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    Line - (n.) Flax; linen.
    Line - (n.) The longer and finer fiber of flax.
    Line - (v. t.) To cover the inner surface of; as, to line a cloak with silk or fur; to line a box with paper or tin.
    Line - (v. t.) To put something in the inside of; to fill; to supply, as a purse with money.
    Line - (v. t.) To place persons or things along the side of for security or defense; to strengthen by adding anything; to fortify; as, to line works with soldiers.
    Line - (v. t.) To impregnate; -- applied to brute animals.
    Line - (n.) A linen thread or string; a slender, strong cord; also, a cord of any thickness; a rope; a hawser; as, a fishing line; a line for snaring birds; a clothesline; a towline.
    Line - (n.) A more or less threadlike mark of pen, pencil, or graver; any long mark; as, a chalk line.
    Line - (n.) The course followed by anything in motion; hence, a road or route; as, the arrow descended in a curved line; the place is remote from lines of travel.
    Line - (n.) Direction; as, the line of sight or vision.
    Line - (n.) A row of letters, words, etc., written or printed; esp., a row of words extending across a page or column.
    Line - (n.) A short letter; a note; as, a line from a friend.
    Line - (n.) A verse, or the words which form a certain number of feet, according to the measure.
    Line - (n.) Course of conduct, thought, occupation, or policy; method of argument; department of industry, trade, or intellectual activity.
    Line - (n.) That which has length, but not breadth or thickness.
    Line - (n.) The exterior limit of a figure, plat, or territory; boundary; contour; outline.
    Line - (n.) A threadlike crease marking the face or the hand; hence, characteristic mark.
    Line - (n.) Lineament; feature; figure.
    Line - (n.) A straight row; a continued series or rank; as, a line of houses, or of soldiers; a line of barriers.
    Line - (n.) A series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person; a family or race; as, the ascending or descending line; the line of descent; the male line; a line of kings.
    Line - (n.) A connected series of public conveyances, and hence, an established arrangement for forwarding merchandise, etc.; as, a line of stages; an express line.
    Line - (n.) A circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map.
    Line - (n.) The equator; -- usually called the line, or equinoctial line; as, to cross the line.
    Line - (n.) A long tape, or a narrow ribbon of steel, etc., marked with subdivisions, as feet and inches, for measuring; a tapeline.
    Line - (n.) A measuring line or cord.
    Line - (n.) That which was measured by a line, as a field or any piece of land set apart; hence, allotted place of abode.
    Line - (n.) Instruction; doctrine.
    Line - (n.) The proper relative position or adjustment of parts, not as to design or proportion, but with reference to smooth working; as, the engine is in line or out of line.
    Line - (n.) The track and roadbed of a railway; railroad.
    Line - (n.) A row of men who are abreast of one another, whether side by side or some distance apart; -- opposed to column.
    Line - (n.) The regular infantry of an army, as distinguished from militia, guards, volunteer corps, cavalry, artillery, etc.
    Line - (n.) A trench or rampart.
    Line - (n.) Dispositions made to cover extended positions, and presenting a front in but one direction to an enemy.
    Line - (n.) Form of a vessel as shown by the outlines of vertical, horizontal, and oblique sections.
    Line - (n.) One of the straight horizontal and parallel prolonged strokes on and between which the notes are placed.
    Line - (n.) A number of shares taken by a jobber.
    Line - (n.) A series of various qualities and values of the same general class of articles; as, a full line of hosiery; a line of merinos, etc.
    Line - (n.) The wire connecting one telegraphic station with another, or the whole of a system of telegraph wires under one management and name.
    Line - (n.) The reins with which a horse is guided by his driver.
    Line - (n.) A measure of length; one twelfth of an inch.
    Line - (v. t.) To mark with a line or lines; to cover with lines; as, to line a copy book.
    Line - (v. t.) To represent by lines; to delineate; to portray.
    Line - (v. t.) To read or repeat line by line; as, to line out a hymn.
    Line - (v. t.) To form into a line; to align; as, to line troops.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Acauline - (a.) Same as Acaulescent.
    Acervuline - (a.) Resembling little heaps.
    Aline - (v. t.) To range or place in a line; to bring into line; to align.
    Alineation - (n.) See Allineation.
    Alinement - (n.) Same as Alignment.
    Aliner - (n.) One who adjusts things to a line or lines or brings them into line.
    Alkaline - (a.) Of or pertaining to an alkali or to alkalies; having the properties of an alkali.
