyme.
    Cleistogamous - (a.) Having, beside the usual flowers, other minute, closed flowers, without petals or with minute petals; -- said of certain species of plants which possess flowers of two or more kinds, the closed ones being so constituted as to insure self-fertilization.
    Coalmouse - (n.) A small species of titmouse, with a black head; the coletit.
    Coelospermous - (a.) Hollow-seeded; having the ventral face of the seedlike carpels incurved at the ends, as in coriander seed.
    Colemouse - (n.) See Coletit.
    Cryptogamous - (a.) Of or pertaining to the series Cryptogamia, or to plants of that series.
    Cyclostomous - (a.) Pertaining to the Cyclostomi.
    Cymous - (a.) Having the nature of a cyme, or derived from a cyme; bearing, or pertaining to, a cyme or cymes.
    Defamous - (a.) Defamatory.
    Diathermous - (a.) Same as Diathermal.
    Diatomous - (a.) Having a single, distinct, diagonal cleavage; -- said of crystals.
    Dichogamous - (a.) Manifesting dichogamy.
    Dichotomous - (a.) Regularly dividing by pairs from bottom to top; as, a dichotomous stem.
    Didymous - (a.) Growing in pairs or twins.
    Didynamous - (a.) Of or pertaining to the Didynamia; containing four stamens disposed in pairs of unequal length.
    Digamous - (a.) Pertaining to a second marriage, that is, one after the death of the first wife or the first husband.
    Disspermous - (a.) Containing only two seeds; two-seeded.
    Ditrichotomous - (a.) Divided into twos or threes.
    Ditrichotomous - (a.) Dividing into double or treble ramifications; -- said of a leaf or stem.
    Dormouse - (n.) A small European rodent of the genus Myoxus, of several species. They live in trees and feed on nuts, acorns, etc.; -- so called because they are usually torpid in winter.
    Dumous - (a.) Abounding with bushes and briers.
    Dumous - (a.) Having a compact, bushy form.
    Edriophthalmous - (a.) Pertaining to the Edriophthalma.
    Endogamous - (a.) Marrying within the same tribe; -- opposed to exogamous.
    Enneaspermous - (a.) Having nine seeds; -- said of fruits.
    Enormous - (a.) Exceeding the usual rule, norm, or measure; out of due proportion; inordinate; abnormal.
    Enormous - (a.) Exceedingly wicked; outrageous; atrocious; monstrous; as, an enormous crime.
    Enormously - (adv.) In an enormous degree.
    Enormousness - (n.) The state of being enormous.
    Epiphylospermous - (a.) Bearing fruit on the back of the leaves, as ferns.
    Eponymous - (a.) Relating to an eponym; giving one's name to a tribe, people, country, and the like.
    Equanimous - (a.) Of an even, composed frame of mind; of a steady temper; not easily elated or depressed.
    Exanimous - (a.) Lifeless; dead.
    Exogamous - (a.) Relating to exogamy; marrying outside of the limits of one's own tribe; -- opposed to endogenous.
    Famous - (a.) Celebrated in fame or public report; renowned; mach talked of; distinguished in story; -- used in either a good or a bad sense, chiefly the former; often followed by for; as, famous for erudition, for eloquence, for military skill; a famous pirate.
    Famoused - (a.) Renowned.
    Famously - (adv.) In a famous manner; in a distinguished degree; greatly; splendidly.
    Famousness - (n.) The state of being famous.
    Flammivomous - (a.) Vomiting flames, as a volcano.
    Flavicomous - (a.) Having yellow hair.
    Flexanimous - (a.) Having power to change the mind.
    Flickermouse - (n.) See Flittermouse.
    Flindermouse - (n.) A bat; a flittermouse.
    Flittermouse - (n.) A bat; -- called also flickermouse, flindermouse, and flintymouse.
    Floricomous - (a.) Having the head adorned with flowers.
    Fumous - (a.) Producing smoke; smoky.
    Fumous - (a.) Producing fumes; full of fumes.
    Gonimous - (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, gonidia or gonimia, as that part of a lichen which contains the green or chlorophyll-bearing cells.
    Grumous - (a.) Resembling or containing grume; thick; concreted; clotted; as, grumous blood.
    Grumous - (a.) See Grumose.
    Grumousness - (n.) The state of being grumous.
    Gummous - (a.) Gumlike, or composed of gum; gummy.
    Gummous - (a.) Of or pertaining to a gumma.
    Gymnospermous - (n.) Having naked seeds, or seeds not inclosed in a capsule or other vessel.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Anonymous - adj. 1 of unknown name or authorship. 2 without character; featureless. anonymity n. [greek an- without, onoma name]
    Autonomous - adj. 1 having self-government. 2 acting or free to act independently. [greek nomos law]
    Dormouse - n. (pl. -mice) small mouselike hibernating rodent. [origin unknown]
    Enormous - adj. Extremely large. enormously adv. [latin enormis: related to *norm]
    Famous - adj. 1 (often foll. By for) celebrated; well-known. 2 colloq. Excellent. famously adv. [latin: related to *fame]
    Field mouse - n. Small long-tailed rodent.
    Flitter-mouse - n. = *bat2.
    Ginormous - adj. Slang enormous. [from *giant, *enormous]
    Handlebar moustache - n. Thick moustache with curved ends.
    Harvest mouse - n. Small mouse nesting in the stalks of growing grain.
    Houmous - var. Of *hummus.
    Infamous - adj. Notoriously bad. infamously adv. Infamy n. (pl. -ies).
    Limousine - n. Large luxurious car. [french]
    Magnanimous - adj. Nobly generous; not petty in feelings or conduct. magnanimity n. Magnanimously adv. [latin magnus great, animus mind]
    Mouse - n. (pl. Mice) 1 small rodent, esp. Of a kind infesting houses. 2 timid or feeble person. 3 (pl. -s) computing small hand-held device controlling the cursor on a vdu screen. v. (-sing) (of a cat, owl, etc.) Hunt mice. mouser n. [old english]
    Mousetrap - n. 1 trap for catching mice. 2 (often attrib.) Colloq. Poor quality cheese.
    Moussaka - n. (also mousaka) greek dish of minced meat, aubergine, etc. [greek or turkish]
    Mousse - n. 1 a dessert of whipped cream, eggs, etc., usu. Flavoured with fruit or chocolate. B meat or fish pure made with whipped cream etc. 2 foamy substance applied to the hair to enable styling. [french, = froth]
    Moustache - n. (us mustache) hair left to grow on a man's upper lip. [greek mustax]
    Mousy - adj. (-ier, -iest) 1 of or like a mouse. 2 (of a person) timid, feeble. 3 nondescript light brown.
    Posthumous - adj. 1 occurring after death. 2 (of a book etc.) Published after the author's death. 3 (of a child) born after the death of its father. posthumously adv. [latin postumus last]
    Pusillanimous - adj. Formal cowardly, timid. pusillanimity n. [church latin pusillanimis from pusillus very small, animus mind]
    Synonymous - adj. (often foll. By with) 1 having the same meaning. 2 suggestive of; associated with (his name is synonymous with terror).
    Titmouse - n. (pl. Titmice) small active tit. [old english tit little, mase titmouse, assimilated to *mouse]
    Unanimous - adj. 1 all in agreement (committee was unanimous). 2 (of an opinion, vote, etc.) By all without exception (unanimous choice). unanimity n. Unanimously adv. [latin unus one, animus mind]
    Walrus moustache - n. Long thick drooping moustache.
    World-famous - adj. Known throughout the world.

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