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    Iran - (n.) The native name of Persia.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Admirance - (n.) Admiration.
    Aspirant - (a.) Aspiring.
    Aspirant - (n.) One who aspires; one who eagerly seeks some high position or object of attainment.
    Conspirant - (a.) Engaging in a plot to commit a crime; conspiring.
    Delirancy - (n.) Delirium.
    Delirant - (a.) Delirious.
    Expirant - (n.) One who expires or is expiring.
    Girandole - (n.) An ornamental branched candlestick.
    Girandole - (n.) A flower stand, fountain, or the like, of branching form.
    Girandole - (n.) A kind of revolving firework.
    Girandole - (n.) A series of chambers in defensive mines.
    Inquirance - (n.) Inquiry.
    Iranian - (a.) Of or pertaining to Iran.
    Iranian - (n.) A native of Iran; also, the Iranian or Persian language, a division of the Aryan family of languages.
    Iranic - (a.) Iranian.
    Spirant - (n.) A term used differently by different authorities; -- by some as equivalent to fricative, -- that is, as including all the continuous consonants, except the nasals m, n, ng; with the further exception, by others, of the liquids r, l, and the semivowels w, y; by others limited to f, v, th surd and sonant, and the sound of German ch, -- thus excluding the sibilants, as well as the nasals, liquids, and semivowels. See Guide to Pronunciation, // 197-208.
    Spiranthy - (n.) The occasional twisted growth of the parts of a flower.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Antiperspirant - n. Substance preventing or reducing perspiration.
    Aspirant - adj. Aspiring. n. Person who aspires. [latin: related to *aspire]
    Iranian - adj. 1 of iran (formerly persia). 2 of the group of languages including persian. n. 1 native or national of iran. 2 person of iranian descent.
    Piranha - n. Voracious s. American freshwater fish. [portuguese]
    Spirant - adj. Uttered with a continuous expulsion of breath. n. Such a consonant. [latin spiro breathe]

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