    Allineate - (v. t.) To align.
    Allineation - (n.) Alt. of Alineation
    Alineation - (n.) Alignment; position in a straight line, as of two planets with the sun.
    Amygdaline - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, almonds.
    Aniline - (n.) An organic base belonging to the phenylamines. It may be regarded as ammonia in which one hydrogen atom has been replaced by the radical phenyl. It is a colorless, oily liquid, originally obtained from indigo by distillation, but now largely manufactured from coal tar or nitrobenzene as a base from which many brilliant dyes are made.
    Aniline - (a.) Made from, or of the nature of, aniline.
    Animalculine - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, animalcules.
    Antalkaline - (n.) Anything that neutralizes, or that counteracts an alkaline tendency in the system.
    Antalkaline - (a.) Of power to counteract alkalies.
    Aquiline - (a.) Belonging to or like an eagle.
    Aquiline - (a.) Curving; hooked; prominent, like the beak of an eagle; -- applied particularly to the nose
    Baculine - (a.) Of or pertaining to the rod or punishment with the rod.
    Bandoline - (n.) A glutinous pomatum for the fair.
    Beastliness - (n.) The state or quality of being beastly.
    Bee line - () The shortest line from one place to another, like that of a bee to its hive when loaded with honey; an air line.
    Beggarliness - (n.) The quality or state of being beggarly; meanness.
    Benzoline - (n.) Same as Benzole.
    Benzoline - (n.) Same as Amarine.
    Berylline - (a.) Like a beryl; of a light or bluish green color.
    Bilinear - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or included by, two lines; as, bilinear coordinates.
    Bodiliness - (n.) Corporeality.
    Bowline - (n.) A rope fastened near the middle of the leech or perpendicular edge of the square sails, by subordinate ropes, called bridles, and used to keep the weather edge of the sail tight forward, when the ship is closehauled.
    Bristliness - (n.) The quality or state of having bristles.
    Brotherliness - (n.) The state or quality of being brotherly.
    Bubaline - (a.) Resembling a buffalo.
    Buntline - (n.) One of the ropes toggled to the footrope of a sail, used to haul up to the yard the body of the sail when taking it in.
    Burliness - (n.) Quality of being burly.
    Butcherliness - (n.) Butchery quality.
    Caballine - (a.) Of or pertaining to a horse.
    Caballine - (n.) Caballine aloes.
    Cappeline - (n.) A hood-shaped bandage for the head, the shoulder, or the stump of an amputated limb.
    Capitoline - (a.) Of or pertaining to the Capitol in Rome.
    Capreoline - (a.) Of or pertaining to the roebuck.
    Carline - (n.) Alt. of Caroline
    Caroline - (n.) A silver coin once current in some parts of Italy, worth about seven cents.
    Carline - (n.) Alt. of Carling
    Carline thistle - () A prickly plant of the genus Carlina (C. vulgaris), found in Europe and Asia.
    Caroline - (n.) A coin. See Carline.
    Cauline - (a.) Growing immediately on a caulis; of or pertaining to a caulis.
    Centrolinead - (n.) An instrument for drawing lines through a point, or lines converging to a center.
    Centrolineal - (a.) Converging to a center; -- applied to lines drawn so as to meet in a point or center.
    Chilliness - (n.) A state or sensation of being chilly; a disagreeable sensation of coldness.
    Chilliness - (n.) A moderate degree of coldness; disagreeable coldness or rawness; as, the chilliness of the air.
    Chilliness - (n.) Formality; lack of warmth.
    Chinoline - (n.) See Quinoline.
    Choline - (n.) See Neurine.
    Chrysaniline - (n.) A yellow substance obtained as a by-product in the manufacture of rosaniline. It dyes silk a fine golden-yellow color.
    Churchliness - (n.) Regard for the church.
    Cinnoline - (n.) A nitrogenous organic base, C8H6N2, analogous to quinoline, obtained from certain complex diazo compounds.
    Circuline - (a.) Proceeding in a circle; circular.
    Cleanliness - (n.) State of being cleanly; neatness of person or dress.
    Clerkliness - (n.) Scholarship.
    Clothesline - (n.) A rope or wire on which clothes are hung to dry.
    Colline - (n.) A small hill or mount.
    Collineation - (n.) The act of aiming at, or directing in a line with, a fixed object.
    Comeliness - (n.) The quality or state of being comely.
    Compline - (n.) Alt. of Complin
    Contline - (n.) The space between the strands on the outside of a rope.
