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    Hate - (n.) To have a great aversion to, with a strong desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed; to dislike intensely; to detest; as, to hate one's enemies; to hate hypocrisy.
    Hate - (n.) To be very unwilling; followed by an infinitive, or a substantive clause with that; as, to hate to get into debt; to hate that anything should be wasted.
    Hate - (n.) To love less, relatively.
    Hate - (v.) Strong aversion coupled with desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed; as exercised toward things, intense dislike; hatred; detestation; -- opposed to love.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Absinthate - (n.) A combination of absinthic acid with a base or positive radical.
    Achate - (n.) An agate.
    Achate - (n.) Purchase; bargaining.
    Achate - (n.) Provisions. Same as Cates.
    Alcohate - (n.) Shortened forms of Alcoholate.
    Bisulphate - (n.) A sulphate in which but half the hydrogen of the acid is replaced by a positive element or radical, thus making the proportion of the acid to the positive or basic portion twice what it is in the normal sulphates; an acid sulphate.
    Caliphate - (n.) The office, dignity, or government of a caliph or of the caliphs.
    Chateux - (pl. ) of Chateau
    Chateau - (n.) A castle or a fortress in France.
    Chateau - (n.) A manor house or residence of the lord of the manor; a gentleman's country seat; also, particularly, a royal residence; as, the chateau of the Louvre; the chateau of the Luxembourg.
    Chatelaine - (n.) An ornamental hook, or brooch worn by a lady at her waist, and having a short chain or chains attached for a watch, keys, trinkets, etc. Also used adjectively; as, a chatelaine chain.
    Chatelet - (n.) A little castle.
    Chatellany - (n.) Same as Castellany.
    Debacchate - (v. i.) To rave as a bacchanal.
    Dendrachate - (n.) Arborescent or dendritic agate.
    Disulphate - (n.) A salt of disulphuric or pyrosulphuric acid; a pyrosulphate.
    Disulphate - (n.) An acid salt of sulphuric acid, having only one equivalent of base to two of the acid.
    Eunuchate - (v. t.) To make a eunuch of; to castrate. as a man.
    Exarchate - (n.) The office or the province of an exarch.
    Fluophosphate - (n.) A double salt of fluoric and phosphoric acids.
    Hated - (imp. & p. p.) of Hate
    Hateful - (a.) Manifesting hate or hatred; malignant; malevolent.
    Hateful - (a.) Exciting or deserving great dislike, aversion, or disgust; odious.
    Hatel - (a.) Hateful; detestable.
    Hater - (n.) One who hates.
    Hemachate - (n.) A species of agate, sprinkled with spots of red jasper.
    Hydrosulphate - (n.) Same as Hydrosulphurent.
    Hypophosphate - (n.) A salt of hypophosphoric acid.
    Hyposulphate - (n.) A salt of hyposulphuric acid.
    Jaspachate - (n.) Agate jasper.
    Lithate - (n.) A salt of lithic or uric acid; a urate.
    Lymphate - (a.) Alt. of Lymphated
    Lymphated - (a.) Frightened into madness; raving.
    Matriarchate - (n.) The office or jurisdiction of a matriarch; a matriarchal form of government.
    Metaphosphate - (n.) A salt of metaphosphoric acid.
    Moschatel - (n.) A plant of the genus Adoxa (A. moschatellina), the flowers of which are pale green, and have a faint musky smell. It is found in woods in all parts of Europe, and is called also hollow root and musk crowfoot.
    Oenanthate - (n.) A salt of the supposed /nanthic acid.
    Patriarchate - (n.) The office, dignity, or jurisdiction of a patriarch.
    Patriarchate - (n.) The residence of an ecclesiastic patriarch.
    Patriarchate - (n.) A patriarchal form of government or society. See Patriarchal, a., 3.
    Persulphate - (n.) A sulphate of the peroxide of any base.
    Phassachate - (n.) The lead-colored agate; -- so called in reference to its color.
    Philosophate - (v. i.) To play the philosopher; to moralize.
    Phosphate - (n.) A salt of phosphoric acid.
    Pyrophosphate - (n.) A salt of pyrophosphoric acid.
    Pyrosulphate - (n.) A salt of pyrosulphuric acid.
    Sardachate - (n.) A variety of agate containing sard.
    Subsulphate - (n.) A sulphate with an excess of the base.
    Sulphate - (n.) A salt of sulphuric acid.
    Sulphophosphate - (n.) A salt of sulphophosphoric acid.
    Superphosphate - (n.) An acid phosphate.
    Supersulphate - (n.) An acid sulphate.
    Tetrarchate - (n.) A tetrarchy.
    Thiosulphate - (n.) A salt of thiosulphuric acid; -- formerly called hyposulphite.
    Whate'er - (pron.) A contraction of what-ever; -- used in poetry.
    Whatever - (pron.) Anything soever which; the thing or things of any kind; being this or that; of one nature or another; one thing or another; anything that may be; all that; the whole that; all particulars that; -- used both substantively and adjectively.
    Xanthate - (n.) A salt of xanthic; a xanthogenate.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Hate - v. (-ting) 1 dislike intensely. 2 colloq. A dislike. B be reluctant (to do something) (i hate to disturb you; i hate fighting). n. 1 hatred. 2 colloq. Hated person or thing. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Chteau - n. (pl. -x) large french country house or castle. [french: related to *castle]
    Chatelaine - n. 1 mistress of a large house. 2 hist. Set of short chains attached to a woman's belt, for carrying keys etc. [medieval latin castellanus: related to *castle]
    Hateful - adj. Arousing hatred.
    Love-hate relationship - n. Intense relationship involving ambivalent emotions.
    Patriarchate - n. 1 office, see, or residence of a church patriarch. 2 rank of a tribal patriarch.
    Phosphate - n. Salt or ester of phosphoric acid, esp. Used as a fertilizer. [french: related to *phosphorus]
    Sulphate - n. (us sulfate) salt or ester of sulphuric acid. [latin *sulphur]
    Superphosphate - n. Fertilizer made from phosphate rock.
    Thiosulphate - n. Sulphate in which one oxygen atom is replaced by sulphur. [greek theion sulphur]
    Whatever - adj. & pron. 1 = *what (in relative uses) with the emphasis on indefiniteness (lend me whatever you can; whatever money you have). 2 though anything (we are safe whatever happens). 3 (with neg. Or interrog.) At all; of any kind (there is no doubt whatever).

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