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    Complex - (n.) Composed of two or more parts; composite; not simple; as, a complex being; a complex idea.
    Complex - (n.) Involving many parts; complicated; intricate.
    Complex - (n.) Assemblage of related things; collection; complication.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Complexed - (a.) Complex, complicated.
    Complexedness - (n.) The quality or state of being complex or involved; complication.
    Complexion - (n.) The state of being complex; complexity.
    Complexion - (n.) A combination; a complex.
    Complexion - (n.) The bodily constitution; the temperament; habitude, or natural disposition; character; nature.
    Complexion - (n.) The color or hue of the skin, esp. of the face.
    Complexion - (n.) The general appearance or aspect; as, the complexion of the sky; the complexion of the news.
    Complexional - (a.) Of or pertaining to constitutional complexion.
    Complexionally - (adv.) Constitutionally.
    Complexionary - (a.) Pertaining to the complexion, or to the care of it.
    Complexioned - (a.) Having (such) a complexion; -- used in composition; as, a dark-complexioned or a ruddy-complexioned person.
    Complexities - (pl. ) of Complexity
    Complexity - (n.) The state of being complex; intricacy; entanglement.
    Complexity - (n.) That which is complex; intricacy; complication.
    Complexly - (adv.) In a complex manner; not simply.
    Complexness - (n.) The state of being complex; complexity.
    Complexus - (n.) A complex; an aggregate of parts; a complication.
    Decomplex - (a.) Repeatedly compound; made up of complex constituents.
    Discomplexion - (v. t.) To change the complexion or hue of.
    Incomplex - (a.) Not complex; uncompounded; simple.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Complex - n. 1 building, series of rooms, etc., made up of related parts (shopping complex). 2 psychol. Group of usu. Repressed feelings or thoughts which cause abnormal behaviour or mental states. 3 preoccupation; feeling of inadequacy. adj. 1 complicated. 2 consisting of related parts; composite. complexity n. (pl. -ies). [latin complexus]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Complexion - n. 1 natural colour, texture, and appearance of the skin, esp. Of the face. 2 aspect, character (puts a different complexion on the matter). [latin: related to *complex]
    Inferiority complex - n. Feeling of inadequacy, sometimes marked by compensating aggressive behaviour.
    Oedipus complex - n. Child's, esp. A boy's, subconscious sexual desire for the parent of the opposite sex. oedipal adj. [greek oidipous, who unknowingly married his mother]
    Vitamin b complex - n. Any of a group of vitamins often found together in foods.

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