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    Load - (v.) A burden; that which is laid on or put in anything for conveyance; that which is borne or sustained; a weight; as, a heavy load.
    Load - (v.) The quantity which can be carried or drawn in some specified way; the contents of a cart, barrow, or vessel; that which will constitute a cargo; lading.
    Load - (v.) That which burdens, oppresses, or grieves the mind or spirits; as, a load of care.
    Load - (v.) A particular measure for certain articles, being as much as may be carried at one time by the conveyance commonly used for the article measured; as, a load of wood; a load of hay; specifically, five quarters.
    Load - (v.) The charge of a firearm; as, a load of powder.
    Load - (v.) Weight or violence of blows.
    Load - (v.) The work done by a steam engine or other prime mover when working.
    Load - (v. t.) To lay a load or burden on or in, as on a horse or in a cart; to charge with a load, as a gun; to furnish with a lading or cargo, as a ship; hence, to add weight to, so as to oppress or embarrass; to heap upon.
    Load - (v. t.) To adulterate or drug; as, to load wine.
    Load - (v. t.) To magnetize.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Breechloader - (n.) A firearm which receives its load at the breech.
    Breech-loading - (a.) Receiving the charge at the breech instead of at the muzzle.
    Loaded - (imp. & p. p.) of Load
    Loading - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Load
    Loader - (n.) One who, or that which, loads; a mechanical contrivance for loading, as a gun.
    Loading - (n.) The act of putting a load on or into.
    Loading - (n.) A load; cargo; burden.
    Loadmanage - (n.) Alt. of Lodemanage
    Loadsman - (n.) Alt. of Lodesman
    Loadstar - (n.) Alt. of Lodestar
    Loadstone - (n.) Alt. of Lodestone
    Muzzle-loader - (n.) A firearm which receives its charge through the muzzle, as distinguished from one which is loaded at the breech.
    Muzzle-loading - (a.) Receiving its charge through the muzzle; as, a muzzle-loading rifle.
    Overloaded - (imp. & p. p.) of Overload
    Overloading - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Overload
    Overload - (v. t.) To load or fill to excess; to load too heavily.
    Overload - (n.) An excessive load; the excess beyond a proper load.
    Reload - (v. t.) To load again, as a gun.
    Shipload - (n.) The load, or cargo, of a ship.
    Unload - (v. t.) To take the load from; to discharge of a load or cargo; to disburden; as, to unload a ship; to unload a beast.
    Unload - (v. t.) Hence, to relieve from anything onerous.
    Unload - (v. t.) To discharge or remove, as a load or a burden; as, to unload the cargo of a vessel.
    Unload - (v. t.) To draw the charge from; as, to unload a gun.
    Unload - (v. t.) To sell in large quantities, as stock; to get rid of.
    Unload - (v. i.) To perform the act of unloading anything; as, let unload now.
    Unloader - (n.) One who, or that which, unloads; a device for unloading, as hay from a wagon.
    Wagonload - (n.) Same as Wagonful.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Load - n. 1 a what is carried or to be carried. B amount usu. Or actually carried (often in comb.: lorry-load of bricks). 2 burden or commitment of work, responsibility, care, etc. 3 colloq. A (in pl.; often foll. By of) plenty, a lot (loads of money, people). B (a load of) a quantity (a load of nonsense). 4 amount of power carried by an electric circuit or supplied by a generating station. v. 1 a put a load on or aboard. B place (a load) aboard a ship, on a vehicle, etc. 2 (often foll. By up) (of a vehicle or person) take a load aboard. 3 (often foll. By with) burden, strain (loaded with food). 4 (also load up) (foll. By with) overburden, overwhelm (loaded us with work, with abuse). 5 a put ammunition in (a gun), film in (a camera), a cassette in (a tape recorder), a program in (a computer), etc. B put (a film, cassette, etc.) Into a device. 6 give a bias to. get a load of slang take note of. [old english, = way]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Coachload - n. Group of tourists etc. Taken by coach.
    Freeloader - n. Slang sponger. freeload v.
    Loaded - adj. 1 slang a rich. B drunk. C us drugged. 2 (of dice etc.) Weighted. 3 (of a question or statement) carrying some hidden implication.
    Loader - n. 1 loading-machine. 2 (in comb.) Gun, machine, lorry, etc., loaded in a specified way (breech-loader; front-loader). -loading adj. (in comb.) (in sense 2).
    Load line - n. = *plimsoll line.
    Loadstone - var. Of *lodestone.
    Offload - v. Get rid of (esp. Something unpleasant) by passing it to someone else.
    Overload - v. 1 load excessively (with baggage, work, etc.). 2 put too great a demand on (an electrical circuit etc.). n. Excessive quantity or demand.
    Payload - n. 1 part of an aircraft's load yielding revenue. 2 explosive warhead carried by a rocket etc. 3 goods carried by a road vehicle.
    Peak-load - n. Maximum of electric power demand etc.
    Reload - v. (also absol.) Load (esp. A gun) again.
    Shipload - n. As many goods or passengers as a ship can hold.
    Unload - v. 1 (also absol.) Remove a load from (a vehicle etc.). 2 remove (a load) from a vehicle etc. 3 remove the ammunition from (a gun etc.). 4 colloq. Get rid of.
    Wagon-load - n. As much as a wagon can carry.
    Workload - n. Amount of work to be done.

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