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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Abnormalities - (pl. ) of Abnormality
    Abnormality - (n.) The state or quality of being abnormal; variation; irregularity.
    Abnormality - (n.) Something abnormal.
    Animalish - (a.) Like an animal.
    Animalism - (n.) The state, activity, or enjoyment of animals; mere animal life without intellectual or moral qualities; sensuality.
    Animality - (n.) Animal existence or nature.
    Animalization - (n.) The act of animalizing; the giving of animal life, or endowing with animal properties.
    Animalization - (n.) Conversion into animal matter by the process of assimilation.
    Animalized - (imp. & p. p.) of Animalize
    Animalizing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Animalize
    Animalize - (v. t.) To endow with the properties of an animal; to represent in animal form.
    Animalize - (v. t.) To convert into animal matter by the processes of assimilation.
    Animalize - (v. t.) To render animal or sentient; to reduce to the state of a lower animal; to sensualize.
    Anomaliped - (a.) Alt. of Anomalipede
    Anomalipede - (a.) Having anomalous feet.
    Anomaliped - (n.) One of a group of perching birds, having the middle toe more or less united to the outer and inner ones.
    Anomalism - (n.) An anomaly; a deviation from rule.
    Anomalistic - (a.) Alt. of Anomalistical
    Anomalistical - (a.) Irregular; departing from common or established rules.
    Anomalistical - (a.) Pertaining to the anomaly, or angular distance of a planet from its perihelion.
    Anomalistically - (adv.) With irregularity.
    Anomalies - (pl. ) of Anomaly
    Decimalism - (n.) The system of a decimal currency, decimal weights, measures, etc.
    Decimalize - (v. t.) To reduce to a decimal system; as, to decimalize the currency.
    Femalist - (n.) A gallant.
    Femalize - (v. t.) To make, or to describe as, female or feminine.
    Formalism - (n.) The practice or the doctrine of strict adherence to, or dependence on, external forms, esp. in matters of religion.
    Formalist - (n.) One overattentive to forms, or too much confined to them; esp., one who rests in external religious forms, or observes strictly the outward forms of worship, without possessing the life and spirit of religion.
    Formalities - (pl. ) of Formality
    Formality - (n.) The condition or quality of being formal, strictly ceremonious, precise, etc.
    Formality - (n.) Form without substance.
    Formality - (n.) Compliance with formal or conventional rules; ceremony; conventionality.
    Formality - (n.) An established order; conventional rule of procedure; usual method; habitual mode.
    Formality - (n.) The dress prescribed for any body of men, academical, municipal, or sacerdotal.
    Formality - (n.) That which is formal; the formal part.
    Formality - (n.) The quality which makes a thing what it is; essence.
    Formality - (n.) The manner in which a thing is conceived or constituted by an act of human thinking; the result of such an act; as, animality and rationality are formalities.
    Formalized - (imp. & p. p.) of Formalize
    Formalizing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Formalize
    Formalize - (v. t.) To give form, or a certain form, to; to model.
    Formalize - (v. t.) To render formal.
    Formalize - (v. i.) To affect formality.
    Geomalism - (n.) The tendency of an organism to respond, during its growth, to the force of gravitation.
    Harmaline - (n.) An alkaloid found in the plant Peganum harmala. It forms bitter, yellow salts.
    Informalities - (pl. ) of Informality
    Informality - (n.) The state of being informal; want of regular, prescribed, or customary form; as, the informality of legal proceedings.
    Informality - (n.) An informal, unconventional, or unofficial act or proceeding; something which is not in proper or prescribed form or does not conform to the established rule.
    Malic - (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, apples; as, malic acid.
    Malice - (n.) Enmity of heart; malevolence; ill will; a spirit delighting in harm or misfortune to another; a disposition to injure another; a malignant design of evil.
    Malice - (n.) Any wicked or mischievous intention of the mind; a depraved inclination to mischief; an intention to vex, annoy, or injure another person, or to do a wrongful act without just cause or cause or excuse; a wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others; willfulness.
    Malice - (v. t.) To regard with extreme ill will.
    Malicho - (n.) Mischief.
    Malicious - (a.) Indulging or exercising malice; harboring ill will or enmity.
    Malicious - (a.) Proceeding from hatred or ill will; dictated by malice; as, a malicious report; malicious mischief.
    Malicious - (a.) With wicked or mischievous intentions or motives; wrongful and done intentionally without just cause or excuse; as, a malicious act.
    Malign - (a.) Having an evil disposition toward others; harboring violent enmity; malevolent; malicious; spiteful; -- opposed to benign.
    Malign - (a.) Unfavorable; unpropitious; pernicious; tending to injure; as, a malign aspect of planets.
    Malign - (a.) Malignant; as, a malign ulcer.
    Maligned - (imp. & p. p.) of Malign
    Maligning - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Malign
    Malign - (a.) To treat with malice; to show hatred toward; to abuse; to wrong; to injure.
    Malign - (a.) To speak great evil of; to traduce; to defame; to slander; to vilify; to asperse.
