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    Room - (n.) Unobstructed spase; space which may be occupied by or devoted to any object; compass; extent of place, great or small; as, there is not room for a house; the table takes up too much room.
    Room - (n.) A particular portion of space appropriated for occupancy; a place to sit, stand, or lie; a seat.
    Room - (n.) Especially, space in a building or ship inclosed or set apart by a partition; an apartment or chamber.
    Room - (n.) Place or position in society; office; rank; post; station; also, a place or station once belonging to, or occupied by, another, and vacated.
    Room - (n.) Possibility of admission; ability to admit; opportunity to act; fit occasion; as, to leave room for hope.
    Room - (v. i.) To occupy a room or rooms; to lodge; as, they arranged to room together.
    Room - (a.) Spacious; roomy.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Amber room - () A room formerly in the Czar's Summer Palace in Russia, which was richly decorated with walls and fixtures made from amber. The amber was removed by occupying German troops during the Second World War and has, as of 1997, never been recovered. The room is being recreated from old photographs by Russian artisans.
    Anteroom - (n.) A room before, or forming an entrance to, another; a waiting room.
    Ballroom - (n.) A room for balls or dancing.
    Barroom - (n.) A room containing a bar or counter at which liquors are sold.
    Bedroom - (n.) A room or apartment intended or used for a bed; a lodging room.
    Bedroom - (n.) Room in a bed.
    Bridegroom - (n.) A man newly married, or just about to be married.
    Broom - (n.) A plant having twigs suitable for making brooms to sweep with when bound together; esp., the Cytisus scoparius of Western Europe, which is a low shrub with long, straight, green, angular branches, minute leaves, and large yellow flowers.
    Broom - (n.) An implement for sweeping floors, etc., commonly made of the panicles or tops of broom corn, bound together or attached to a long wooden handle; -- so called because originally made of the twigs of the broom.
    Broom - (v. t.) See Bream.
    Broom corn - () A variety of Sorghum vulgare, having a joined stem, like maize, rising to the height of eight or ten feet, and bearing its seeds on a panicle with long branches, of which brooms are made.
    Broom rape - () A genus (Orobanche) of parasitic plants of Europe and Asia. They are destitute of chlorophyll, have scales instead of leaves, and spiked flowers, and grow attached to the roots of other plants, as furze, clover, flax, wild carrot, etc. The name is sometimes applied to other plants related to this genus, as Aphyllon uniflorumand A. Ludovicianum.
    Broomstaff - (n.) A broomstick.
    Broomstick - (n.) A stick used as a handle of a broom.
    Broomy - (a.) Of or pertaining to broom; overgrowing with broom; resembling broom or a broom.
    Butcher's broom - () A genus of plants (Ruscus); esp. R. aculeatus, which has large red berries and leaflike branches. See Cladophyll.
    By-room - (n.) A private room or apartment.
    Cloakroom - (n.) A room, attached to any place of public resort, where cloaks, overcoats, etc., may be deposited for a time.
    Clubroom - (n.) The apartment in which a club meets.
    Coffeeroom - (n.) A public room where coffee and other refreshments may be obtained.
    Cookroom - (n.) A room for cookery; a kitchen; the galley or caboose of a ship.
    Countingroom - (v.) The house or room in which a merchant, trader, or manufacturer keeps his books and transacts business.
    Drawing-room - (n.) A room appropriated for the reception of company; a room to which company withdraws from the dining room.
    Drawing-room - (n.) The company assembled in such a room; also, a reception of company in it; as, to hold a drawing-room.
    Elbowroom - (n.) Room to extend the elbows on each side; ample room for motion or action; free scope.
    Green-broom - (n.) A plant of the genus Genista (G. tinctoria); dyer's weed; -- called also greenweed.
    Greenroom - (n.) The retiring room of actors and actresses in a theater.
    Groom - (n.) A boy or young man; a waiter; a servant; especially, a man or boy who has charge of horses, or the stable.
    Groom - (n.) One of several officers of the English royal household, chiefly in the lord chamberlain's department; as, the groom of the chamber; the groom of the stole.
    Groom - (n.) A man recently married, or about to be married; a bridegroom.
    Groomed - (imp. & p. p.) of Groom
    Grooming - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Groom
    Groom - (v. i.) To tend or care for, or to curry or clean, as a, horse.
    Groomer - (n.) One who, or that which, grooms horses; especially, a brush rotated by a flexible or jointed revolving shaft, for cleaning horses.
    Groomsmen - (pl. ) of Groomsman
    Groomsman - (n.) A male attendant of a bridegroom at his wedding; -- the correlative of bridesmaid.
