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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Adenitis - (n.) Glandular inflammation.
    Anthropomorphitism - (n.) Anthropomorphism.
    Aortitis - (n.) Inflammation of the aorta.
    Appendicitis - (n.) Inflammation of the vermiform appendix.
    Arachnitis - (n.) Inflammation of the arachnoid membrane.
    Arteritis - (n.) Inflammation of an artery or arteries.
    Arthritis - (n.) Any inflammation of the joints, particularly the gout.
    British - (a.) Of or pertaining to Great Britain or to its inhabitants; -- sometimes restricted to the original inhabitants.
    British - (n. pl.) People of Great Britain.
    Britisher - (n.) An Englishman; a subject or inhabitant of Great Britain, esp. one in the British military or naval service.
    Bronchitis - (n.) Inflammation, acute or chronic, of the bronchial tubes or any part of them.
    Bursitis - (n.) Inflammation of a bursa.
    Canaanitish - (a.) Of or pertaining to Canaan or the Canaanites.
    Carditis - (n.) Inflammation of the fleshy or muscular substance of the heart. See Endocarditis and Pericarditis.
    Cellulitis - (n.) An inflammantion of the cellular or areolar tissue, esp. of that lying immediately beneath the skin.
    Cenobitism - (n.) The state of being a cenobite; the belief or practice of a cenobite.
    Cephalitis - (n.) Same as Phrenitis.
    Cerebritis - (n.) Inflammation of the cerebrum.
    Chondritis - (n.) An inflammation of cartilage.
    Colitis - (n.) An inflammation of the large intestine, esp. of its mucous membrane; colonitis.
    Colonitis - (n.) See Colitis.
    Conjunctivitis - (n.) Inflammation of the conjunctiva.
    Cosmopolitism - (n.) The condition or character of a cosmopolite; disregard of national or local peculiarities and prejudices.
    Cystitis - (n.) Inflammation of the bladder.
    Dactylitis - (n.) An inflammatory affection of the fingers.
    Dermatitis - (n.) Inflammation of the skin.
    Dynamitism - (n.) The work of dynamiters.
    Ebionitism - (n.) The system or doctrine of the Ebionites.
    Encephalitis - (n.) Inflammation of the brain.
    Endocarditis - (n.) Inflammation of the endocardium.
    Endometritis - (n.) Inflammation of the endometrium.
    Enteritis - (n.) An inflammation of the intestines.
    Epididymitis - (n.) Inflammation of the epididymis, one of the common results of gonorrhea.
    Eremitish - (a.) Eremitic.
    Eremitism - (n.) The state of a hermit; a living in seclusion from social life.
    Favoritism - (n.) The disposition to favor and promote the interest of one person or family, or of one class of men, to the neglect of others having equal claims; partiality.
    Gastritis - (n.) Inflammation of the stomach, esp. of its mucuos membrane.
    Gastroduodenitis - (n.) Inflammation of the stomach and duodenum. It is one of the most frequent causes of jaundice.
    Gastroenteritis - (n.) Inflammation of the lining membrane of the stomach and the intestines.
    Glossitis - (n.) Inflammation of the tongue.
    Hepatitis - (n.) Inflammation of the liver.
    Hermaphroditism - (n.) The union of the two sexes in the same individual, or the combination of some of their characteristics or organs in one individual.
    Iritis - (n.) An inflammation of the iris of the eye.
    Ishmaelitish - (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, an Ishmaelite or the Ishmaelites.
    Israelitish - (a.) Of or pertaining to Israel, or to the Israelites; Jewish; Hebrew.
    -itis - () A suffix used in medical terms to denote an inflammatory disease of; as, arthritis; bronchitis, phrenitis.
    Jacobitism - (n.) The principles of the Jacobites.
    Jesuitism - (n.) The principles and practices of the Jesuits.
    Jesuitism - (n.) Cunning; deceit; deceptive practices to effect a purpose; subtle argument; -- an opprobrious use of the word.
    Keratitis - (n.) Inflammation of the cornea.
    Kitish - (a.) Like or relating to a kite.
    Laminitis - (n.) Inflammation of the laminae or fleshy plates along the coffin bone of a horse; founder.
    Laryngitis - (n.) Inflammation of the larynx.
    Leptomeningitis - (n.) Inflammation of the pia mater or of the arachnoid membrane.
    Lithotritist - (n.) A lithotriptist.
    Lymphadenitis - (n.) Inflammation of the lymphatic glands; -- called also lymphitis.
    Lymphangeitis - (n.) Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels.
    Lymphitis - (n.) See Lymphadenitis.
    Mastitis - (n.) Inflammation of the breast.
    Meningitis - (n.) Inflammation of the membranes of the brain or spinal cord.
    Mephitis - (n.) Noxious, pestilential, or foul exhalations from decomposing substances, filth, or other source.
    Mephitis - (n.) A genus of mammals, including the skunks.
    Mephitism - (n.) Same as Mephitis, 1.
    Metritis - (n.) Inflammation of the womb.
    Moabitish - (a.) Moabite.
    Monothelitism - (n.) The doctrine of the Monothelites.
    Myelitis - (n.) Inflammation of the spinal marrow or its membranes.
    Myocarditis - (n.) Inflammation of the myocardium.
    Myositis - (n.) Inflammation of the muscles.
