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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Abaca - (n.) The Manila-hemp plant (Musa textilis); also, its fiber. See Manila hemp under Manila.
    Abracadabra - (n.) A mystical word or collocation of letters written as in the figure. Worn on an amulet it was supposed to ward off fever. At present the word is used chiefly in jest to denote something without meaning; jargon.
    Acacia - (n.) A roll or bag, filled with dust, borne by Byzantine emperors, as a memento of mortality. It is represented on medals.
    Acacias - (pl. ) of Acacia
    Acaciae - (pl. ) of Acacia
    Acacia - (n.) A genus of leguminous trees and shrubs. Nearly 300 species are Australian or Polynesian, and have terete or vertically compressed leaf stalks, instead of the bipinnate leaves of the much fewer species of America, Africa, etc. Very few are found in temperate climates.
    Acacia - (n.) The inspissated juice of several species of acacia; -- called also gum acacia, and gum arabic.
    Acacin - (n.) Alt. of Acacine
    Acacine - (n.) Gum arabic.
    Academe - (n.) An academy.
    Academial - (a.) Academic.
    Academian - (n.) A member of an academy, university, or college.
    Academic - (a.) Alt. of Academical
    Academical - (a.) Belonging to the school or philosophy of Plato; as, the Academic sect or philosophy.
    Academical - (a.) Belonging to an academy or other higher institution of learning; scholarly; literary or classical, in distinction from scientific.
    Academic - (n.) One holding the philosophy of Socrates and Plato; a Platonist.
    Academic - (n.) A member of an academy, college, or university; an academician.
    Academically - (adv.) In an academical manner.
    Academicals - (n. pl.) The articles of dress prescribed and worn at some colleges and universities.
    Academician - (n.) A member of an academy, or society for promoting science, art, or literature, as of the French Academy, or the Royal Academy of arts.
    Academician - (n.) A collegian.
    Academicism - (n.) A tenet of the Academic philosophy.
    Academicism - (n.) A mannerism or mode peculiar to an academy.
    Academism - (n.) The doctrines of the Academic philosophy.
    Academist - (n.) An Academic philosopher.
    Academist - (n.) An academician.
    Academies - (pl. ) of Academy
    Academy - (n.) A garden or grove near Athens (so named from the hero Academus), where Plato and his followers held their philosophical conferences; hence, the school of philosophy of which Plato was head.
    Academy - (n.) An institution for the study of higher learning; a college or a university. Popularly, a school, or seminary of learning, holding a rank between a college and a common school.
    Academy - (n.) A place of training; a school.
    Academy - (n.) A society of learned men united for the advancement of the arts and sciences, and literature, or some particular art or science; as, the French Academy; the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; academies of literature and philology.
    Academy - (n.) A school or place of training in which some special art is taught; as, the military academy at West Point; a riding academy; the Academy of Music.
    Acadian - (a.) Of or pertaining to Acadie, or Nova Scotia.
    Acadian - (n.) A native of Acadie.
    Acajou - (n.) The cashew tree; also, its fruit. See Cashew.
    Acajou - (n.) The mahogany tree; also, its timber.
    Acalephs - (pl. ) of Acalephan
    Acalephans - (pl. ) of Acalephan
    Acaleph - (n.) Alt. of Acalephan
    Acalephan - (n.) One of the Acalephae.
    Acalephae - (n. pl.) A group of Coelenterata, including the Medusae or jellyfishes, and hydroids; -- so called from the stinging power they possess. Sometimes called sea nettles.
    Acalephoid - (a.) Belonging to or resembling the Acalephae or jellyfishes.
    Acalycine - (a.) Alt. of Acalysinous
    Acalysinous - (a.) Without a calyx, or outer floral envelope.
    Acanth - (n.) Same as Acanthus.
    Acantha - (n.) A prickle.
    Acantha - (n.) A spine or prickly fin.
    Acantha - (n.) The vertebral column; the spinous process of a vertebra.
    Acanthaceous - (a.) Armed with prickles, as a plant.
    Acanthaceous - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the acanthus is the type.
    Acanthine - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the plant acanthus.