    Guardroom - (n.) The room occupied by the guard during its term of duty; also, a room where prisoners are confined.
    Gunroom - (n.) An apartment on the after end of the lower gun deck of a ship of war, usually occupied as a messroom by the commissioned officers, except the captain; -- called wardroom in the United States navy.
    Headroom - (n.) See Headway, 2.
    Herdgroom - (n.) A herdsman.
    Houseroom - (n.) Room or place in a house; as, to give any one houseroom.
    Kroomen - (pl. ) of Krooman
    Krooman - (n.) One of a negro tribe of Liberia and the adjacent coast, whose members are much employed on shipboard.
    Lightroom - (n.) A small room from which the magazine of a naval vessel is lighted, being separated from the magazine by heavy glass windows.
    Mushroom - (n.) An edible fungus (Agaricus campestris), having a white stalk which bears a convex or oven flattish expanded portion called the pileus. This is whitish and silky or somewhat scaly above, and bears on the under side radiating gills which are at first flesh-colored, but gradually become brown. The plant grows in rich pastures and is proverbial for rapidity of growth and shortness of duration. It has a pleasant smell, and is largely used as food. It is also cultivated from spawn.
    Mushroom - (n.) Any large fungus, especially one of the genus Agaricus; a toadstool. Several species are edible; but many are very poisonous.
    Mushroom - (n.) One who rises suddenly from a low condition in life; an upstart.
    Mushroom - (a.) Of or pertaining to mushrooms; as, mushroom catchup.
    Mushroom - (a.) Resembling mushrooms in rapidity of growth and shortness of duration; short-lived; ephemerial; as, mushroom cities.
    Mushroom-headed - (a.) Having a cylindrical body with a convex head of larger diameter; having a head like that of a mushroom.
    Newsroom - (n.) A room where news is collected and disseminated, or periodicals sold; a reading room supplied with newspapers, magazines, etc.
    Outroom - (n.) An outer room.
    Roomed - (imp. & p. p.) of Room
    Rooming - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Room
    Roomage - (n.) Space; place; room.
    Roomer - (n.) A lodger.
    Roomer - (a.) At a greater distance; farther off.
    Roomful - (a.) Abounding with room or rooms; roomy.
    Roomfuls - (pl. ) of Roomful
    Roomful - (n.) As much or many as a room will hold; as, a roomful of men.
    Roomily - (adv.) Spaciously.
    Roominess - (n.) The quality or state of being roomy; spaciousness; as, the roominess of a hall.
    Roomless - (a.) Being without room or rooms.
    Roommate - (n.) One of twe or more occupying the same room or rooms; one who shares the occupancy of a room or rooms; a chum.
    Roomsome - (a.) Roomy.
    Roomth - (n.) Room; space.
    Roomthy - (a.) Roomy; spacious.
    Roomy - (a.) Having ample room; spacious; large; as, a roomy mansion; a roomy deck.
    Schoolroom - (n.) A room in which pupils are taught.
    Sea room - () Room or space at sea for a vessel to maneuver, drive, or scud, without peril of running ashore or aground.
    Showroom - (n.) A room or apartment where a show is exhibited.
    Showroom - (n.) A room where merchandise is exposed for sale, or where samples are displayed.
    Stateroom - (n.) A magnificent room in a place or great house.
    Stateroom - (n.) A small apartment for lodging or sleeping in the cabin, or on the deck, of a vessel; also, a somewhat similar apartment in a railway sleeping car.
    Stillroom - (n.) A room for distilling.
    Stillroom - (n.) An apartment in a house where liquors, preserves, and the like, are kept.
    Storeroom - (n.) Room in a storehouse or repository; a room in which articles are stored.
    Taproom - (n.) A room where liquors are kept on tap; a barroom.
    Tiring-room - (n.) The room or place where players dress for the stage.
    Wardroom - (n.) A room occupied as a messroom by the commissioned officers of a war vessel. See Gunroom.
    Wardroom - (n.) A room used by the citizens of a city ward, for meetings, political caucuses, elections, etc.
    Wareroom - (n.) A room in which goods are stored or exhibited for sale.
    Withdrawing-room - (n.) A room for retirement from another room, as from a dining room; a drawing-room.
    Workroom - (n.) Any room or apartment used especially for labor.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Room - n. 1 space for, or occupied by, something; capacity (takes up too much room; room for improvement). 2 a part of a building enclosed by walls, floor, and ceiling. B (in pl.) Apartments or lodgings. C people in a room (room fell silent). v. Us have room(s); lodge, board. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Ante-room - n. Small room leading to a main one.
