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    Orange - (n.) The fruit of a tree of the genus Citrus (C. Aurantium). It is usually round, and consists of pulpy carpels, commonly ten in number, inclosed in a leathery rind, which is easily separable, and is reddish yellow when ripe.
    Orange - (n.) The tree that bears oranges; the orange tree.
    Orange - (n.) The color of an orange; reddish yellow.
    Orange - (a.) Of or pertaining to an orange; of the color of an orange; reddish yellow; as, an orange ribbon.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Orangeade - (n.) A drink made of orange juice and water, corresponding to lemonade; orange sherbet.
    Orangeat - (n.) Candied orange peel; also, orangeade.
    Orangeism - (n.) Attachment to the principles of the society of Orangemen; the tenets or practices of the Orangemen.
    Orangeman - (n.) One of a secret society, organized in the north of Ireland in 1795, the professed objects of which are the defense of the regning sovereign of Great Britain, the support of the Protestant religion, the maintenance of the laws of the kingdom, etc.; -- so called in honor of William, Prince of Orange, who became William III. of England.
    Orangeroot - (n.) An American ranunculaceous plant (Hidrastis Canadensis), having a yellow tuberous root; -- also called yellowroot, golden seal, etc.
    Orangery - (n.) A place for raising oranges; a plantation of orange trees.
    Orangetawny - (a. & n.) Deep orange-yellow; dark yellow.
    Osage orange - () An ornamental tree of the genus Maclura (M. aurantiaca), closely allied to the mulberry (Morus); also, its fruit. The tree was first found in the country of the Osage Indians, and bears a hard and inedible fruit of an orangelike appearance. See Bois d'arc.
    Sea orange - () A large American holothurian (Lophothuria Fabricii) having a bright orange convex body covered with finely granulated scales. Its expanded tentacles are bright red.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Orange - n. 1 a roundish reddish-yellow juicy citrus fruit. B tree bearing this. 2 its colour. adj. Orange-coloured. [arabic naranj]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Blood orange - n. Red-fleshed orange.
    Mock orange - n. White-flowered heavy-scented shrub.
    Navel orange - n. Orange with a navel-like formation at the top.
    Orangeade - n. Orange-flavoured, usu. Fizzy, drink.
    Orangeman - n. Member of a political society formed in 1795 to support protestantism in ireland. [william of orange]
    Orangery - n. (pl. -ies) place, esp. A building, where orange-trees are cultivated.
    Seville orange - n. Bitter orange used for marmalade. [seville in spain]

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