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    Lend - (v. t.) To allow the custody and use of, on condition of the return of the same; to grant the temporary use of; as, to lend a book; -- opposed to borrow.
    Lend - (v. t.) To allow the possession and use of, on condition of the return of an equivalent in kind; as, to lend money or some article of food.
    Lend - (v. t.) To afford; to grant or furnish in general; as, to lend assistance; to lend one's name or influence.
    Lend - (v. t.) To let for hire or compensation; as, to lend a horse or gig.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Blended - (imp. & p. p.) of Blend
    Blending - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Blend
    Blend - (v. t.) To mix or mingle together; esp. to mingle, combine, or associate so that the separate things mixed, or the line of demarcation, can not be distinguished. Hence: To confuse; to confound.
    Blend - (v. t.) To pollute by mixture or association; to spoil or corrupt; to blot; to stain.
    Blend - (v. i.) To mingle; to mix; to unite intimately; to pass or shade insensibly into each other, as colors.
    Blend - (n.) A thorough mixture of one thing with another, as color, tint, etc., into another, so that it cannot be known where one ends or the other begins.
    Blend - (a.) To make blind, literally or figuratively; to dazzle; to deceive.
    Blende - (n.) A mineral, called also sphalerite, and by miners mock lead, false galena, and black-jack. It is a zinc sulphide, but often contains some iron. Its color is usually yellow, brown, or black, and its luster resinous.
    Blende - (n.) A general term for some minerals, chiefly metallic sulphides which have a somewhat brilliant but nonmetallic luster.
    Blender - (n.) One who, or that which, blends; an instrument, as a brush, used in blending.
    Blending - (n.) The act of mingling.
    Blending - (n.) The method of laying on different tints so that they may mingle together while wet, and shade into each other insensibly.
    Blendous - (a.) Pertaining to, consisting of, or containing, blende.
    Blendwater - (n.) A distemper incident to cattle, in which their livers are affected.
    Calendar - (n.) An orderly arrangement of the division of time, adapted to the purposes of civil life, as years, months, weeks, and days; also, a register of the year with its divisions; an almanac.
    Calendar - (n.) A tabular statement of the dates of feasts, offices, saints' days, etc., esp. of those which are liable to change yearly according to the varying date of Easter.
    Calendar - (n.) An orderly list or enumeration of persons, things, or events; a schedule; as, a calendar of state papers; a calendar of bills presented in a legislative assembly; a calendar of causes arranged for trial in court; a calendar of a college or an academy.
    Calendared - (imp. & p. p.) of Calendar
    Calendaring - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Calendar
    Calendar - (v. t.) To enter or write in a calendar; to register.
    Calendarial - (a.) Of or pertaining to the calendar or a calendar.
    Calendary - (a.) Calendarial.
    Calender - (n.) A machine, used for the purpose of giving cloth, paper, etc., a smooth, even, and glossy or glazed surface, by cold or hot pressure, or for watering them and giving them a wavy appearance. It consists of two or more cylinders revolving nearly in contact, with the necessary apparatus for moving and regulating.
    Calender - (n.) One who pursues the business of calendering.
    Calendered - (imp. & p. p.) of Calender
    Calendering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Calender
    Calender - (n.) To press between rollers for the purpose of making smooth and glossy, or wavy, as woolen and silk stuffs, linens, paper, etc.
    Calender - (n.) One of a sect or order of fantastically dressed or painted dervishes.
    Calendographer - (n.) One who makes calendars.
    Calendrer - (n.) A person who calenders cloth; a calender.
    Calendric - (a.) Alt. of Calendrical
    Calendrical - (a.) Of or pertaining to a calendar.
    Calends - (n. pl.) The first day of each month in the ancient Roman calendar.
    Calendula - (n.) A genus of composite herbaceous plants. One species, Calendula officinalis, is the common marigold, and was supposed to blossom on the calends of every month, whence the name.
    Calendulin - (n.) A gummy or mucilaginous tasteless substance obtained from the marigold or calendula, and analogous to bassorin.
    Cullender - (n.) A strainer. See Colander.
    Delenda - (n. pl.) Things to be erased or blotted out.
    Encalendar - (v. t.) To register in a calendar; to calendar.
    Forelend - (v. t.) See Forlend.
    Forlend - (v. t.) To give up wholly.
    Hornblende - (n.) The common black, or dark green or brown, variety of amphibole. (See Amphibole.) It belongs to the aluminous division of the species, and is also characterized by its containing considerable iron. Also used as a general term to include the whole species.
    Hornblendic - (a.) Composed largely of hornblende; resembling or relating to hornblende.
    Kalendar - (n.) See Calendar.
    Kalendarial - (a.) See Calendarial.
    Kalender - (n.) See 3d Calender.
    Kalends - (n.) Same as Calends.
    Lending - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lend
    Lendable - (a.) Such as can be lent.
    Lender - (n.) One who lends.
    Lendes - (n. pl.) See Lends.
    Lending - (n.) The act of one who lends.
    Lending - (n.) That which is lent or furnished.
    Lends - (n. pl.) Loins.
    Mallenders - (n. pl.) Same as Malanders.
    Molendinaceous - (a.) Alt. of Molendinarious
    Molendinarious - (a.) Resembling the sails of a windmill.
