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    Judge - (v. i.) A public officer who is invested with authority to hear and determine litigated causes, and to administer justice between parties in courts held for that purpose.
    Judge - (v. i.) One who has skill, knowledge, or experience, sufficient to decide on the merits of a question, or on the quality or value of anything; one who discerns properties or relations with skill and readiness; a connoisseur; an expert; a critic.
    Judge - (v. i.) A person appointed to decide in a/trial of skill, speed, etc., between two or more parties; an umpire; as, a judge in a horse race.
    Judge - (v. i.) One of supreme magistrates, with both civil and military powers, who governed Israel for more than four hundred years.
    Judge - (v. i.) The title of the seventh book of the Old Testament; the Book of Judges.
    Judge - (a.) To hear and determine, as in causes on trial; to decide as a judge; to give judgment; to pass sentence.
    Judge - (a.) To assume the right to pass judgment on another; to sit in judgment or commendation; to criticise or pass adverse judgment upon others. See Judge, v. t., 3.
    Judge - (v. t.) To compare facts or ideas, and perceive their relations and attributes, and thus distinguish truth from falsehood; to determine; to discern; to distinguish; to form an opinion about.
    Judge - (v. t.) To hear and determine by authority, as a case before a court, or a controversy between two parties.
    Judge - (v. t.) To examine and pass sentence on; to try; to doom.
    Judge - (v. t.) To arrogate judicial authority over; to sit in judgment upon; to be censorious toward.
    Judge - (v. t.) To determine upon or deliberation; to esteem; to think; to reckon.
    Judge - (v. t.) To exercise the functions of a magistrate over; to govern.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Abjudge - (v. t.) To take away by judicial decision.
    Adjudged - (imp. & p. p.) of Adjudge
    Adjudge - (v. t.) To award judicially in the case of a controverted question; as, the prize was adjudged to the victor.
    Adjudge - (v. t.) To determine in the exercise of judicial power; to decide or award judicially; to adjudicate; as, the case was adjudged in the November term.
    Adjudge - (v. t.) To sentence; to condemn.
    Adjudge - (v. t.) To regard or hold; to judge; to deem.
    Adjudger - (n.) One who adjudges.
    Forejudge - (v. t.) To judge beforehand, or before hearing the facts and proof; to prejudge.
    Forejudge - (v. t.) To expel from court for some offense or misconduct, as an attorney or officer; to deprive or put out of a thing by the judgment of a court.
    Forejudger - (n.) A judgment by which one is deprived or put of a right or thing in question.
    Ill-judged - (a.) Not well judged; unwise.
    Judged - (imp. & p. p.) of Judge
    Judger - (n.) One who judges.
    Judgeship - (n.) The office of a judge.
    Misjudge - (v. t. & i.) To judge erroneously or unjustly; to err in judgment; to misconstrue.
    Prejudged - (imp. & p. p.) of Prejudge
    Prejudge - (v. t.) To judge before hearing, or before full and sufficient examination; to decide or sentence by anticipation; to condemn beforehand.
    Rejudge - (v. t.) To judge again; to reexamine; to review; to call to a new trial and decision.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Judge - n. 1 public official appointed to hear and try legal cases. 2 person appointed to decide in a contest, dispute, etc. 3 a person who decides a question. B person regarded as having judgement of a specified type (am no judge; good judge of art). v. (-ging) 1 form an opinion or judgement (about); estimate, appraise. 2 act as a judge (of). 3 a try (a case) at law. B pronounce sentence on. 4 (often foll. By to + infin. Or that + clause) conclude, consider. [latin judex judic-]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Adjudge - v. (-ging) 1 pronounce judgement on (a matter). 2 pronounce or award judicially. adjudgement n. (also adjudgment). [latin judex judge]
    Judgement - n. (also judgment) 1 critical faculty; discernment (error of judgement). 2 good sense. 3 opinion or estimate (in my judgement). 4 sentence of a court of justice. 5 often joc. Deserved misfortune. against one's better judgement contrary to what one really feels to be advisable.
    Judgemental - adj. (also judgmental) 1 of or by way of judgement. 2 condemning, critical. judgementally adv.
    Judgement day - n. (in judaism, christianity, and islam) day on which mankind will be judged by god.
    Misjudge - v. (-ging) (also absol.) 1 judge wrongly. 2 have a wrong opinion of. misjudgement n. (also -judgment).
    Prejudge - v. (-ging) form a premature judgement on (a person, issue, etc.).
    Value judgement - n. Subjective estimate of worth etc.
    Well-judged - adj. Opportunely, skilfully, or discreetly done.

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