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    Wife - (n.) A woman; an adult female; -- now used in literature only in certain compounds and phrases, as alewife, fishwife, goodwife, and the like.
    Wife - (n.) The lawful consort of a man; a woman who is united to a man in wedlock; a woman who has a husband; a married woman; -- correlative of husband.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Alewife - (n.) A woman who keeps an alehouse.
    Alewife - (n.) A North American fish (Clupea vernalis) of the Herring family. It is called also ellwife, ellwhop, branch herring. The name is locally applied to other related species.
    Archwife - (n.) A big, masculine wife.
    Fishwife - (n.) A fishwoman.
    Goodwife - (n.) The mistress of a house.
    Housewife - (n.) The wife of a householder; the mistress of a family; the female head of a household.
    Housewife - (n.) A little case or bag for materials used in sewing, and for other articles of female work; -- called also hussy.
    Housewife - (n.) A hussy.
    Housewife - (v. t.) Alt. of Housewive
    Housewifely - (a.) Pertaining or appropriate to a housewife; domestic; economical; prudent.
    Housewifery - (n.) The business of the mistress of a family; female management of domestic concerns.
    Huswife - (n.) A female housekeeper; a woman who manages domestic affairs; a thirfty woman.
    Huswife - (n.) A worthless woman; a hussy.
    Huswife - (n.) A case for sewing materials. See Housewife.
    Huswife - (v. t.) To manage with frugality; -- said of a woman.
    Huswifely - (a.) Like a huswife; capable; economical; prudent.
    Huswifely - (adv.) In a huswifely manner.
    Huswifery - (n.) The business of a housewife; female domestic economy and skill.
    Midwife - (n.) A woman who assists other women in childbirth; a female practitioner of the obstetric art.
    Midwife - (v. t.) To assist in childbirth.
    Midwife - (v. i.) To perform the office of midwife.
    Midwifery - (n.) The art or practice of assisting women in childbirth; obstetrics.
    Midwifery - (n.) Assistance at childbirth; help or cooperation in production.
    Seawife - (n.) A European wrasse (Labrus vetula).
    Spaewife - (n.) A female fortune teller.
    Wifehood - (n.) Womanhood.
    Wifehood - (n.) The state of being a wife; the character of a wife.
    Wifeless - (a.) Without a wife; unmarried.
    Wifelike - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, a wife or a woman.
    Wifely - (a.) Becoming or life; of or pertaining to a wife.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Wife - n. (pl. Wives) 1 married woman, esp. In relation to her husband. 2 archaic woman. wifely adj. [old english, = woman]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Fishwife - n. 1 coarse-mannered or noisy woman. 2 woman who sells fish.
    Housewife - n. 1 woman who manages a household and usu. Does not have a full-time paid job. 2 case for needles, thread, etc. housewifely adj. [from *house, *wife = woman]
    Midwife - n. Person trained to assist at childbirth. midwifery n. [originally = with-woman]

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