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    Monopoly - (n.) The exclusive power, or privilege of selling a commodity; the exclusive power, right, or privilege of dealing in some article, or of trading in some market; sole command of the traffic in anything, however obtained; as, the proprietor of a patented article is given a monopoly of its sale for a limited time; chartered trading companies have sometimes had a monopoly of trade with remote regions; a combination of traders may get a monopoly of a particular product.
    Monopoly - (n.) Exclusive possession; as, a monopoly of land.
    Monopoly - (n.) The commodity or other material thing to which the monopoly relates; as, tobacco is a monopoly in France.
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    Monopolylogue - (n.) An exhibition in which an actor sustains many characters.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Monopoly - n. (pl. -ies) 1 a exclusive possession or control of the trade in a commodity or service. B this conferred as a privilege by the state. 2 (foll. By of, us on) exclusive possession, control, or exercise. [greek poleo sell]

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