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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Analemma - (n.) An orthographic projection of the sphere on the plane of the meridian, the eye being supposed at an infinite distance, and in the east or west point of the horizon.
    Analemma - (n.) An instrument of wood or brass, on which this projection of the sphere is made, having a movable horizon or cursor; -- formerly much used in solving some common astronomical problems.
    Analemma - (n.) A scale of the sun's declination for each day of the year, drawn across the torrid zone on an artificial terrestrial globe.
    Dilemma - (n.) An argument which presents an antagonist with two or more alternatives, but is equally conclusive against him, whichever alternative he chooses.
    Dilemma - (n.) A state of things in which evils or obstacles present themselves on every side, and it is difficult to determine what course to pursue; a vexatious alternative or predicament; a difficult choice or position.
    Emmantle - (v. t.) To cover over with, or as with, a mantle; to put about as a protection.
    Emmanuel - (n.) See Immanuel.
    Emmarble - (v. t.) To turn to marble; to harden.
    Enchylemma - (n.) The basal substance of the cell nucleus; a hyaline or granular substance, more or less fluid during life, in which the other parts of the nucleus are imbedded.
    Fissigemmation - (n.) A process of reproduction intermediate between fission and gemmation.
    Gemmae - (pl. ) of Gemma
    Gemma - (n.) A leaf bud, as distinguished from a flower bud.
    Gemma - (n.) A bud spore; one of the small spores or buds in the reproduction of certain Protozoa, which separate one at a time from the parent cell.
    Gemmaceous - (a.) Of or pertaining to gems or to gemmae; of the nature of, or resembling, gems or gemmae.
    Gemmary - (a.) Of or pertaining to gems.
    Gemmary - (n.) A receptacle for jewels or gems; a jewel house; jewels or gems, collectively.
    Gemmate - (a.) Having buds; reproducing by buds.
    Gemmated - (a.) Having buds; adorned with gems or jewels.
    Gemmation - (n.) The formation of a new individual, either animal or vegetable, by a process of budding; an asexual method of reproduction; gemmulation; gemmiparity. See Budding.
    Gemmation - (n.) The arrangement of buds on the stalk; also, of leaves in the bud.
    Lemmata - (pl. ) of Lemma
    Lemmas - (pl. ) of Lemma
    Lemma - (n.) A preliminary or auxiliary proposition demonstrated or accepted for immediate use in the demonstration of some other proposition, as in mathematics or logic.
    Lemman - (n.) A leman.
    Myolemma - (n.) Sarcolemma.
    Neurilemma - (n.) The delicate outer sheath of a nerve fiber; the primitive sheath.
    Neurilemma - (n.) The perineurium.
    Sarcolemma - (n.) The very thin transparent and apparently homogeneous sheath which incloses a striated muscular fiber; the myolemma.
    Spermatogemma - (n.) Same as Spermosphere.
    Stemmata - (pl. ) of Stemma
    Stemma - (n.) One of the ocelli of an insect. See Ocellus.
    Stemma - (n.) One of the facets of a compound eye of any arthropod.
    Trilemma - (n.) A syllogism with three conditional propositions, the major premises of which are disjunctively affirmed in the minor. See Dilemma.
    Trilemma - (n.) A state of things in which it is difficult to determine which one of three courses to pursue.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Dilemma - n. 1 situation in which a difficult choice has to be made. 2 difficult situation, predicament. [greek lemma premiss]
    Gemma - n. (pl. Gemmae) small cellular body in plants such as mosses, that separates from the mother-plant and starts a new one. gemmation n. [latin, see *gem]

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