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    Bell - (n.) A hollow metallic vessel, usually shaped somewhat like a cup with a flaring mouth, containing a clapper or tongue, and giving forth a ringing sound on being struck.
    Bell - (n.) A hollow perforated sphere of metal containing a loose ball which causes it to sound when moved.
    Bell - (n.) Anything in the form of a bell, as the cup or corol of a flower.
    Bell - (n.) That part of the capital of a column included between the abacus and neck molding; also used for the naked core of nearly cylindrical shape, assumed to exist within the leafage of a capital.
    Bell - (n.) The strikes of the bell which mark the time; or the time so designated.
    Bell - (v. t.) To put a bell upon; as, to bell the cat.
    Bell - (v. t.) To make bell-mouthed; as, to bell a tube.
    Bell - (v. i.) To develop bells or corollas; to take the form of a bell; to blossom; as, hops bell.
    Bell - (v. t.) To utter by bellowing.
    Bell - (v. i.) To call or bellow, as the deer in rutting time; to make a bellowing sound; to roar.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Barbellate - (a.) Having short, stiff hairs, often barbed at the point.
    Barbellulate - (a.) Barbellate with diminutive hairs or barbs.
    Belled - (imp. & p. p.) of Bell
    Belling - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bell
    Belladonna - (n.) An herbaceous European plant (Atropa belladonna) with reddish bell-shaped flowers and shining black berries. The whole plant and its fruit are very poisonous, and the root and leaves are used as powerful medicinal agents. Its properties are largely due to the alkaloid atropine which it contains. Called also deadly nightshade.
    Belladonna - (n.) A species of Amaryllis (A. belladonna); the belladonna lily.
    Bell animalcule - () An infusorian of the family Vorticellidae, common in fresh-water ponds.
    Bell bearer - () A Brazilian leaf hopper (Bocydium tintinnabuliferum), remarkable for the four bell-shaped appendages of its thorax.
    Bellbird - (n.) A South American bird of the genus Casmarhincos, and family Cotingidae, of several species; the campanero.
    Bellbird - (n.) The Myzantha melanophrys of Australia.
    Bell crank - () A lever whose two arms form a right angle, or nearly a right angle, having its fulcrum at the apex of the angle. It is used in bell pulls and in changing the direction of bell wires at angles of rooms, etc., and also in machinery.
    Belle - (n.) A young lady of superior beauty and attractions; a handsome lady, or one who attracts notice in society; a fair lady.
    Belled - (a.) Hung with a bell or bells.
    Belle-lettrist - (n.) One versed in belles-lettres.
    Bellerophon - (n.) A genus of fossil univalve shells, believed to belong to the Heteropoda, peculiar to the Paleozoic age.
    Belles-lettres - (n. pl.) Polite or elegant literature; the humanities; -- used somewhat vaguely for literary works in which imagination and taste are predominant.
    Belletristic - (a.) Alt. of Belletristical
    Belletristical - (a.) Occupied with, or pertaining to, belles-lettres.
    Bell-faced - (a.) Having the striking surface convex; -- said of hammers.
    Bellflower - (n.) A plant of the genus Campanula; -- so named from its bell-shaped flowers.
    Bellflower - (n.) A kind of apple. The yellow bellflower is a large, yellow winter apple.
    Bellibone - (n.) A woman excelling both in beauty and goodness; a fair maid.
    Bellic - (a.) Alt. of Bellical
    Bellical - (a.) Of or pertaining to war; warlike; martial.
    Bellicose - (a.) Inclined to war or contention; warlike; pugnacious.
    Bellicosely - (adv.) In a bellicose manner.
    Bellicous - (a.) Bellicose.
    Bellied - (a.) Having (such) a belly; puffed out; -- used in composition; as, pot-bellied; shad-bellied.
    Belligerence - (n.) Alt. of Belligerency
    Belligerency - (n.) The quality of being belligerent; act or state of making war; warfare.
    Belligerent - (p. pr.) Waging war; carrying on war.
    Belligerent - (p. pr.) Pertaining, or tending, to war; of or relating to belligerents; as, a belligerent tone; belligerent rights.
    Belligerent - (n.) A nation or state recognized as carrying on war; a person engaged in warfare.
    Belligerently - (adv.) In a belligerent manner; hostilely.
    Belling - (n.) A bellowing, as of a deer in rutting time.
    Bellipotent - (p. pr.) Mighty in war; armipotent.
    Bell jar - () A glass vessel, varying in size, open at the bottom and closed at the top like a bell, and having a knob or handle at the top for lifting it. It is used for a great variety of purposes; as, with the air pump, and for holding gases, also for keeping the dust from articles exposed to view.
    Bellman - (n.) A man who rings a bell, especially to give notice of anything in the streets. Formerly, also, a night watchman who called the hours.
    Bell metal - () A hard alloy or bronze, consisting usually of about three parts of copper to one of tin; -- used for making bells.
    Bell-mouthed - (a.) Expanding at the mouth; as, a bell-mouthed gun.
    Bellon - (n.) Lead colic.
    Bellona - (n.) The goddess of war.
    Bellowed - (imp. & p. p.) of Bellow
    Bellowing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bellow
    Bellow - (v.) To make a hollow, loud noise, as an enraged bull.
    Bellow - (v.) To bowl; to vociferate; to clamor.
    Bellow - (v.) To roar; as the sea in a tempest, or as the wind when violent; to make a loud, hollow, continued sound.
    Bellow - (v. t.) To emit with a loud voice; to shout; -- used with out.
