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    Brace - (n.) That which holds anything tightly or supports it firmly; a bandage or a prop.
    Brace - (n.) A cord, ligament, or rod, for producing or maintaining tension, as a cord on the side of a drum.
    Brace - (n.) The state of being braced or tight; tension.
    Brace - (n.) A piece of material used to transmit, or change the direction of, weight or pressure; any one of the pieces, in a frame or truss, which divide the structure into triangular parts. It may act as a tie, or as a strut, and serves to prevent distortion of the structure, and transverse strains in its members. A boiler brace is a diagonal stay, connecting the head with the shell.
    Brace - (n.) A vertical curved line connecting two or more words or lines, which are to be taken together; thus, boll, bowl; or, in music, used to connect staves.
    Brace - (n.) A rope reeved through a block at the end of a yard, by which the yard is moved horizontally; also, a rudder gudgeon.
    Brace - (n.) A curved instrument or handle of iron or wood, for holding and turning bits, etc.; a bitstock.
    Brace - (n.) A pair; a couple; as, a brace of ducks; now rarely applied to persons, except familiarly or with some contempt.
    Brace - (n.) Straps or bands to sustain trousers; suspenders.
    Brace - (n.) Harness; warlike preparation.
    Brace - (n.) Armor for the arm; vantbrace.
    Brace - (n.) The mouth of a shaft.
    Brace - (v. t.) To furnish with braces; to support; to prop; as, to brace a beam in a building.
    Brace - (v. t.) To draw tight; to tighten; to put in a state of tension; to strain; to strengthen; as, to brace the nerves.
    Brace - (v. t.) To bind or tie closely; to fasten tightly.
    Brace - (v. t.) To place in a position for resisting pressure; to hold firmly; as, he braced himself against the crowd.
    Brace - (v. t.) To move around by means of braces; as, to brace the yards.
    Brace - (v. i.) To get tone or vigor; to rouse one's energies; -- with up.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Braced - (imp. & p. p.) of Brace
    Bracelet - (n.) An ornamental band or ring, for the wrist or the arm; in modern times, an ornament encircling the wrist, worn by women or girls.
    Bracelet - (n.) A piece of defensive armor for the arm.
    Bracer - (n.) That which braces, binds, or makes firm; a band or bandage.
    Bracer - (n.) A covering to protect the arm of the bowman from the vibration of the string; also, a brassart.
    Bracer - (n.) A medicine, as an astringent or a tonic, which gives tension or tone to any part of the body.
    Counter brace - () The brace of the fore-topsail on the leeward side of a vessel.
    Counter brace - () A brace, in a framed structure, which resists a strain of a character opposite to that which a main brace is designed to receive.
    Counterbrace - (v. t.) To brace in opposite directions; as, to counterbrace the yards, i. e., to brace the head yards one way and the after yards another.
    Counterbrace - (v. t.) To brace in such a way that opposite strains are resisted; to apply counter braces to.
    Embrace - (v. t.) To fasten on, as armor.
    Embraced - (imp. & p. p.) of Embrace
    Embrace - (n.) To clasp in the arms with affection; to take in the arms; to hug.
    Embrace - (n.) To cling to; to cherish; to love.
    Embrace - (n.) To seize eagerly, or with alacrity; to accept with cordiality; to welcome.
    Embrace - (n.) To encircle; to encompass; to inclose.
    Embrace - (n.) To include as parts of a whole; to comprehend; to take in; as, natural philosophy embraces many sciences.
    Embrace - (n.) To accept; to undergo; to submit to.
    Embrace - (n.) To attempt to influence corruptly, as a jury or court.
    Embrace - (v. i.) To join in an embrace.
    Embrace - (n.) Intimate or close encircling with the arms; pressure to the bosom; clasp; hug.
    Embracement - (n.) A clasp in the arms; embrace.
    Embracement - (n.) State of being contained; inclosure.
    Embracement - (n.) Willing acceptance.
    Embraceor - (n.) One guilty of embracery.
    Embracer - (n.) One who embraces.
    Embracery - (n.) An attempt to influence a court, jury, etc., corruptly, by promises, entreaties, money, entertainments, threats, or other improper inducements.
    Forebrace - (n.) A rope applied to the fore yardarm, to change the position of the foresail.
    Imbracery - (n.) Embracery.
    Rebrace - (v. t.) To brace again.
    Reembrace - (v. i.) To embrace again.
    Rerebrace - (n.) Armor for the upper part of the arm.
    Thorough-brace - (n.) A leather strap supporting the body of a carriage, and attached to springs, or serving as a spring. See Illust. of Chaise.
    Unbrace - (v. t.) To free from tension; to relax; to loose; as, to unbrace a drum; to unbrace the nerves.
    Underbrace - (v. t.) To brace, fasten, or bind underneath or below.
    Vambrace - (n.) The piece designed to protect the arm from the elbow to the wrist.
    Vantbrace - (n.) Alt. of Vantbrass
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Brace - n. 1 device that clamps or fastens tightly. 2 timber etc. Strengthening a framework. 3 (in pl.) Straps supporting trousers from the shoulders. 4 wire device for straightening the teeth. 5 (pl. Same) pair (esp. Of game). 6 rope for trimming a sail. 7 connecting mark { or } in printing. v. (-cing) 1 make steady by supporting. 2 fasten tightly to make firm. 3 (esp. As bracing adj.) Invigorate, refresh. 4 (often refl.) Prepare for a difficulty, shock, etc. [latin bracchia arms]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Brace and bit - n. Revolving tool for boring, with a d-shaped central handle.
    Bracelet - n. 1 ornamental band or chain worn on the wrist or arm. 2 slang handcuff.
    Embrace - v. (-cing) 1 a hold closely in the arms. B (absol., of two people) embrace each other. 2 clasp, enclose. 3 accept eagerly (an offer etc.). 4 adopt (a cause, idea, etc.). 5 include, comprise. 6 take in with the eye or mind. n. Act of embracing, clasp. embraceable adj. [latin: related to *brace]
    Main brace - n. Brace attached to the main yard.

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