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    Mother - (n.) A female parent; especially, one of the human race; a woman who has borne a child.
    Mother - (n.) That which has produced or nurtured anything; source of birth or origin; generatrix.
    Mother - (n.) An old woman or matron.
    Mother - (n.) The female superior or head of a religious house, as an abbess, etc.
    Mother - (n.) Hysterical passion; hysteria.
    Mother - (a.) Received by birth or from ancestors; native, natural; as, mother language; also acting the part, or having the place of a mother; producing others; originating.
    Mother - (v. t.) To adopt as a son or daughter; to perform the duties of a mother to.
    Mother - (n.) A film or membrane which is developed on the surface of fermented alcoholic liquids, such as vinegar, wine, etc., and acts as a means of conveying the oxygen of the air to the alcohol and other combustible principles of the liquid, thus leading to their oxidation.
    Mother - (v. i.) To become like, or full of, mother, or thick matter, as vinegar.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Eel-mother - (n.) The eelpout.
    Foremother - (n.) A female ancestor.
    Godmother - (n.) A woman who becomes sponsor for a child in baptism. See Godfather
    Grandmother - (n.) The mother of one's father or mother.
    Grandmotherly - (a.) Like a grandmother in age or manner; kind; indulgent.
    Great-grandmother - (n.) The mother of one's grandfather or grandmother.
    Hoemother - (n.) The basking or liver shark; -- called also homer. See Liver shark, under Liver.
    Homothermic - (a.) Alt. of Homothermous
    Homothermous - (a.) Warm-blooded; homoiothermal; haematothermal.
    Mothered - (imp. & p. p.) of Mother
    Mothering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Mother
    Mothered - (a.) Thick, like mother; viscid.
    Motherhood - (n.) The state of being a mother; the character or office of a mother.
    Mothering - (n.) A rural custom in England, of visiting one's parents on Midlent Sunday, -- supposed to have been originally visiting the mother church to make offerings at the high altar.
    Mother-in-law - (n.) The mother of one's husband or wife.
    Motherland - (n.) The country of one's ancestors; -- same as fatherland.
    Motherless - (a.) Destitute of a mother; having lost a mother; as, motherless children.
    Motherliness - (n.) The state or quality of being motherly.
    Motherly - (a.) Of or pertaining to a mother; like, or suitable for, a mother; tender; maternal; as, motherly authority, love, or care.
    Motherly - (adv.) In a manner of a mother.
    Mother-naked - (a.) Naked as when born.
    Mother-of-pearl - (n.) The hard pearly internal layer of several kinds of shells, esp. of pearl oysters, river mussels, and the abalone shells; nacre. See Pearl.
    Mother-of-thyme - (n.) An aromatic plant (Thymus Serphyllum); -- called also wild thyme.
    Motherwort - (n.) A labiate herb (Leonurus Cardiaca), of a bitter taste, used popularly in medicine; lion's tail.
    Motherwort - (n.) The mugwort. See Mugwort.
    Mothery - (a.) Consisting of, containing, or resembling, mother (in vinegar).
    Myrmotherine - (a.) Feeding upon ants; -- said of certain birds.
    Pneumotherapy - (n.) The treatment of disease by inhalations of compressed or rarefied air.
    Smothered - (imp. & p. p.) of Smother
    Smothering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Smother
    Smother - (v. t.) To destroy the life of by suffocation; to deprive of the air necessary for life; to cover up closely so as to prevent breathing; to suffocate; as, to smother a child.
    Smother - (v. t.) To affect as by suffocation; to stife; to deprive of air by a thick covering, as of ashes, of smoke, or the like; as, to smother a fire.
    Smother - (v. t.) Hence, to repress the action of; to cover from public view; to suppress; to conceal; as, to smother one's displeasure.
    Smother - (v. i.) To be suffocated or stifled.
    Smother - (v. i.) To burn slowly, without sufficient air; to smolder.
    Smother - (v. t.) Stifling smoke; thick dust.
    Smother - (v. t.) A state of suppression.
    Smotheriness - (n.) The quality or state of being smothery.
    Smotheringly - (adv.) In a smothering manner.
    Smothery - (a.) Tending to smother; stifling.
    Stepmother - (n.) The wife of one's father by a subsequent marriage.
    Unmothered - () Deprived of a mother; motherless.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Mother - n. 1 female parent. 2 woman, quality, or condition etc. That gives rise to something else (necessity is the mother of invention). 3 (in full mother superior) head of a female religious community. v. 1 treat as a mother does. 2 give birth to; be the mother or origin of. motherhood n. Motherless adj. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Chemotherapy - n. Treatment of disease, esp. Cancer, by chemical substances.
    Earth mother - n. Sensual and maternal woman.
    Fairy godmother - n. Benefactress.
    Godmother - n. Female godparent.
    Grandmother - n. Female grandparent.
    Mother carey's chicken - n. = *storm petrel 1.
    Mother country - n. Country in relation to its colonies.
    Mother earth - n. The earth as mother of its inhabitants.
    Mothering sunday - n. = *mother's day.
    Mother-in-law - n. (pl. Mothers-in-law) husband's or wife's mother.
    Motherland - n. One's native country.
    Motherly - adj. Kind or tender like a mother. motherliness n.
    Mother-of-pearl - n. Smooth iridescent substance forming the inner layer of the shell of oysters etc.
    Mother's day - n. Day when mothers are honoured with presents, (in the uk) the fourth sunday in lent, (in the us) the second sunday in may.
    Mother tongue - n. Native language.
    Queen mother - n. Dowager who is mother of the sovereign.
    Reverend mother - n. Mother superior of a convent.
    Smother - v. 1 suffocate, stifle. 2 (foll. By in, with) overwhelm or cover with (kisses, gifts, kindness, etc.). 3 extinguish (a fire) by covering it. 4 a die of suffocation. B have difficulty breathing. 5 (often foll. By up) suppress or conceal. [old english]
    Stepmother - n. Female step-parent.
    Surrogate mother - n. Woman who bears a child on behalf of another woman, usu. By artificial insemination of her own egg by the other woman's partner.

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