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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Anfractuose - (a.) Anfractuous; as, anfractuose anthers.
    Anfractuosities - (pl. ) of Anfractuosity
    Anfractuosity - (n.) A state of being anfractuous, or full of windings and turnings; sinuosity.
    Anfractuosity - (n.) A sinuous depression or sulcus like those separating the convolutions of the brain.
    Anfractuous - (a.) Winding; full of windings and turnings; sinuous; tortuous; as, the anfractuous spires of a born.
    Anfracture - (n.) A mazy winding.
    Chanfrin - (n.) The fore part of a horse's head.
    Fanfare - (n.) A flourish of trumpets, as in coming into the lists, etc.; also, a short and lively air performed on hunting horns during the chase.
    Fanfaron - (n.) A bully; a hector; a swaggerer; an empty boaster.
    Fanfaronade - (n.) A swaggering; vain boasting; ostentation; a bluster.
    Fanfoot - (n.) A species of gecko having the toes expanded into large lobes for adhesion. The Egyptian fanfoot (Phyodactylus gecko) is believed, by the natives, to have venomous toes.
    Fanfoot - (n.) Any moth of the genus Polypogon.
    Groanful - (a.) Agonizing; sad.
    Manful - (a.) Showing manliness, or manly spirit; hence, brave, courageous, resolute, noble.
    Moanful - (a.) Full of moaning; expressing sorrow.
    Panfuls - (pl. ) of Panful
    Panful - (n.) Enough to fill a pan.
    Ranforce - (n.) See Re/nforce.
    Vanfess - (n.) A ditch on the outside of the counterscarp, usually full of water.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Fanfare - n. Short showy or ceremonious sounding of trumpets etc. [french]
    Manful - adj. Brave; resolute. manfully adv.

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