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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Assyrian - (a.) Of or pertaining to Assyria, or to its inhabitants.
    Assyrian - (n.) A native or an inhabitant of Assyria; the language of Assyria.
    Syriac - (a.) Of or pertaining to Syria, or its language; as, the Syriac version of the Pentateuch.
    Syriac - (n.) The language of Syria; especially, the ancient language of that country.
    Syriacism - (n.) A Syrian idiom; a Syrianism.
    Syrian - (a.) Of or pertaining to Syria; Syriac.
    Syrian - (n.) A native of Syria.
    Syrianism - (n.) A Syrian idiom, or a peculiarity of the Syrian language; a Syriacism.
    Syriasm - (n.) A Syrian idiom; a Syrianism; a Syriacism.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Syriac - n. Language of ancient syria, western aramaic. adj. Of or in syriac.
    Syrian - n. 1 native or national of syria. 2 person of syrian descent. adj. Of syria.

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