    Pitchblende - (n.) A pitch-black mineral consisting chiefly of the oxide of uranium; uraninite. See Uraninite.
    Resplendence - (n.) Alt. of Resplendency
    Resplendency - (n.) The quality or state of being resplendent; brilliant luster; vivid brightness; splendor.
    Resplendent - (a.) Shining with brilliant luster; very bright.
    Resplendishant - (a.) Resplendent; brilliant.
    Resplendishing - (a.) Resplendent.
    Sallenders - (n. pl.) An eruption on the hind leg of a horse.
    Sclender - (a.) Slender.
    Sellenders - (n. pl.) See Sallenders.
    Slender - (superl.) Small or narrow in proportion to the length or the height; not thick; slim; as, a slender stem or stalk of a plant.
    Slender - (superl.) Weak; feeble; not strong; slight; as, slender hope; a slender constitution.
    Slender - (superl.) Moderate; trivial; inconsiderable; slight; as, a man of slender intelligence.
    Slender - (superl.) Small; inadequate; meager; pitiful; as, slender means of support; a slender pittance.
    Slender - (superl.) Spare; abstemious; frugal; as, a slender diet.
    Slender - (superl.) Uttered with a thin tone; -- the opposite of broad; as, the slender vowels long e and i.
    Splendent - (a.) Shining; glossy; beaming with light; lustrous; as, splendent planets; splendent metals. See the Note under 3d Luster, 4.
    Splendent - (a.) Very conspicuous; illustrious.
    Splendid - (a.) Possessing or displaying splendor; shining; very bright; as, a splendid sun.
    Splendid - (a.) Showy; magnificent; sumptuous; pompous; as, a splendid palace; a splendid procession or pageant.
    Splendid - (a.) Illustrious; heroic; brilliant; celebrated; famous; as, a splendid victory or reputation.
    Splendidious - (a.) Splendid.
    Splendidly - (adv.) In a splendid manner; magnificently.
    Splendidness - (n.) The quality of being splendid.
    Splendidous - (a.) Splendid.
    Splendiferous - (a.) Splendor-bearing; splendid.
    Splendor - (n.) Great brightness; brilliant luster; brilliancy; as, the splendor ot the sun.
    Splendor - (n.) Magnifience; pomp; parade; as, the splendor of equipage, ceremonies, processions, and the like.
    Splendor - (n.) Brilliancy; glory; as, the splendor of a victory.
    Splendrous - (a.) Alt. of Splendorous
    Splendorous - (a.) Splendid.
    Subhornblendic - (a.) Containing hornblende in a scattered state; of or relating to rocks containing disseminated hornblende.
    Transplendency - (n.) Quality or state of being transplendent.
    Transplendent - (a.) Resplendent in the highest degree.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Lend - v. (past and past part. Lent) 1 (usu. Foll. By to) grant (to a person) the use of (a thing) on the understanding that it or its equivalent shall be returned. 2 allow the use of (money) at interest. 3 bestow or contribute (lends a certain charm). lend an ear listen. Lend a hand help. Lend itself to (of a thing) be suitable for. lender n. [old english: related to *loan]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Blend - v. 1 mix together as required. 2 become one. 3 (often foll. By with, in) mingle; mix thoroughly. 4 (esp. Of colours) merge imperceptibly; harmonize. n. Mixture. [old norse]
    Blender - n. Machine for liquidizing, chopping, or pureing food.
    Calendar - n. 1 system fixing the year's beginning, length, and subdivision. 2 chart etc. Showing such subdivisions. 3 timetable of dates, events, etc. v. Enter in a calendar; register (documents). [latin: related to *calends]
    Calendar year - n. Period from 1 jan. To 31 dec. Inclusive.
    Calender - n. Machine in which cloth, paper, etc. Is rolled to glaze or smooth it. v. Press in a calender. [french]
    Calends - n.pl. (also kalends) first of the month in the ancient roman calendar. [latin kalendae]
    Calendula - n. Plant with large yellow or orange flowers, esp. The marigold. [latin diminutive of kalendae]
    Gregorian calendar - n. Calendar introduced in 1582 by pope gregory xiii.
    Hornblende - n. Dark-brown, black, or green mineral occurring in many rocks. [german]
    Julian calendar - n. Calendar introduced by julius caesar, with a year of 365 days, every fourth year having 366.
    Kalends - var. Of *calends.
    Moneylender - n. Person who lends money at interest.
    Pitchblende - n. Uranium oxide occurring in pitchlike masses and yielding radium. [german: related to *pitch2]
    Public lending right - n. Right of authors to payment when their books etc. Are lent by public libraries.
    Resplendent - adj. Brilliant, dazzlingly or gloriously bright. resplendence n. [latin resplendeo shine]
    Slender - adj. (-er, -est) 1 a of small girth or breadth. B gracefully thin. 2 relatively small, scanty, inadequate. [origin unknown]
    Splendid - adj. 1 magnificent, sumptuous. 2 impressive, glorious, dignified (splendid isolation). 3 excellent; fine. splendidly adv. [latin: related to *splendour]
    Splendiferous - adj. Colloq. Splendid. [from *splendour]
    Splendor - n. (brit. Splendour) dazzling brightness; magnificence. [latin splendeo shine]
    Splendour - n. (us splendor) dazzling brightness; magnificence. [latin splendeo shine]

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