    Contline - (n.) The space between the bilges of two casks stowed side by side.
    Coralline - (a.) Composed of corallines; as, coralline limestone.
    Coralline - (n.) A submarine, semicalcareous or calcareous plant, consisting of many jointed branches.
    Coralline - (n.) Formerly any slender coral-like animal; -- sometimes applied more particulary to bryozoan corals.
    Corolline - (a.) Of or pertaining to a corolla.
    Corrovaline - (n.) A poisonous alkaloid extracted from corroval, and characterized by its immediate action in paralyzing the heart.
    Cosmoline - (n.) A substance obtained from the residues of the distillation of petroleum, essentially the same as vaseline, but of somewhat stiffer consistency, and consisting of a mixture of the higher paraffines; a kind of petroleum jelly.
    Costliness - (n.) The quality of being costy; expensiveness; sumptuousness.
    Courtliness - (n.) The quality of being courtly; elegance or dignity of manners.
    Covelline - (n.) Alt. of Covellite
    Cowardliness - (n.) Cowardice.
    Crepusculine - (a.) Crepuscular.
    Crinoline - (n.) A kind of stiff cloth, used chiefly by women, for underskirts, to expand the gown worn over it; -- so called because originally made of hair.
    Crinoline - (n.) A lady's skirt made of any stiff material; latterly, a hoop skirt.
    Crotaline - (a.) Resembling, or pertaining to, the Crotalidae, or Rattlesnake family.
    Cryptocrystalline - (a.) Indistinctly crystalline; -- applied to rocks and minerals, whose state of aggregation is so fine that no distinct particles are visible, even under the microscope.
    Crystalline - (a.) Consisting, or made, of crystal.
    Crystalline - (a.) Formed by crystallization; like crystal in texture.
    Crystalline - (a.) Imperfectly crystallized; as, granite is only crystalline, while quartz crystal is perfectly crystallized.
    Crystalline - (a.) Fig.: Resembling crystal; pure; transparent; pellucid.
    Crystalline - (n.) A crystalline substance.
    Crystalline - (n.) See Aniline.
    Curliness - (n.) State of being curly.
    Curvilinead - (n.) An instrument for drawing curved lines.
    Curvilineal - (a.) Alt. of Curvilinear
    Curvilinear - (a.) Consisting of, or bounded by, curved lines; as, a curvilinear figure.
    Curvilinearity - (n.) The state of being curvilinear or of being bounded by curved lines.
    Curvilinearly - (adv.) In a curvilinear manner.
    Dailiness - (n.) Daily occurence.
    Dastardliness - (n.) The quality of being dastardly; cowardice; base fear.
    Daughterliness - (n.) The state of a daughter, or the conduct becoming a daughter.
    Deadliness - (n.) The quality of being deadly.
    Deathliness - (n.) The quality of being deathly; deadliness.
    Declined - (imp. & p. p.) of Decline
    Decline - (v. i.) To bend, or lean downward; to take a downward direction; to bend over or hang down, as from weakness, weariness, despondency, etc.; to condescend.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Line - n. 1 continuous mark made on a surface. 2 similar mark, esp. A furrow or wrinkle. 3 use of lines in art. 4 a straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth. B track of a moving point. 5 contour or outline (has a slimming line). 6 a curve connecting all points having a specified common property. B (the line) the equator. 7 a limit or boundary.
    Line - v. (-ning) 1 cover the inside surface of (a garment, box, etc.) With a layer of usu. Different material. 2 serve as a lining for. 3 colloq. Fill, esp. Plentifully. [obsolete line linen used for linings]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Airline - n. Public air transport system or company.
    Airliner - n. Large passenger aircraft.
    Aniline - n. Colourless oily liquid used in making dyes, drugs, and plastics. [german anil indigo, former source]
    Aquiline - adj. 1 of or like an eagle. 2 (of a nose) curved. [latin aquila eagle]
    Assembly line - n. Machinery arranged so that a product can be progressively assembled.
    Banner headline - n. Large, esp. Front-page, newspaper headline.
    Baseline - n. 1 line used as a base or starting-point. 2 line marking each end of a tennis-court.
    Bin-liner - n. Bag for lining a rubbish bin.
    Borderline - n. 1 line dividing two conditions. 2 line marking a boundary. adj. 1 on the borderline. 2 barely acceptable.
    Bottom line - n. Colloq. Underlying truth; ultimate, esp. Financial, criterion.
