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    Care - (n.) A burdensome sense of responsibility; trouble caused by onerous duties; anxiety; concern; solicitude.
    Care - (n.) Charge, oversight, or management, implying responsibility for safety and prosperity.
    Care - (n.) Attention or heed; caution; regard; heedfulness; watchfulness; as, take care; have a care.
    Care - (n.) The object of watchful attention or anxiety.
    Care - (n.) To be anxious or solicitous; to be concerned; to have regard or interest; -- sometimes followed by an objective of measure.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Argillo-calcareous - (a.) Consisting of, or containing, clay and calcareous earth.
    Baccare - (interj.) Alt. of Backare
    Calcareo-argillaceous - (a.) consisting of, or containing, calcareous and argillaceous earths.
    Calcareo-bituminous - (a.) Consisting of, or containing, lime and bitumen.
    Calcareo-siliceous - (a.) Consisting of, or containing calcareous and siliceous earths.
    Calcareous - (a.) Partaking of the nature of calcite or calcium carbonate; consisting of, or containing, calcium carbonate or carbonate of lime.
    Calcareousness - (n.) Quality of being calcareous.
    Cared - (imp. & p. p.) of Care
    Careened - (imp. & p. p.) of Careen
    Careening - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Careen
    Careen - (v. t.) To cause (a vessel) to lean over so that she floats on one side, leaving the other side out of water and accessible for repairs below the water line; to case to be off the keel.
    Careen - (v. i.) To incline to one side, or lie over, as a ship when sailing on a wind; to be off the keel.
    Careenage - (n.) Expense of careening ships.
    Careenage - (n.) A place for careening.
    Career - (n.) A race course: the ground run over.
    Career - (n.) A running; full speed; a rapid course.
    Career - (n.) General course of action or conduct in life, or in a particular part or calling in life, or in some special undertaking; usually applied to course or conduct which is of a public character; as, Washington's career as a soldier.
    Career - (n.) The flight of a hawk.
    Careered - (imp. & p. p.) of Career
    Careering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Career
    Career - (v. i.) To move or run rapidly.
    Careful - (a.) Full of care; anxious; solicitous.
    Careful - (a.) Filling with care or solicitude; exposing to concern, anxiety, or trouble; painful.
    Careful - (a.) Taking care; giving good heed; watchful; cautious; provident; not indifferent, heedless, or reckless; -- often followed by of, for, or the infinitive; as, careful of money; careful to do right.
    Carefully - (adv.) In a careful manner.
    Carefulness - (n.) Quality or state of being careful.
    Careless - (a.) Free from care or anxiety. hence, cheerful; light-hearted.
    Careless - (a.) Having no care; not taking ordinary or proper care; negligent; unconcerned; heedless; inattentive; unmindful; regardless.
    Careless - (a.) Without thought or purpose; without due care; without attention to rule or system; unstudied; inconsiderate; spontaneous; rash; as, a careless throw; a careless expression.
    Careless - (a.) Not receiving care; uncared for.
    Carelessly - (adv.) In a careless manner.
    Carelessness - (n.) The quality or state of being careless; heedlessness; negligenece; inattention.
    Carene - (n.) A fast of forty days on bread and water.
    Caress - (n.) An act of endearment; any act or expression of affection; an embracing, or touching, with tenderness.
    Caressed - (imp. & p. p.) of Caress
    Caressing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Caress
    Caress - (n.) To treat with tokens of fondness, affection, or kindness; to touch or speak to in a loving or endearing manner; to fondle.
    Caressingly - (ad.) In caressing manner.
    Caret - (n.) A mark [^] used by writers and proof readers to indicate that something is interlined above, or inserted in the margin, which belongs in the place marked by the caret.
    Caret - (n.) The hawkbill turtle. See Hawkbill.
    Caretuned - (a.) Weary; mournful.
    Careworn - (a.) Worn or burdened with care; as, careworn look or face.
    Carex - (n.) A numerous and widely distributed genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the order Cypreaceae; the sedges.
    Corneocalcareous - (a.) Formed of a mixture of horny and calcareous materials, as some shells and corals.
    Corneocalcareous - (a.) Horny on one side and calcareous on the other.
    Jacare - (n.) A cayman. See Yacare.
    Micaceo-calcareous - (a.) Partaking of the nature of, or consisting of, mica and lime; -- applied to a mica schist containing carbonate of lime.
    Overcare - (n.) Excessive care.
    Overcareful - (a.) Too careful.
    Picaresque - (a.) Applied to that class of literature in which the principal personage is the Spanish picaro, meaning a rascal, a knave, a rogue, an adventurer.