    Malign - (v. i.) To entertain malice.
    Malignance - (n.) Alt. of Malignancy
    Malignancy - (n.) The state or quality of being malignant; extreme malevolence; bitter enmity; malice; as, malignancy of heart.
    Malignancy - (n.) Unfavorableness; evil nature.
    Malignancy - (n.) Virulence; tendency to a fatal issue; as, the malignancy of an ulcer or of a fever.
    Malignancy - (n.) The state of being a malignant.
    Malignant - (a.) Disposed to do harm, inflict suffering, or cause distress; actuated by extreme malevolence or enmity; virulently inimical; bent on evil; malicious.
    Malignant - (a.) Characterized or caused by evil intentions; pernicious.
    Malignant - (a.) Tending to produce death; threatening a fatal issue; virulent; as, malignant diphtheria.
    Malignant - (n.) A man of extrems enmity or evil intentions.
    Malignant - (n.) One of the adherents of Charles L. or Charles LL.; -- so called by the opposite party.
    Malignantly - (adv.) In a malignant manner.
    Maligner - (n.) One who maligns.
    Malignified - (imp. & p. p.) of Malignify
    Malignifying - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Malignify
    Malignify - (v. t.) To make malign or malignant.
    Malignity - (n.) The state or quality of being malignant; disposition to do evil; virulent enmity; malignancy; malice; spite.
    Malignity - (n.) Virulence; deadly quality.
    Malignity - (n.) Extreme evilness of nature or influence; perniciousness; heinousness; as, the malignity of fraud.
    Malignly - (adv.) In a malign manner; with malignity.
    MAlingered - (imp. & p. p.) of Malinger
    Malingering - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Malinger
    Malinger - (v. i.) To act the part of a malingerer; to feign illness or inability.
    Malingerer - (n.) In the army, a soldier who feigns himself sick, or who induces or protracts an illness, in order to avoid doing his duty; hence, in general, one who shirks his duty by pretending illness or inability.
    Malingery - (n.) The spirit or practices of a malingerer; malingering.
    Malison - (n.) Malediction; curse; execration.
    Mammalia - (n. pl.) The highest class of Vertebrata. The young are nourished for a time by milk, or an analogous fluid, secreted by the mammary glands of the mother.
    Mammalian - (a.) Of or pertaining to the Mammalia or mammals.
    Mammaliferous - (a.) Containing mammalian remains; -- said of certain strata.
    Nemaline - (a.) Having the form of threads; fibrous.
    Nemalite - (n.) A fibrous variety of brucite.
    Nonmalignant - (a.) Not malignant, as a disease.
    Normalization - (n.) Reduction to a standard or normal state.
    Paramalic - (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an organic acid metameric with malic acid.
    Primality - (n.) The quality or state of being primal.
    Pyromalic - (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid now called maleic acid.
    Pyrosmalite - (n.) A mineral, usually of a pale brown or of a gray or grayish green color, consisting chiefly of the hydrous silicate of iron and manganese; -- so called from the odor given off before the blowpipe.
    Reformalize - (v. i.) To affect reformation; to pretend to correctness.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Animalism - n. 1 nature and activity of animals. 2 belief that humans are mere animals.
    Animality - n. 1 the animal world. 2 animal behaviour.
    Animalize - v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing) make (a person) bestial, sensualize.
    Decimalize - v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing) 1 express as a decimal. 2 convert to a decimal system (esp. Of coinage). decimalization n.
    Formalin - n. Solution of formaldehyde in water.
    Formalism - n. Strict adherence to external form without regard to content, esp. In art. formalist n.
    Formality - n. (pl. -ies) 1 a formal, esp. Meaningless, act, regulation, or custom. B thing done simply to comply with a rule. 2 rigid observance of rules or convention.
    Formalize - v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing) 1 give definite (esp. Legal) form to. 2 make formal. formalization n.
    Malice - n. 1 desire to harm or cause difficulty to others; ill-will. 2 law harmful intent. [latin malus bad]
    Malice aforethought - n. Law intention to commit a crime, esp. Murder.
    Malicious - adj. Given to or arising from malice. maliciously adv.
    Malign - adj. 1 (of a thing) injurious. 2 (of a disease) malignant. 3 malevolent. v. Speak ill of; slander. malignity n. [latin malus bad]
    Malignant - adj. 1 a (of a disease) very virulent or infectious. B (of a tumour) spreading or recurring; cancerous. 2 harmful; feeling or showing intense ill-will. malignancy n. Malignantly adv. [latin: related to *malign]
    Malinger - v. Pretend to be ill, esp. To escape work. malingerer n. [french malingre sickly]
    Minimalism - n. 1 art use of simple or primary forms, often geometric and massive. 2 mus. Repetition of short phrases incorporating changes very gradually. minimalist n. & adj.
    Normalize - v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing) 1 make or become normal. 2 cause to conform. normalization n.
    Tourmaline - n. Mineral of various colours used as a gemstone. [french from sinhalese]

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