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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Investigable - (a.) Capable or susceptible of being investigated; admitting research.
    Investigable - (a.) Unsearchable; inscrutable.
    Investigated - (imp. & p. p.) of Investigate
    Investigating - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Investigate
    Investigate - (v. t.) To follow up step by step by patient inquiry or observation; to trace or track mentally; to search into; to inquire and examine into with care and accuracy; to find out by careful inquisition; as, to investigate the causes of natural phenomena.
    Investigate - (v. i.) To pursue a course of investigation and study; to make investigation.
    Investigation - (n.) The act of investigating; the process of inquiring into or following up; research; study; inquiry, esp. patient or thorough inquiry or examination; as, the investigations of the philosopher and the mathematician; the investigations of the judge, the moralist.
    Investigative - (a.) Given to investigation; inquisitive; curious; searching.
    Investigator - (n.) One who searches diligently into a subject.
    Reinvestigate - (v. t.) To investigate again.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Investigate - v. (-ting) 1 inquire into; examine. 2 make a systematic inquiry. investigation n. Investigative adj. Investigator n. Investigatory adj. [latin vestigo track]

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