    Scared - (imp. & p. p.) of Scare
    Scare - (v. t.) To frighten; to strike with sudden fear; to alarm.
    Scare - (n.) Fright; esp., sudden fright produced by a trifling cause, or originating in mistake.
    Scarecrow - (n.) Anything set up to frighten crows or other birds from cornfields; hence, anything terifying without danger.
    Scarecrow - (n.) A person clad in rags and tatters.
    Scarecrow - (n.) The black tern.
    Scarefire - (n.) An alarm of fire.
    Scarefire - (n.) A fire causing alarm.
    Semicalcareous - (a.) Half or partially calcareous; as, a semicalcareous plant.
    Silicicalcareous - (a.) Consisting of silica and calcareous matter.
    Uncared - (a.) Not cared for; not heeded; -- with for.
    Yacare - (n.) A South American crocodilian (Jacare sclerops) resembling the alligator in size and habits. The eye orbits are connected together, and surrounded by prominent bony ridges. Called also spectacled alligator, and spectacled cayman.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Care - n. 1 worry, anxiety. 2 cause of this. 3 serious attention; caution. 4 a protection, looking after, charge. B = *child care. 5 thing to be done or seen to. v. (-ring) 1 (usu. Foll. By about, for, whether) feel concern or interest. 2 (usu. Foll. By for) like, be fond of (don't care for jazz). 3 (foll. By to + infin.) Wish or be willing (would you care to try?). care for provide for; look after. Care of at the address of. In care (of a child) in local authority care. Not care a damn etc. = not give a damn etc. (see *give). Take care 1 be careful. 2 (foll. By to + infin.) Not fail or neglect. Take care of 1 look after. 2 deal with, dispose of. [old english, = sorrow]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    After-care - n. Attention after leaving hospital etc.
    Calcareous - adj. Of or containing calcium carbonate. [related to *calx]
    Careen - v. 1 turn (a ship) on one side for repair etc. 2 tilt, lean over. 3 swerve about. [latin carina keel]
    Career - n. 1 one's professional etc. Progress through life. 2 profession or occupation, esp. As offering advancement. 3 (attrib.) A pursuing or wishing to pursue a career (career woman). B working permanently in a specified profession (career diplomat). 4 swift course (in full career). v. 1 move or swerve about wildly. 2 go swiftly. [latin: related to *car]
    Careerist - n. Person predominantly concerned with personal advancement.
    Carefree - adj. Light-hearted; joyous.
    Careful - adj. 1 painstaking, thorough. 2 cautious. 3 taking care; not neglecting (careful to remind them). carefully adv. Carefulness n.
    Careless - adj. 1 lacking care or attention. 2 unthinking, insensitive. 3 light-hearted. 4 (foll. By of) not concerned about. carelessly adv. Carelessness n.
    Carer - n. Person who cares for a sick or elderly person, esp. A relative at home.
    Caress - v. Touch or stroke gently or lovingly. n. Loving or gentle touch. [latin carus dear]
    Caret - n. Mark (^) indicating a proposed insertion in printing or writing. [latin, = is lacking]
    Caretaker - n. 1 person employed to look after a house, building, etc. 2 (attrib.) Exercising temporary authority (caretaker government).
    Careworn - adj. Showing the effects of prolonged worry.
    Child care - n. The care of children, esp. By a local authority.
    Day care - n. Care of young children, the elderly, the handicapped, etc. During the working day.
    Devil-may-care - adj. Cheerful and reckless.
    Intensive care - n. 1 constant monitoring etc. Of a seriously ill patient. 2 part of a hospital devoted to this.
    Medicare - n. Us federally funded health insurance scheme for the elderly. [from *medical, *care]
    Mother carey's chicken - n. = *storm petrel 1.
    Picaresque - adj. (of a style of fiction) dealing with the episodic adventures of rogues etc. [spanish pcaro rogue]
    Scare - v. (-ring) 1 frighten, esp. Suddenly. 2 (as scared adj.) (usu. Foll. By of, or to + infin.) Frightened; terrified. 3 (usu. Foll. By away, off, up, etc.) Drive away by frightening. 4 become scared (they don't scare easily). n. 1 sudden attack of fright. 2 alarm caused by rumour etc. (a measles scare). [old norse]
    Scarecrow - n. 1 human figure dressed in old clothes and set up in a field to scare birds away. 2 colloq. Badly-dressed, grotesque-looking, or very thin person.
    Scaremonger - n. Person who spreads alarming rumours. scaremongering n.
    Uncared-for - adj. Disregarded; neglected.

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