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    Lars - (pl. ) of Lar
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Auriculars - (n. pl.) A circle of feathers surrounding the opening of the ear of birds.
    Axillars - (n. pl.) Feathers connecting the under surface of the wing and the body, and concealed by the closed wing.
    Interscapulars - (n. pl.) The interscapular feathers of a bird.
    Knights Templars - (pl. ) of Knight Templar
    Scholarship - (n.) The character and qualities of a scholar; attainments in science or literature; erudition; learning.
    Scholarship - (n.) Literary education.
    Scholarship - (n.) Maintenance for a scholar; a foundation for the support of a student.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Binoculars - n.pl. Instrument with a lens for each eye, for viewing distant objects.
    Scholarship - n. 1 a academic achievement, esp. Of a high level. B standards of a good scholar (shows great scholarship). 2 financial award for a student etc., given for scholarly achievement.

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