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    Drain - (v. t.) To draw off by degrees; to cause to flow gradually out or off; hence, to cause the exhaustion of.
    Drain - (v. t.) To exhaust of liquid contents by drawing them off; to make gradually dry or empty; to remove surface water, as from streets, by gutters, etc.; to deprive of moisture; hence, to exhaust; to empty of wealth, resources, or the like; as, to drain a country of its specie.
    Drain - (v. t.) To filter.
    Drain - (v. i.) To flow gradually; as, the water of low ground drains off.
    Drain - (v. i.) To become emptied of liquor by flowing or dropping; as, let the vessel stand and drain.
    Drain - (n.) The act of draining, or of drawing off; gradual and continuous outflow or withdrawal; as, the drain of specie from a country.
    Drain - (n.) That means of which anything is drained; a channel; a trench; a water course; a sewer; a sink.
    Drain - (n.) The grain from the mashing tub; as, brewers' drains.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Catchdrain - (n.) A ditch or drain along the side of a hill to catch the surface water; also, a ditch at the side of a canal to catch the surplus water.
    Drained - (imp. & p. p.) of Drain
    Draining - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Drain
    Drainable - (a.) Capable of being drained.
    Drainage - (n.) A draining; a gradual flowing off of any liquid; also, that which flows out of a drain.
    Drainage - (n.) The mode in which the waters of a country pass off by its streams and rivers.
    Drainage - (n.) The system of drains and their operation, by which superfluous water is removed from towns, railway beds, mines, and other works.
    Drainage - (n.) Area or district drained; as, the drainage of the Po, the Thames, etc.
    Drainage - (n.) The act, process, or means of drawing off the pus or fluids from a wound, abscess, etc.
    Draine - (n.) The missel thrush.
    Drainer - (n.) One who, or that which, drains.
    Draining - (v. t.) The art of carrying off surplus water, as from land.
    Drainpipe - (n.) A pipe used for carrying off surplus water.
    Draintile - (n.) A hollow tile used in making drains; -- called also draining tile.
    Draintrap - (n.) See 4th Trap, 5.
    Tile-drain - (v. t.) To drain by means of tiles; to furnish with a tile drain.
    Top-drain - (v. t.) To drain the surface of, as land; as, to top-drain a field or farm.
    Top-draining - (n.) The act or practice of drining the surface of land.
    Underdrain - (n.) An underground drain or trench with openings through which the water may percolate from the soil or ground above.
    Underdrain - (v. t.) To drain by forming an underdrain or underdrains in; as, to underdrain land.
    Water drain - () A drain or channel for draining off water.
    Water drainage - () The draining off of water.
    Welldrained - (imp. & p. p.) of Welldrain
    Well-draining - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Welldrain
    Welldrain - (v. t.) To drain, as land; by means of wells, or pits, which receive the water, and from which it is discharged by machinery.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Drain - v. 1 draw off liquid from. 2 draw off (liquid). 3 flow or trickle away. 4 dry or become dry as liquid flows away. 5 exhaust of strength or resources. 6 a drink to the dregs. B empty (a glass etc.) By drinking the contents. n. 1 a channel, conduit, or pipe carrying off liquid, sewage, etc. B tube for drawing off discharge etc. 2 constant outflow or expenditure. down the drain colloq. Lost, wasted. [old english: related to *dry]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Brain drain - n. Colloq. Loss of skilled personnel by emigration.
    Drainage - n. 1 draining. 2 system of drains. 3 what is drained off.
    Draining-board - n. Sloping grooved surface beside a sink for draining washed dishes.
    Drainpipe - n. 1 pipe for carrying off water etc. 2 (attrib.) (of trousers) very narrow. 3 (in pl.) Very narrow trousers.

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