    Bellow - (n.) A loud resounding outcry or noise, as of an enraged bull; a roar.
    Bellower - (n.) One who, or that which, bellows.
    Bellows - (n. sing. & pl.) An instrument, utensil, or machine, which, by alternate expansion and contraction, or by rise and fall of the top, draws in air through a valve and expels it through a tube for various purposes, as blowing fires, ventilating mines, or filling the pipes of an organ with wind.
    Bellows fish - () A European fish (Centriscus scolopax), distinguished by a long tubular snout, like the pipe of a bellows; -- called also trumpet fish, and snipe fish.
    Bell pepper - () A species of Capsicum, or Guinea pepper (C. annuum). It is the red pepper of the gardens.
    Bell-shaped - (a.) Having the shape of a wide-mouthed bell; campanulate.
    Belluine - (a.) Pertaining to, or like, a beast; brutal.
    Bellwether - (n.) A wether, or sheep, which leads the flock, with a bell on his neck.
    Bellwether - (n.) Hence: A leader.
    Bellwort - (n.) A genus of plants (Uvularia) with yellowish bell-shaped flowers.
    Bellies - (pl. ) of Belly
    Belly - (n.) That part of the human body which extends downward from the breast to the thighs, and contains the bowels, or intestines; the abdomen.
    Belly - (n.) The under part of the body of animals, corresponding to the human belly.
    Belly - (n.) The womb.
    Belly - (n.) The part of anything which resembles the human belly in protuberance or in cavity; the innermost part; as, the belly of a flask, muscle, sail, ship.
    Belly - (n.) The hollow part of a curved or bent timber, the convex part of which is the back.
    Bellied - (imp. & p. p.) of Belly
    Bellying - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Belly
    Belly - (v. t.) To cause to swell out; to fill.
    Belly - (v. i.) To swell and become protuberant, like the belly; to bulge.
    Bellyache - (n.) Pain in the bowels; colic.
    Bellyband - (n.) A band that passes under the belly of a horse and holds the saddle or harness in place; a girth.
    Bellyband - (n.) A band of flannel or other cloth about the belly.
    Bellyband - (n.) A band of canvas, to strengthen a sail.
    Bellybound - (a.) Costive; constipated.
    Bellycheat - (n.) An apron or covering for the front of the person.
    Bellycheer - (n.) Good cheer; viands.
    Bellycheer - (v. i.) To revel; to feast.
    Bellyful - (n.) As much as satisfies the appetite. Hence: A great abundance; more than enough.
    Belly-god - (n.) One whose great pleasure it is to gratify his appetite; a glutton; an epicure.
    Belly-pinched - (a.) Pinched with hunger; starved.
    Biflabellate - (a.) Flabellate on both sides.
    Big-bellied - (a.) Having a great belly; as, a big-bellied man or flagon; advanced in pregnancy.
    Bluebell - (n.) A plant of the genus Campanula, especially the Campanula rotundifolia, which bears blue bell-shaped flowers; the harebell.
    Bluebell - (n.) A plant of the genus Scilla (Scilla nutans).
    Bonibell - (n.) See Bonnibel.
    Bowbell - (n.) One born within hearing distance of Bow-bells; a cockney.
    Bow-bells - (n. pl.) The bells of Bow Church in London; cockneydom.
    Broken-bellied - (a.) Having a ruptured belly.
    Campbellite - (n.) A member of the denomination called Christians or Disciples of Christ. They themselves repudiate the term Campbellite as a nickname. See Christian, 3.
    Cerebellar - (a.) Alt. of Cerebellous
    Cerebellous - (a.) Pertaining to the cerebellum.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Barbell - n. Iron bar with removable weights at each end, used for weightlifting.
    Bluebell - n. Woodland plant with bell-shaped blue flowers.
    Cerebellum - n. (pl. -s or -bella) part of the brain at the back of the skull. [latin diminutive of *cerebrum]
    Cowbell - n. Bell worn round a cow's neck.
    Diving-bell - n. Open-bottomed enclosure, supplied with air, for descent into deep water.
    Doorbell - n. Bell on a door rung by visitors to signal arrival.
    Dumb-bell - n. 1 short bar with a weight at each end, for muscle-building etc. 2 slang stupid person, esp. A woman.
    Embellish - v. 1 beautify, adorn. 2 enhance with fictitious additions. embellishment n. [french bel, *beau]
    Handbell - n. Small bell for ringing by hand, esp. One of a set.
    Harebell - n. Plant with pale-blue bell-shaped flowers.
    Non-belligerent - adj. Not engaged in hostilities. n. Non-belligerent state etc.
    Pot-belly - n. 1 protruding stomach. 2 person with this.
    Rebellion - n. Open resistance to authority, esp. Organized armed resistance to an established government. [latin: related to *rebel]
    Rebellious - adj. 1 tending to rebel. 2 in rebellion. 3 defying lawful authority. 4 (of a thing) unmanageable, refractory. rebelliously adv. Rebelliousness n.
    Rubella - n. Formal german measles. [latin rubellus reddish]
    Tubular bells - n.pl. Orchestral instrument of vertically suspended brass tubes struck with a hammer.
    Umbelliferous - adj. (of a plant) bearing umbels, such as parsley and carrot.
    Underbelly - n. (pl. -ies) undersurface of an animal, vehicle, etc., esp. As vulnerable to attack.
    Unlabelled - adj. (us unlabeled) not labelled; without a label.
    Yellow-belly - n. Colloq. Coward.

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