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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Crees - (n. pl.) An Algonquin tribe of Indians, inhabiting a large part of British America east of the Rocky Mountains and south of Hudson's Bay.
    Creese - (n.) A dagger or short sword used by the Malays, commonly having a serpentine blade.
    Crosstrees - (n. pl.) Pieces of timber at a masthead, to which are attached the upper shrouds. At the head of lower masts in large vessels, they support a semicircular platform called the "top."
    Freestone - (n.) A stone composed of sand or grit; -- so called because it is easily cut or wrought.
    Freestone - (a.) Having the flesh readily separating from the stone, as in certain kinds of peaches.
    Grees - (pl. ) of Gree
    Prees - (n.) Press; throng.
    Preestablish - (v. t.) To establish beforehand.
    Preestablishment - (n.) Settlement beforehand.
    Reestablish - (v. t.) To establish anew; to fix or confirm again; to restore; as, to reestablish a covenant; to reestablish health.
    Reestablisher - (n.) One who establishes again.
    Reestablishment - (n.) The act reestablishing; the state of being reestablished.
    Reestate - (v. t.) To reestablish.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Degrees of comparison - see *comparison 4.
    Forbidden degrees - n.pl. (also prohibited degrees) family relationship too close for marriage to be permitted.
    Freesia - n. African bulb with fragrant flowers. [freese, name of a physician]
    Freestyle - n. 1 swimming race in which any stroke may be used. 2 wrestling allowing almost any hold.
    Prohibited degrees - var. Of *forbidden degrees.
    Threescore - n. & adj. Archaic sixty.
    Threesome - n. Group of three persons.

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