    Bowline - n. 1 rope from a ship's bow keeping the sail taut against the wind. 2 knot forming a non-slipping loop at the end of a rope.
    Breadline - n. Subsistence level (esp. On the breadline).
    Byline - n. 1 line naming the writer of a newspaper article etc. 2 secondary line of work. 3 goal-line or touch-line.
    Catchline - n. Short line of type, esp. At the head of copy or as a running headline.
    Chatline - n. Telephone service which sets up a conference call among youngsters.
    Clothes-line - n. Rope etc. On which clothes are hung to dry.
    Coastline - n. Line of the seashore, esp. With regard to its shape.
    Compline - n. 1 last of the canonical hours of prayer. 2 service during this. [latin: related to *comply]
    Coralline - n. Seaweed with a hard jointed stem. adj. Of or like coral. [french and italian: related to *coral]
    Crinoline - n. 1 hist. Stiffened or hooped petticoat. 2 stiff fabric of horsehair etc. Used for linings, hats, etc. [french from latin crinis hair, linum thread]
    Crystalline - adj. 1 of, like, or clear as crystal. 2 having the structure and form of a crystal. crystallinity n.
    Curvilinear - adj. Contained by or consisting of curved lines. curvilinearly adv. [from *curve after rectilinear]
    Date-line - n. 1 northsouth line partly along the meridian 180 from greenwich, to the east of which the date is a day earlier than to the west. 2 date and place of writing at the head of a newspaper article etc.
    Deadline - n. Time-limit.
    Decline - v. (-ning) 1 deteriorate; lose strength or vigour; decrease. 2 (also absol.) Politely refuse (an invitation, challenge, etc.). 3 slope or bend downwards, droop. 4 gram. State the forms of (a noun, pronoun, or adjective). n. 1 gradual loss of vigour or excellence. 2 deterioration. [latin clino bend]
    Delineate - v. (-ting) portray by drawing etc. Or in words. delineation n. [latin: related to *line1]
    Discipline - n. 1 a control or order exercised over people or animals, e.g. Over members of an organization. B system of rules for this. 2 training or way of life aimed at self-control and conformity. 3 branch of learning. 4 punishment. v. (-ning) 1 punish. 2 control by training in obedience. [latin disciplina from disco learn]
    Disincline - v. (-ning) make unwilling or reluctant. disinclination n.
    Dotted line - n. Line of dots on a document etc., esp. For writing a signature on.
    Eye-liner - n. Cosmetic applied as a line round the eye.
    Feline - adj. 1 of the cat family. 2 catlike. n. Animal of the cat family. felinity n. [latin feles cat]
    Firing-line - n. 1 front line in a battle. 2 centre of activity etc.
    Fishing-line - n. Thread with a baited hook etc. For catching fish.
    Freightliner - n. Train carrying goods in containers.
    Front line - n. Foremost part of an army or group under attack.
    Gasoline - n. (also gasolene) us petrol.
    Geodesic line - n. Shortest possible line between two points on a curved surface.
    Guideline - n. Principle directing action.
    Hairline - n. 1 edge of a person's hair, esp. On the forehead. 2 very narrow line, crack (usu. Hairline crack), etc.
    Hard line - n. Unyielding adherence to a policy. hard-liner n.
    Helpline - n. Telephone service providing help with problems.
    Hemline - n. Lower edge of a skirt etc.
    Headline - n. 1 heading at the top of an article or page, esp. In a newspaper. 2 (in pl.) Summary of the most important items in a news bulletin.
    Helpline - n. Telephone service providing help with problems.
    Hemline - n. Lower edge of a skirt etc.
    Headline - n. 1 heading at the top of an article or page, esp. In a newspaper. 2 (in pl.) Summary of the most important items in a news bulletin.
    Helpline - n. Telephone service providing help with problems.
    Hemline - n. Lower edge of a skirt etc.
    Holiness - n. 1 being holy or sacred. 2 (holiness) title used when addressing or referring to the pope. [old english: related to *holy]
    Hook, line, and sinker - adv. Entirely.
    Hot line - n. Direct exclusive telephone etc. Line, esp. For emergencies.
    Incline - v. (-ning) 1 (usu. In passive) a dispose or influence (am inclined to think so; does not incline me to agree; don't feel inclined). B have a specified tendency (the door is inclined to bang). 2 a be disposed (i incline to think so). B (often foll. By to, towards) tend. 3 (cause to) lean, usu. From the vertical; slope. 4 bend forward or downward. n. Slope. incline one's ear listen favourably. [latin clino bend]
    Inclined plane - n. Sloping plane used e.g. To reduce work in raising a load.