    Acanthocarpous - (a.) Having the fruit covered with spines.
    Acanthocephala - (n. pl.) A group of intestinal worms, having the proboscis armed with recurved spines.
    Acanthocephalous - (a.) Having a spiny head, as one of the Acanthocephala.
    Acanthophorous - (a.) Spine-bearing.
    Acanthopodious - (a.) Having spinous petioles.
    Acanthopteri - (n. pl.) A group of teleostean fishes having spiny fins. See Acanthopterygii.
    Acanthopterous - (a.) Spiny-winged.
    Acanthopterous - (a.) Acanthopterygious.
    Acanthopterygian - (a.) Belonging to the order of fishes having spinose fins, as the perch.
    Acanthopterygian - (n.) A spiny-finned fish.
    Acanthopterygii - (n. pl.) An order of fishes having some of the rays of the dorsal, ventral, and anal fins unarticulated and spinelike, as the perch.
    Acanthopterygious - (a.) Having fins in which the rays are hard and spinelike; spiny-finned.
    Acanthuses - (pl. ) of Acanthus
    Acanthi - (pl. ) of Acanthus
    Acanthus - (n.) A genus of herbaceous prickly plants, found in the south of Europe, Asia Minor, and India; bear's-breech.
    Acanthus - (n.) An ornament resembling the foliage or leaves of the acanthus (Acanthus spinosus); -- used in the capitals of the Corinthian and Composite orders.
    Acapsular - (a.) Having no capsule.
    Acardiac - (a.) Without a heart; as, an acardiac fetus.
    Acaridan - (n.) One of a group of arachnids, including the mites and ticks.
    Acarina - (n. pl.) The group of Arachnida which includes the mites and ticks. Many species are parasitic, and cause diseases like the itch and mange.
    Acarine - (a.) Of or caused by acari or mites; as, acarine diseases.
    Acaroid - (a.) Shaped like or resembling a mite.
    Acarpellous - (a.) Having no carpels.
    Acarpous - (a.) Not producing fruit; unfruitful.
    Acari - (pl. ) of Acarus
    Acarus - (n.) A genus including many species of small mites.
    Acatalectic - (a.) Not defective; complete; as, an acatalectic verse.
    Acatalectic - (n.) A verse which has the complete number of feet and syllables.
    Acatalepsy - (n.) Incomprehensibility of things; the doctrine held by the ancient Skeptic philosophers, that human knowledge never amounts to certainty, but only to probability.
    Acataleptic - (a.) Incapable of being comprehended; incomprehensible.
    Acater - (n.) See Caterer.
    Acates - (n. pl.) See Cates.
    Acaudate - (a.) Tailless.
    Acaulescent - (a.) Having no stem or caulis, or only a very short one concealed in the ground.
    Acauline - (a.) Same as Acaulescent.
    Acaulose - (a.) Alt. of Acaulous
    Acaulous - (a.) Same as Acaulescent.
    Alexipharmacal - (a. & n.) Alexipharmic.
    Almacantar - (n.) Same as Almucantar.
    Almacantar - (n.) A recently invented instrument for observing the heavenly bodies as they cross a given almacantar circle. See Almucantar.
    Alpaca - (n.) An animal of Peru (Lama paco), having long, fine, wooly hair, supposed by some to be a domesticated variety of the llama.
    Alpaca - (n.) Wool of the alpaca.
    Alpaca - (n.) A thin kind of cloth made of the wooly hair of the alpaca, often mixed with silk or with cotton.
    Ammoniacal - (a.) Of or pertaining to ammonia, or possessing its properties; as, an ammoniac salt; ammoniacal gas.
    Anacamptic - (a.) Reflecting of reflected; as, an anacamptic sound (and echo).
    Anacamptically - (adv.) By reflection; as, echoes are sound produced anacamptically.
    Anacamptics - (n.) The science of reflected light, now called catoptrics.
    Anacamptics - (n.) The science of reflected sounds.
