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    Rule - (a.) That which is prescribed or laid down as a guide for conduct or action; a governing direction for a specific purpose; an authoritative enactment; a regulation; a prescription; a precept; as, the rules of various societies; the rules governing a school; a rule of etiquette or propriety; the rules of cricket.
    Rule - (a.) Uniform or established course of things.
    Rule - (a.) Systematic method or practice; as, my ule is to rise at six o'clock.
    Rule - (a.) Ordibary course of procedure; usual way; comon state or condition of things; as, it is a rule to which there are many exeptions.
    Rule - (a.) Conduct in general; behavior.
    Rule - (a.) The act of ruling; administration of law; government; empire; authority; control.
    Rule - (a.) An order regulating the practice of the courts, or an order made between parties to an action or a suit.
    Rule - (a.) A determinate method prescribed for performing any operation and producing a certain result; as, a rule for extracting the cube root.
    Rule - (a.) A general principle concerning the formation or use of words, or a concise statement thereof; thus, it is a rule in England, that s or es , added to a noun in the singular number, forms the plural of that noun; but "man" forms its plural "men", and is an exception to the rule.
    Rule - (a.) A straight strip of wood, metal, or the like, which serves as a guide in drawing a straight line; a ruler.
    Rule - (a.) A measuring instrument consisting of a graduated bar of wood, ivory, metal, or the like, which is usually marked so as to show inches and fractions of an inch, and jointed so that it may be folded compactly.
    Rule - (a.) A thin plate of metal (usually brass) of the same height as the type, and used for printing lines, as between columns on the same page, or in tabular work.
    Rule - (a.) A composing rule. See under Conposing.
    Rule - (n.) To control the will and actions of; to exercise authority or dominion over; to govern; to manage.
    Rule - (n.) To control or direct by influence, counsel, or persuasion; to guide; -- used chiefly in the passive.
    Rule - (n.) To establish or settle by, or as by, a rule; to fix by universal or general consent, or by common practice.
    Rule - (n.) To require or command by rule; to give as a direction or order of court.
    Rule - (n.) To mark with lines made with a pen, pencil, etc., guided by a rule or ruler; to print or mark with lines by means of a rule or other contrivance effecting a similar result; as, to rule a sheet of paper of a blank book.
    Rule - (v. i.) To have power or command; to exercise supreme authority; -- often followed by over.
    Rule - (v. i.) To lay down and settle a rule or order of court; to decide an incidental point; to enter a rule.
    Rule - (v. i.) To keep within a (certain) range for a time; to be in general, or as a rule; as, prices ruled lower yesterday than the day before.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Barrulet - (n.) A diminutive of the bar, having one fourth its width.
    Cerule - (a.) Blue; cerulean.
    Cerulean - (a.) Sky-colored; blue; azure.
    Ceruleous - (a.) Cerulean.
    Chondrule - (n.) A peculiar rounded granule of some mineral, usually enstatite or chrysolite, found imbedded more or less abundantly in the mass of many meteoric stones, which are hence called chondrites.
    Cinerulent - (a.) Full of ashes.
    Curule - (a.) Of or pertaining to a chariot.
    Curule - (a.) Of or pertaining to a kind of chair appropriated to Roman magistrates and dignitaries; pertaining to, having, or conferring, the right to sit in the curule chair; hence, official.
    Fenestrule - (n.) One of the openings in a fenestrated structure.
    Ferrule - (n.) A ring or cap of metal put round a cane, tool, handle, or other similar object, to strengthen it, or prevent splitting and wearing.
    Ferrule - (n.) A bushing for expanding the end of a flue to fasten it tightly in the tube plate, or for partly filling up its mouth.
    Ferule - (n.) A flat piece of wood, used for striking, children, esp. on the hand, in punishment.
    Feruled - (imp. & p. p.) of Ferule
    Ferule - (v. t.) To punish with a ferule.
    Florulent - (a.) Flowery; blossoming.
    Glomerule - (n.) A head or dense cluster of flowers, formed by condensation of a cyme, as in the flowering dogwood.
    Glomerule - (n.) A glomerulus.
    Hemispherule - (n.) A half spherule.
    Misrule - (v. t. & i.) To rule badly; to misgovern.
    Misrule - (n.) The act, or the result, of misruling.
    Misrule - (n.) Disorder; confusion; tumult from insubordination.
    Mucopurulent - (a.) Having the character or appearance of both mucus and pus.
    Overruled - (imp. & p. p.) of Overrule
    Overrule - (v. t.) To rule over; to govern or determine by superior authority.
    Overrule - (v. t.) To rule or determine in a contrary way; to decide against; to abrogate or alter; as, God overrules the purposes of men; the chairman overruled the point of order.