    Indiscipline - n. Lack of discipline.
    Interline - v. (-ning) put an extra layer of material between the fabric of (a garment) and its lining.
    Land line - n. Means of telecommunication over land.
    Leger line - n. Mus. Short line added for notes above or below the range of a staff. [var. Of *ledger]
    Lifeline - n. 1 rope etc. Used for life-saving. 2 sole means of communication or transport.
    Lineage - n. Lineal descent; ancestry. [latin: related to *line1]
    Lineal - adj. 1 in the direct line of descent or ancestry. 2 linear. lineally adv.
    Lineament - n. (usu. In pl.) Distinctive feature or characteristic, esp. Of the face. [latin: related to *line1]
    Linear - adj. 1 of or in lines. 2 long and narrow and of uniform breadth. linearity n. Linearly adv.
    Linear b - n. Form of bronze age writing found in greece: an earlier undeciphered form (linear a) also exists.
    Lineation - n. Marking with or drawing of lines.
    Line-drawing - n. Drawing in which images are produced with lines.
    Linen - n. 1 cloth woven from flax. 2 (collect.) Articles made or orig. Made of linen, as sheets, shirts, underwear, etc. adj. Made of linen. [old english: related to latin linum flax]
    Linen basket - n. Basket for dirty washing.
    Line of fire - n. Expected path of gunfire etc.
    Line of vision - n. Straight line along which an observer looks.
    Line-out - n. (in rugby) parallel lines of opposing forwards at right angles to the touchline for the throwing in of the ball.
    Line printer - n. Machine that prints output from a computer a line at a time.
    Liner - n. Ship or aircraft etc. Carrying passengers on a regular line.
    Liner - n. Removable lining.
    Linesman - n. Umpire's or referee's assistant who decides whether a ball has fallen within the playing area or not.
    Line-up - n. 1 line of people for inspection. 2 arrangement of persons in a team, band, etc.
    Load line - n. = *plimsoll line.
    Mainline - v. (-ning) slang 1 take drugs intravenously. 2 inject (drugs) intravenously. mainliner n.
    Main line - n. Railway line linking large cities.
    Marriage lines - n.pl. Marriage certificate.
    Masculine - adj. 1 of men. 2 having manly qualities. 3 of or denoting the male gender. n. Masculine gender or word. masculinity n. [latin: related to *male]
    Mescaline - n. (also mescalin) hallucinogenic alkaloid present in mescal buttons.
    Milliner - n. Person who makes or sells women's hats. millinery n. [milan in italy]
    Neckline - n. Edge or shape of a garment-opening at the neck.
    Offline - computing adj. Not online. adv. With a delay between the production of data and its processing; not under direct computer control.
    One-liner - n. Short joke or remark in a play, comedy routine, etc.
    Online - computing adj. Directly connected, so that a computer immediately receives an input from or sends an output to a peripheral process etc.; carried out while so connected or under direct computer control. adv. With the processing of data carried out simultaneously with its production; while connected to a computer; under direct computer control.
    Opaline - adj. Opal-like, opalescent.
    Outline - n. 1 rough draft. 2 summary. 3 sketch consisting of only contour lines. 4 (in sing. Or pl.) A lines enclosing or indicating an object. B contour. C external boundary. 5 (in pl.) Main features or principles. v. (-ning) 1 draw or describe in outline. 2 mark the outline of.
    Party line - n. 1 policy adopted by a political party etc. 2 shared telephone line.
    Picket line - n. Boundary established by workers on strike, esp. At the entrance to the place of work, which others are asked not to cross.
    Pipeline - n. 1 long, usu. Underground, pipe for conveying esp. Oil. 2 channel supplying goods, information, etc. in the pipeline being dealt with or prepared; under discussion, on the way.
    Plimsoll line - n. (also plimsoll mark) marking on a ship's side showing the limit of legal submersion under various conditions. [plimsoll, name of a politician]
    Plumb-line - n. Line with a plumb attached.
    Poverty line - n. Minimum income needed for the necessities of life.
    Power line - n. Conductor supplying electrical power, esp. One supported by pylons or poles.
    Praline - n. Sweet made by browning nuts in boiling sugar. [french]
    Production line - n. Systematized sequence of operations involved in producing a commodity.
    Punch-line - n. Words giving the point of a joke or story.

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