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    Lamb - (n.) The young of the sheep.
    Lamb - (n.) Any person who is as innocent or gentle as a lamb.
    Lamb - (n.) A simple, unsophisticated person; in the cant of the Stock Exchange, one who ignorantly speculates and is victimized.
    Lamb - (v. i.) To bring forth a lamb or lambs, as sheep.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Calambac - (n.) A fragrant wood; agalloch.
    Calambour - (n.) A species of agalloch, or aloes wood, of a dusky or mottled color, of a light, friable texture, and less fragrant than calambac; -- used by cabinetmakers.
    Clambake - (n.) The backing or steaming of clams on heated stones, between layers of seaweed; hence, a picnic party, gathered on such an occasion.
    Clambered - (imp. & p. p.) of Clamber
    Clambering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Clamber
    Clamber - (v. i.) To climb with difficulty, or with hands and feet; -- also used figuratively.
    Clamber - (n.) The act of clambering.
    Clamber - (v. t.) To ascend by climbing with difficulty.
    Flambeaux - (pl. ) of Flambeau
    Flambeaus - (pl. ) of Flambeau
    Flambeau - (n.) A flaming torch, esp. one made by combining together a number of thick wicks invested with a quick-burning substance (anciently, perhaps, wax; in modern times, pitch or the like); hence, any torch.
    Flamboyant - (a.) Characterized by waving or flamelike curves, as in the tracery of windows, etc.; -- said of the later (15th century) French Gothic style.
    Flamboyer - (n.) A name given in the East and West Indies to certain trees with brilliant blossoms, probably species of Caesalpinia.
    Lambed - (imp. & p. p.) of Lamb
    Lambing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Lamb
    Lambale - (n.) A feast at the time of shearing lambs.
    Lambaste - (v. t.) To beat severely.
    Lambative - (a.) Taken by licking with the tongue.
    Lambative - (n.) A medicine taken by licking with the tongue; a lincture.
    Lambda - (n.) The name of the Greek letter /, /, corresponding with the English letter L, l.
    Lambda - (n.) The point of junction of the sagittal and lambdoid sutures of the skull.
    Lambdacism - (n.) A fault in speaking or in composition, which consists in too frequent use of the letter l, or in doubling it erroneously.
    Lambdacism - (n.) A defect in pronunciation of the letter l when doubled, which consists in giving it a sound as if followed by y, similar to that of the letters lli in billion.
    Lambdacism - (n.) The use of the sound of l for that of r in pronunciation; lallation; as, Amelican for American.
    Lambdoid - (a.) Shaped like the Greek letter lambda (/); as, the lambdoid suture between the occipital and parietal bones of the skull.
    Lambdoidal - (a.) Same as Lambdoid.
    Lambent - (a.) Playing on the surface; touching lightly; gliding over.
    Lambent - (a.) Twinkling or gleaming; fickering.
    Lambert pine - () The gigantic sugar pine of California and Oregon (Pinus Lambertiana). It has the leaves in fives, and cones a foot long. The timber is soft, and like that of the white pine of the Eastern States.
    Lambkin - (n.) A small lamb.
    Lamblike - (a.) Like a lamb; gentle; meek; inoffensive.
    Lamboys - (n. pl.) Same as Base, n., 19.
    Lambrequin - (n.) A kind of pendent scarf or covering attached to the helmet, to protect it from wet or heat.
    Lambrequin - (n.) A leather flap hanging from a cuirass.
    Lambrequin - (n.) A piece of ornament drapery or short decorative hanging, pendent from a shelf or from the casing above a window, hiding the curtain fixtures, or the like.
    Lambskin - (n.) The skin of a lamb; especially, a skin dressed with the wool on, and used as a mat. Also used adjectively.
    Lambskin - (n.) A kind of woolen.
    Lambskinnet - (n.) See Lansquenet.
    Lamb's-quarters - (n.) A name given to several plants of the Goosefoot family, sometimes used as pot herbs, as Chenopodium album and Atriplex patulsa.
    Malambo - (n.) A yellowish aromatic bark, used in medicine and perfumery, said to be from the South American shrub Croton Malambo.
    Oriflamb - (n.) Alt. of Oriflamme
    Zalambdodont - (a.) Of or pertaining to a tribe (Zalambdodonta) of Insectivora in which the molar teeth have but one V-shaped ridge.
    Zalambdodont - (n.) One of the Zalambdodonta. The tenrec, solenodon, and golden moles are examples.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Lamb - —n. 1 young sheep. 2 its flesh as food. 3 mild, gentle, or kind person. —v. Give birth to lambs. the lamb (or lamb of god) name for christ. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Clamber - —v. Climb laboriously using hands and feet. —n. Difficult climb. [from *climb]
    Flambé - adj. (of food) covered with alcohol and set alight briefly (following a noun: pancakes flambé). [french: related to *flame]
    Flamboyant - adj. 1 ostentatious; showy. 2 floridly decorated or coloured. flamboyance n. Flamboyantly adv. [french: related to *flambé]
    Lambada - n. Fast erotic brazilian dance in which couples dance with their stomachs touching each other. [portuguese, = a beating]
    Lambaste - v. (-ting) (also lambast) colloq. Thrash, beat. [from *lam, *baste1]
    Lambda - n. Eleventh letter of the greek alphabet (l, l). [greek]
    Lambent - adj. 1 (of a flame or a light) playing on a surface. 2 (of the eyes, sky, wit, etc.) Lightly brilliant. lambency n. [latin lambo lick]
    Lambswool - n. Soft fine wool from a young sheep.
    Mutton dressed as lamb - n. Colloq. Middle-aged or elderly woman dressed to appear younger.
    Persian lamb - n. Silky tightly curled fur of a young karakul, used in clothing.

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