    Back room - n. (often, with hyphen, attrib.) Place where secret work is done.
    Ballroom - n. Large room for dancing.
    Ballroom dancing - n. Formal social dancing.
    Bathroom - n. 1 room with a bath, wash-basin, etc. 2 us room with a lavatory.
    Boardroom - n. Room in which a board of directors etc. Meets regularly.
    Boiler-room - n. Room with a boiler and other heating equipment, esp. In a basement.
    Boxroom - n. Small room for storing boxes, cases, etc.
    Bridegroom - n. Man on his wedding day and during the period just before and after it. [old english]
    Broom - n. 1 long-handled brush for sweeping. 2 shrub with bright yellow flowers. [old english]
    Broomstick - n. Handle of a broom.
    Button mushroom - n. Young unopened mushroom.
    Classroom - n. Room where a class of students is taught.
    Cloakroom - n. 1 room where outdoor clothes or luggage may be left. 2 euphem. Lavatory.
    Common-room - n. Room for the social use of students or teachers at a college etc.
    Courtroom - n. Room in which a court of law meets.
    Darkroom - n. Darkened room for photographic work.
    Day-room - n. Room, esp. In an institution, used during the day.
    Dining-room - n. Room in which meals are eaten.
    Drawing-room - n. 1 room in a private house for sitting or entertaining in. 2 (attrib.) Restrained, polite (drawing-room manners). [earlier withdrawing-room]
    Dressing-room - n. Room for changing one's clothes, esp. In a theatre, or attached to a bedroom.
    Elbow-room - n. Sufficient room to move or work in.
    Green-room - n. Room in a theatre for actors and actresses who are off stage.
    Groom - n. 1 person employed to take care of horses. 2 = *bridegroom. 3 mil. Any of certain officers of the royal household. v. 1 a curry or tend (a horse). B give a neat appearance to (a person etc.).
    Guardroom - n. Room serving the same purpose as a guardhouse.
    Headroom - n. Space or clearance above a vehicle, person's head, etc.
    Headroom - n. Space or clearance above a vehicle, person's head, etc.
    Houseroom - n. Space or accommodation in one's house. not give houseroom to not have in any circumstances.
    Junior common room - n. (also junior combination room) 1 common-room for undergraduates in a college. 2 undergraduates of a college collectively.
    Leg-room - n. Space for the legs of a seated person.
    Living-room - n. Room for general day use.
    Lumber-room - n. Room where disused things are kept.
    Mushroom - n. 1 edible fungus with a stem and domed cap. 2 pinkish-brown colour of this. v. Appear or develop rapidly. [french mousseron from latin]
    Mushroom cloud - n. Mushroom-shaped cloud from a nuclear explosion.
    New broom - n. New employee etc. Eager to make changes.
    News room - n. Room in a newspaper or broadcasting office where news is processed.
    Orderly room - n. Room in a barracks used for company business.
    Powder-room - n. Euphem. Women's lavatory in a public building.
    Reception room - n. Room for receiving guests, clients, etc.
    Rest room - n. Esp. Us public lavatory.
    Rooming-house - n. Lodging house.
    Room-mate - n. Person sharing a room.
    Room service - n. Provision of food etc. In a hotel bedroom.
    Roomy - adj. (-ier, -iest) having much room, spacious. roominess n.
    Saleroom - n. Room where auctions are held.
    Schoolroom - n. Room used for lessons.
    Sea room - n. Space at sea for a ship to turn etc.
    Showroom - n. Room used to display goods for sale.
    Sitting-room - n. Room for relaxed sitting in.
    Standing-room - n. Space to stand in.
    Stateroom - n. 1 state apartment. 2 large private cabin in a passenger ship.
    Still-room - n. 1 room for distilling. 2 housekeeper's storeroom or pantry.
    Stockroom - n. Room for storing goods.
    Storeroom - n. Storage room.
    Strongroom - n. Room, esp. In a bank, for keeping valuables safe from fire and theft.
    Taproom - n. Room in a pub serving drinks on tap.
    Tearoom - n. Small unlicensed caf serving tea etc.
    Utility room - n. Room for domestic appliances, e.g. A washing-machine, boiler, etc.
    Waiting-room - n. Room for people to wait in, esp. To see a doctor etc. Or at a station.
    Wardroom - n. Mess in a warship for commissioned officers.
    Washroom - n. Esp. Us public toilet.
    Well-groomed - adj. With carefully tended hair, clothes, etc.
    Workroom - n. Room for working in.

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