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    Indian - (a.) Of or pertaining to India proper; also to the East Indies, or, sometimes, to the West Indies.
    Indian - (a.) Of or pertaining to the aborigines, or Indians, of America; as, Indian wars; the Indian tomahawk.
    Indian - (a.) Made of maize or Indian corn; as, Indian corn, Indian meal, Indian bread, and the like.
    Indian - (n.) A native or inhabitant of India.
    Indian - (n.) One of the aboriginal inhabitants of America; -- so called originally from the supposed identity of America with India.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    East Indian - () Belonging to, or relating to, the East Indies.
    East Indian - (n.) A native of, or a dweller in, the East Indies.
    Indianeer - (n.) An Indiaman.
    West Indian - () Belonging or relating to the West Indies.
    West Indian - () A native of, or a dweller in, the West Indies.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Indian - n. 1 a native or national of india. B person of indian descent. 2 (in full american indian) a original inhabitant of america. B any of the languages of the american indians. adj. 1 of india or the subcontinent comprising india, pakistan, and bangladesh. 2 of the original peoples of america.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    American indian - see *indian.
    Anglo-indian - adj. 1 of england and india. 2 of british descent but indian residence. n. Anglo-indian person.
    Indian corn - n. Maize.
    Indian elephant - n. The elephant of india, smaller than the african elephant.
    Indian file - n. = *single file.
    Indian hemp - see *hemp 1.
    Indian ink - n. 1 black pigment. 2 ink made from this.
    Indian summer - n. 1 dry warm weather in late autumn. 2 late tranquil period of life.
    Red indian - n. Offens. American indian.
    West indian - n. 1 native or national of the west indies. 2 person of west indian descent.

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