    Anacanthini - (n. pl.) Alt. of Anacanths
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Abracadabra - —int. Supposedly magic word used in conjuring. —n. Spell or charm. [latin from greek]
    Acacia - n. Tree with yellow or white flowers, esp. One yielding gum arabic. [latin from greek]
    Academia - n. The academic world; scholastic life.
    Academic - —adj. 1 scholarly, of learning. 2 of no practical relevance; theoretical. —n. Teacher or scholar in a university etc. academically adv.
    Academician - n. Member of an academy. [french académicien]
    Academy - n. (pl. -ies) 1 place of specialized training (military academy). 2 (usu. Academy) society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists, scientists, etc. (royal academy). 3 scot. Secondary school. [greek akademeia the place in athens where plato taught]
    Acanthus - n. (pl. -thuses) 1 herbaceous plant with spiny leaves. 2 archit. Representation of its leaf. [latin from greek]
    Acas - abbr. Advisory, conciliation, and arbitration service.
    Alpaca - n. 1 shaggy s. American mammal related to the llama. 2 its wool; fabric made from this. [spanish from quechua]
    Antimacassar - n. Detachable protective cloth for the back of a chair etc.
    Cacao - n. (pl. -s) 1 seed from which cocoa and chocolate are made. 2 tree bearing these. [spanish from nahuatl]
    Coelacanth - n. Large sea fish formerly thought to be extinct. [greek koilos hollow, akantha spine]
    Curaçao - n. (pl. -s) orange-flavoured liqueur. [curaçao, caribbean island]
    Façade - n. 1 face or front of a building. 2 outward appearance, esp. A deceptive one. [french: related to *face]
    Fracas - n. (pl. Same) noisy disturbance or quarrel. [french from italian]
    Implacable - adj. Unable to be appeased. implacability n. Implacably adv.
    Jacaranda - n. Tropical american tree with trumpet-shaped blue flowers or hard scented wood. [tupi]
    Macabre - adj. Grim, gruesome. [french]
    Macadam - n. 1 broken stone as material for road-making. 2 = *tarmacadam. macadamize v. (also -ise) (-zing or -sing). [mcadam, name of a surveyor]
    Macadamia - n. Edible seed of an australian tree. [macadam, name of a chemist]
    Macaque - n. A kind of monkey, e.g. The rhesus monkey and barbary ape, with prominent cheek-pouches. [portuguese, = monkey]
    Macaroni - n. Small pasta tubes. [italian from greek]
    Macaroon - n. Small almond cake or biscuit. [italian: related to *macaroni]
    Macaw - n. Long-tailed brightly coloured american parrot. [portuguese macao]
    Maraca - n. Clublike bean-filled gourd etc., shaken rhythmically in pairs in latin american music. [portuguese]
    Metacarpus - n. (pl. -carpi) 1 part of the hand between the wrist and the fingers. 2 set of five bones in this. metacarpal adj. [related to *meta-, *carpus]
    Placable - adj. Easily placated; mild; forgiving. placability n. [latin placo appease]
    Placard - —n. Large notice for public display. —v. Set up placards on (a wall etc.). [french from dutch placken glue (v.)]
    Placate - v. (-ting) pacify; conciliate. placatory adj. [latin placo appease]
    Pyracantha - n. Evergreen thorny shrub with white flowers and bright red or yellow berries. [latin from greek]
    Tarmacadam - n. Stone or slag bound with bitumen, used in paving roads etc. [from *tar1, *macadam]
    Teacake - n. Light usu. Toasted sweet bun eaten at tea.
    Unacademic - adj. (of a person, book, etc.) Not academic.
    Vacancy - n. (pl. -ies) 1 being vacant. 2 unoccupied job. 3 available room in a hotel etc.
    Vacant - adj. 1 not filled or occupied. 2 not mentally active; showing no interest. vacantly adv. [latin: related to *vacate]
    Vacant possession - n. Ownership of an unoccupied house etc.
    Vacate - v. (-ting) leave vacant, cease to occupy (a house, post, etc.). [latin vaco be empty]
    Vacation - —n. 1 fixed holiday period, esp. In universities and lawcourts. 2 us holiday. 3 vacating or being vacated. —v. Us take a holiday. [latin: related to *vacate]

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