    Overrule - (v. t.) To supersede, reject, annul, or rule against; as, the plea, or the decision, was overruled by the court.
    Overrule - (v. i.) To be superior or supreme in rulling or controlling; as, God rules and overrules.
    Overruler - (n.) One who, or that which, controls, governs, or determines.
    Perule - (n.) Same as Perula.
    Puberulent - (a.) Very minutely downy.
    Pulverulence - (n.) The state of being pulverulent; abundance of dust or powder; dustiness.
    Pulverulent - (a.) Consisting of, or reducible to, fine powder; covered with dust or powder; powdery; dusty.
    Purrulence - (n.) Alt. of Purulency
    Purulency - (n.) The quality or state of being purulent; the generation of pus; also, the pus itself.
    Purulent - (a.) Consisting of pus, or matter; partaking of the nature of pus; attended with suppuration; as, purulent inflammation.
    Purulently - (v.) In a purulent manner.
    Querulential - (a.) Querulous.
    Rorulent - (a.) Full of, or abounding in, dew.
    Rorulent - (a.) Having the surface appearing as if dusty, or covered with fine dew.
    Ruled - (imp. & p. p.) of Rule
    Ruleless - (a.) Destitute of rule; lawless.
    Rule-monger - (n.) A stickler for rules; a slave of rules
    Ruler - (n.) One who rules; one who exercises sway or authority; a governor.
    Ruler - (n.) A straight or curved strip of wood, metal, etc., with a smooth edge, used for guiding a pen or pencil in drawing lines. Cf. Rule, n., 7 (a).
    Spherule - (n.) A little sphere or spherical body; as, quicksilver, when poured upon a plane, divides itself into a great number of minute spherules.
    Spinnerule - (n.) One of the numerous small spinning tubes on the spinnerets of spiders.
    Sporule - (n.) A small spore; a spore.
    Unruled - (a.) Not governed or controlled.
    Unruled - (a.) Not ruled or marked with lines; as, unruled paper.
    Virulence - (n.) Alt. of Virulency
    Virulency - (n.) The quality or state of being virulent or venomous; poisonousness; malignancy.
    Virulency - (n.) Extreme bitterness or malignity of disposition.
    Virulent - (a.) Extremely poisonous or venomous; very active in doing injury.
    Virulent - (a.) Very bitter in enmity; actuated by a desire to injure; malignant; as, a virulent invective.
    Virulented - (a.) Made virulent; poisoned.
    Virulently - (adv.) In a virulent manner.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Rule - n. 1 compulsory principle governing action. 2 prevailing custom or standard; normal state of things. 3 government or dominion (under british rule). 4 graduated straight measure; ruler. 5 code of discipline of a religious order. 6 order made by a judge or court with reference to a particular case only. 7 printing thin line or dash. v. (-ling) 1 dominate; keep under control. 2 (often foll. By over) have sovereign control of (rules over a vast kingdom). 3 (often foll. By that) pronounce authoritatively. 4 a make parallel lines across (paper). B make (a straight line) with a ruler etc. as a rule usually. Rule out exclude; pronounce irrelevant or ineligible. Rule the roost be in control. [latin regula]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Cerulean - adj. & n. Literary deep sky-blue. [latin caeruleus]
    Crme brle - n. Baked cream or custard pudding coated with caramel.
    Ferrule - n. (also ferrel) 1 ring or cap on the lower end of a stick, umbrella, etc. 2 band strengthening or forming a joint. [latin viriae bracelet]
    Golden rule - n. Basic principle of action, esp. do as you would be done by.
    Home rule - n. Government of a country or region by its own citizens.
    Majority rule - n. Principle that the greater number should exercise the greater power.
    Misrule - n. Bad government; disorder. v. (-ling) govern badly.
    Overrule - v. (-ling) 1 set aside (a decision etc.) By superior authority. 2 reject a proposal of (a person) in this way.
    Purulent - adj. Of, containing, or discharging pus. purulence n. [latin: related to *pus]
    Queensberry rules - n.pl. Standard rules, esp. Of boxing. [from the name marquis of queensberry]
    Rule of thumb - n. Rule based on experience or practice rather than theory.
    Ruler - n. 1 person exercising government or dominion. 2 straight usu. Graduated strip of wood, metal, or plastic used to draw or measure.
    Self-rule - n. Self-government.
    Slide-rule - n. Ruler with a sliding central strip, graduated logarithmically for making rapid calculations.
    Virulent - adj. 1 strongly poisonous. 2 (of a disease) violent. 3 bitterly hostile. virulence n. Virulently adv. [latin: related to *virus]
    Work-to-rule - n. Working to rule.

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