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    Loud - (superl.) Having, making, or being a strong or great sound; noisy; striking the ear with great force; as, a loud cry; loud thunder.
    Loud - (superl.) Clamorous; boisterous.
    Loud - (superl.) Emphatic; impressive; urgent; as, a loud call for united effort.
    Loud - (superl.) Ostentatious; likely to attract attention; gaudy; as, a loud style of dress; loud colors.
    Loud - (adv.) With loudness; loudly.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Aloud - (adv.) With a loud voice, or great noise; loudly; audibly.
    Beclouded - (imp. & p. p.) of Becloud
    Beclouding - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Becloud
    Becloud - (v. t.) To cause obscurity or dimness to; to dim; to cloud.
    Cloud - (n.) A collection of visible vapor, or watery particles, suspended in the upper atmosphere.
    Cloud - (n.) A mass or volume of smoke, or flying dust, resembling vapor.
    Cloud - (n.) A dark vein or spot on a lighter material, as in marble; hence, a blemish or defect; as, a cloud upon one's reputation; a cloud on a title.
    Cloud - (n.) That which has a dark, lowering, or threatening aspect; that which temporarily overshadows, obscures, or depresses; as, a cloud of sorrow; a cloud of war; a cloud upon the intellect.
    Cloud - (n.) A great crowd or multitude; a vast collection.
    Cloud - (n.) A large, loosely-knitted scarf, worn by women about the head.
    Clouded - (imp. & p. p.) of Cloud
    Clouding - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Cloud
    Cloud - (v. t.) To overspread or hide with a cloud or clouds; as, the sky is clouded.
    Cloud - (v. t.) To darken or obscure, as if by hiding or enveloping with a cloud; hence, to render gloomy or sullen.
    Cloud - (v. t.) To blacken; to sully; to stain; to tarnish; to damage; -- esp. used of reputation or character.
    Cloud - (v. t.) To mark with, or darken in, veins or sports; to variegate with colors; as, to cloud yarn.
    Cloud - (v. i.) To grow cloudy; to become obscure with clouds; -- often used with up.
    Cloudage - (n.) Mass of clouds; cloudiness.
    Cloudberry - (n.) A species of raspberry (Rubus Chamaemerous) growing in the northern regions, and bearing edible, amber-colored fruit.
    Cloud-built - (a.) Built of, or in, the clouds; airy; unsubstantial; imaginary.
    Cloud-burst - (n.) A sudden copious rainfall, as the whole cloud had been precipitated at once.
    Cloud-capped - (a.) Having clouds resting on the top or head; reaching to the clouds; as, cloud-capped mountains.
    Cloud-compeller - (n.) Cloud-gatherer; -- an epithet applied to Zeus.
    Cloudily - (adv.) In a cloudy manner; darkly; obscurely.
    Cloudiness - (n.) The state of being cloudy.
    Clouding - (n.) A mottled appearance given to ribbons and silks in the process of dyeing.
    Clouding - (n.) A diversity of colors in yarn, recurring at regular intervals.
    Cloudland - (n.) Dreamland.
    Cloudless - (a.) Without a cloud; clear; bright.
    Cloudlet - (n.) A little cloud.
    Cloudy - (n.) Overcast or obscured with clouds; clouded; as, a cloudy sky.
    Cloudy - (n.) Consisting of a cloud or clouds.
    Cloudy - (n.) Indicating gloom, anxiety, sullenness, or ill-nature; not open or cheerful.
    Cloudy - (n.) Confused; indistinct; obscure; dark.
    Cloudy - (n.) Lacking clearness, brightness, or luster.
    Cloudy - (n.) Marked with veins or sports of dark or various hues, as marble.
    Discloud - (v. t.) To clear from clouds.
    Encloud - (v. t.) To envelop in clouds; to cloud.
    Incloud - (v. t.) To envelop as in clouds; to darken; to obscure.
    Intercloud - (v. t.) To cloud.
    Loudful - (a.) Noisy.
    Loudly - (adv.) In a loud manner.
    Loud-mouthed - (a.) Having a loud voice; talking or sounding noisily; noisily impudent.
    Loudness - (n.) The quality or state of being loud.
    Loud-voiced - (a.) Having a loud voice; noisy; clamorous.
    Overcloud - (v. t.) To cover or overspread with clouds; to becloud; to overcast.
    Overloud - (a.) Too loud; noisy.
    Thundercloud - (n.) A cloud charged with electricity, and producing lightning and thunder.
    Uncloud - (v. t.) To free from clouds; to unvail; to clear from obscurity, gloom, sorrow, or the like.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Loud - adj. 1 strongly audible, noisy. 2 (of colours etc.) Gaudy, obtrusive. adv. Loudly. out loud aloud. loudish adj. Loudly adv. Loudness n. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Aloud - adv. Audibly.
    Cloud - n. 1 visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating high above the ground. 2 mass of smoke or dust. 3 (foll. By of) mass of insects etc. Moving together. 4 state of gloom, trouble, or suspicion. v. 1 cover or darken with clouds or gloom or trouble. 2 (often foll. By over, up) become overcast or gloomy. 3 make unclear. on cloud nine colloq. Extremely happy. Under a cloud out of favour, under suspicion. With one's head in the clouds day-dreaming. cloudless adj. [old english]
    Cloudburst - n. Sudden violent rainstorm.
    Cloud chamber - n. Device containing vapour for tracking the paths of charged particles, x-rays, and gamma rays.
    Cloud-cuckoo-land - n. Fanciful or ideal place. [translation of greek nephelokokkugia in aristophanes' birds]
    Cloudy - adj. (-ier, -iest) 1 (of the sky, weather) covered with clouds, overcast. 2 not transparent; unclear. cloudily adv. Cloudiness n.
    Loud hailer - n. Electronic device for amplifying the voice.
    Loudspeaker - n. Apparatus that converts electrical signals into sound.
    Mushroom cloud - n. Mushroom-shaped cloud from a nuclear explosion.
    Storm cloud - n. 1 heavy rain-cloud. 2 threatening situation.
    Thundercloud - n. Cumulus cloud charged with electricity and producing thunder and lightning.
    Unclouded - adj. 1 clear; bright. 2 untroubled (unclouded serenity).

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