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    Hart - (n.) A stag; the male of the red deer. See the Note under Buck.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Anacathartic - (a.) Producing vomiting or expectoration.
    Anacathartic - (n.) An anacathartic medicine; an expectorant or an emetic.
    Cathartic - (a.) Alt. of Catharical
    Cathartic - (n.) A medicine that promotes alvine discharges; a purge; a purgative of moderate activity.
    Cathartin - (n.) The bitter, purgative principle of senna. It is a glucoside with the properties of a weak acid; -- called also cathartic acid, and cathartina.
    Cato-cathartic - (n.) A remedy that purges by alvine discharges.
    Chart - (n.) A sheet of paper, pasteboard, or the like, on which information is exhibited, esp. when the information is arranged in tabular form; as, an historical chart.
    Chart - (n.) A map; esp., a hydrographic or marine map; a map on which is projected a portion of water and the land which it surrounds, or by which it is surrounded, intended especially for the use of seamen; as, the United States Coast Survey charts; the English Admiralty charts.
    Chart - (n.) A written deed; a charter.
    Charted - (imp. & p. p.) of Chart
    Chart - (v. t.) To lay down in a chart; to map; to delineate; as, to chart a coast.
    Charta - (n.) Material on which instruments, books, etc., are written; parchment or paper.
    Charta - (n.) A charter or deed; a writing by which a grant is made. See Magna Charta.
    Chartaceous - (a.) Resembling paper or parchment; of paper-like texture; papery.
    Charte - (n.) The constitution, or fundamental law, of the French monarchy, as established on the restoration of Louis XVIII., in 1814.
    Charter - (n.) A written evidence in due form of things done or granted, contracts made, etc., between man and man; a deed, or conveyance.
    Charter - (n.) An instrument in writing, from the sovereign power of a state or country, executed in due form, bestowing rights, franchises, or privileges.
    Charter - (n.) An act of a legislative body creating a municipal or other corporation and defining its powers and privileges. Also, an instrument in writing from the constituted authorities of an order or society (as the Freemasons), creating a lodge and defining its powers.
    Charter - (n.) A special privilege, immunity, or exemption.
    Charter - (n.) The letting or hiring a vessel by special contract, or the contract or instrument whereby a vessel is hired or let; as, a ship is offered for sale or charter. See Charter party, below.
    Chartered - (imp. & p. p.) of Charter
    Chartering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Charter
    Charter - (v. t.) To establish by charter.
    Charter - (v. t.) To hire or let by charter, as a ship. See Charter party, under Charter, n.
    Chartered - (a.) Granted or established by charter; having, or existing under, a charter; having a privilege by charter.
    Chartered - (a.) Hired or let by charter, as a ship.
    Charterer - (n.) One who charters; esp. one who hires a ship for a voyage.
    Charterhouse - (n.) A well known public school and charitable foundation in the building once used as a Carthusian monastery (Chartreuse) in London.
    Charterist - (n.) Same as Chartist.
    Chartism - (n.) The principles of a political party in England (1838-48), which contended for universal suffrage, the vote by ballot, annual parliaments, equal electoral districts, and other radical reforms, as set forth in a document called the People's Charter.
    Chartist - (n.) A supporter or partisan of chartism.
    Chartless - (a.) Without a chart; having no guide.
    Chartless - (a.) Not mapped; uncharted; vague.
    Chartographer - (n.) Alt. of Chartography
    Chartographic - (n.) Alt. of Chartography
    Chartography - (n.) Same as Cartographer, Cartographic, Cartography, etc.
    Chartomancy - (n.) Divination by written paper or by cards.
    Chartometer - (n.) An instrument for measuring charts or maps.
    Chartreuse - (n.) A Carthusian monastery; esp. La Grande Chartreuse, mother house of the order, in the mountains near Grenoble, France.
    Chartreuse - (n.) An alcoholic cordial, distilled from aromatic herbs; -- made at La Grande Chartreuse.
    Chartreux - (n.) A Carthusian.
    Chartulary - (n.) See Cartulary.
    Emeto-cathartic - (a.) Producing vomiting and purging at the same time.
    Hartbeest - (n.) A large South African antelope (Alcelaphus caama), formerly much more abundant than it is now. The face and legs are marked with black, the rump with white.
    Harten - (v. t.) To hearten; to encourage; to incite.
    Hartford - (n.) The Hartford grape, a variety of grape first raised at Hartford, Connecticut, from the Northern fox grape. Its large dark-colored berries ripen earlier than those of most other kinds.
    Harts clover - () Melilot or sweet clover. See Melilot.
    Hart's-ear - (n.) An Asiatic species of Cacalia (C. Kleinia), used medicinally in India.
    Hartshorn - (n.) The horn or antler of the hart, or male red deer.
    Hartshorn - (n.) Spirits of hartshorn (see below); volatile salts.
    Hart-tongue - (n.) A common British fern (Scolopendrium vulgare), rare in America.
    Hart-tongue - (n.) A West Indian fern, the Polypodium Phyllitidis of Linnaeus. It is also found in Florida.
    Hartwort - (n.) A coarse umbelliferous plant of Europe (Tordylium maximum).
    Magna Charta - () The great Charter, so called, obtained by the English barons from King John, A. D. 1215. This name is also given to the charter granted to the people of England in the ninth year of Henry III., and confirmed by Edward I.
    Magna Charta - () Hence, a fundamental constitution which guaranties rights and privileges.
    Mercator's chart - () See under Chart, and see Mercator's projection, under Projection.
    Recharter - (n.) A second charter; a renewal of a charter.
    Recharter - (v. t.) To charter again or anew; to grant a second or another charter to.
    Sea chart - () A chart or map on which the lines of the shore, islands, shoals, harbors, etc., are delineated.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Hart - n. (pl. Same or -s) male of the (esp. Red) deer, esp. After its 5th year. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Cathartic - adj. 1 effecting catharsis. 2 laxative. n. Laxative.
    Chart - n. 1 geographical map or plan, esp. For navigation. 2 sheet of information in the form of a table, graph, or diagram. 3 (usu. In pl.) Colloq. Listing of the currently best-selling pop records. v. Make a chart of, map. [latin charta: related to *card1]
    Charter - n. 1 a document granting rights, issued esp. By a sovereign or legislature. B written constitution or description of an organization's functions etc. 2 contract to hire an aircraft, ship, etc., for a special purpose. v. 1 grant a charter to. 2 hire (an aircraft, ship, etc.). [latin chartula: related to *chart]
    Chartered - attrib. Adj. (of an accountant, engineer, librarian, etc.) Qualified member of a professional body that has a royal charter.
    Charter flight - n. Flight by chartered aircraft.
    Chartism - n. Hist. Uk parliamentary reform movement of 183748. chartist n. [from *charter: name taken from people's charter]
    Chartreuse - n. Pale green or yellow brandy-based liqueur. [chartreuse, monastery in s. France]
    Flip chart - n. Large pad of paper on a stand.
    Flow chart - n. (also flow diagram or flow sheet) diagram of the movement or action in a complex activity.
    Hartebeest - n. Large african antelope with curving horns. [afrikaans]
    Pie chart - n. Circle divided into sectors to represent relative quantities.
    Uncharted - adj. Not mapped or surveyed.

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