    Nazaritism - (n.) The vow and practice of a Nazarite.
    Nephritis - (n.) An inflammation of the kidneys.
    Neuritis - (n.) Inflammation of a nerve.
    Oophoritis - (n.) Ovaritis.
    Oppositisepalous - (a.) Placed in front of a sepal.
    Orchitis - (n.) Inflammation of the testicles.
    Osteitis - (n.) Inflammation of bone.
    Ostitis - (n.) See Osteitis.
    Otitis - (n.) Inflammation of the ear.
    Ovaritis - (n.) Inflammation of the ovaries.
    Pachymeningitis - (n.) Inflammation of the dura mater or outer membrane of the brain.
    Parametritis - (n.) Inflammation of the cellular tissue in the vicinity of the uterus.
    Parasitism - (n.) The state or behavior of a parasite; the act of a parasite.
    Parasitism - (n.) The state of being parasitic.
    Parotitis - (n.) Inflammation of the parotid glands.
    Perichondritis - (n.) Inflammation of the perichondrium.
    Perinephritis - (n.) Inflammation of the cellular tissue around the kidney.
    Periostitis - (n.) Inflammation of the periosteum.
    Periproctitis - (n.) Inflammation of the tissues about the rectum.
    Peritonitis - (n.) Inflammation of the peritoneum.
    Perityphlitis - (n.) Inflammation of the connective tissue about the caecum.
    Pharyngitis - (n.) Inflammation of the pharynx.
    Phlebitis - (n.) Inflammation of a vein.
    Phrenitis - (n.) Inflammation of the brain, or of the meninges of the brain, attended with acute fever and delirium; -- called also cephalitis.
    Phrenitis - (n.) See Frenzy.
    Pleuritis - (n.) Pleurisy.
    Pneumonitis - (n.) Inflammation of the lungs; pneumonia.
    Porphyrogenitism - (n.) The principle of succession in royal families, especially among the Eastern Roman emperors, by which a younger son, if born after the accession of his father to the throne, was preferred to an elder son who was not so born.
    Portraitist - (n.) A portrait painter.
    Preraphaelitism - (n.) The doctrine or practice of a school of modern painters who profess to be followers of the painters before Raphael. Its adherents advocate careful study from nature, delicacy and minuteness of workmanship, and an exalted and delicate conception of the subject.
    Proctitis - (n.) Inflammation of the rectum.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Appendicitis - n. Inflammation of the appendix.
    Arthritis - n. Inflammation of a joint or joints. arthritic adj. & n. [greek arthron joint]
    British - —adj. Of great britain, the british commonwealth, or their people. —n. (prec. By the; treated as pl.) The british people. [old english]
    British english - n. English as used in great britain.
    British legion - n. = *royal british legion.
    British summer time - n. = *summer time.
    British thermal unit - n. Amount of heat needed to raise 1 lb of water through one degree fahrenheit, equivalent to 1.055 x 103 joules.
    Bronchitis - n. Inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes.
    Colitis - n. Inflammation of the lining of the colon.
    Conjunctivitis - n. Inflammation of the conjunctiva.
    Cystitis - n. Inflammation of the bladder usu. Causing frequent painful urination.
    Dermatitis - n. Inflammation of the skin. [greek derma skin, *-itis]
    Élitism - n. Recourse to or advocacy of leadership or dominance by a select group. élitist n. & adj.
    Encephalitis - n. Inflammation of the brain. [greek egkephalos brain]
    Favoritism - n. (brit. Favouritism) unfair favouring of one person etc. At the expense of another.
    Favouritism - n. (us favoritism) unfair favouring of one person etc. At the expense of another.
    Fibrositis - n. Rheumatic inflammation of fibrous tissue. [from *fibre, *-itis]
    Gastritis - n. Inflammation of the stomach.
    Gastro-enteritis - n. Inflammation of the stomach and intestines.
    Gingivitis - n. Inflammation of the gums. [latin gingiva *gum2, *-itis]
    Hepatitis - n. Inflammation of the liver. [related to *hepatic]
    Hepatitis - n. Inflammation of the liver. [related to *hepatic]
    Hepatitis - n. Inflammation of the liver. [related to *hepatic]
    Laryngitis - n. Inflammation of the larynx.
    Mastitis - n. Inflammation of the breast or udder. [greek mastos breast]
    Meningitis - n. (esp. Viral) infection and inflammation of the meninges.
    Nephritis - n. Inflammation of the kidneys.
    Neuritis - n. Inflammation of a nerve or nerves.
    Osteoarthritis - n. Degenerative disease of joint cartilage. osteoarthritic adj.
    Peritonitis - n. Inflammatory disease of the peritoneum.
    Phlebitis - n. Inflammation of a vein. phlebitic adj. [greek phleps phleb- vein]
    Poliomyelitis - n. Infectious viral disease of the grey matter of the central nervous system with temporary or permanent paralysis. [greek polios grey, muelos marrow]
    Rheumatoid arthritis - n. Chronic progressive disease causing inflammation and stiffening of the joints.
    Royal british legion - n. National association of ex-members of the armed forces, founded in 1921.
    Sinusitis - n. Inflammation of a sinus.
    Tenosynovitis - n. Injury of esp. A wrist tendon resulting from repetitive strain. [greek tenon tendon, *synovia]
    Tonsillitis - n. Inflammation of the tonsils.

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