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    Isis - (n.) The principal goddess worshiped by the Egyptians. She was regarded as the mother of Horus, and the sister and wife of Osiris. The Egyptians adored her as the goddess of fecundity, and as the great benefactress of their country, who instructed their ancestors in the art of agriculture.
    Isis - (n.) Any coral of the genus Isis, or family Isidae, composed of joints of white, stony coral, alternating with flexible, horny joints. See Gorgoniacea.
    Isis - (n.) One of the asteroids.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Anagnorisis - (n.) The unfolding or denouement.
    Chorisis - (n.) The separation of a leaf or floral organ into two more parts.
    Crisis - (n.) The point of time when it is to be decided whether any affair or course of action must go on, or be modified or terminate; the decisive moment; the turning point.
    Crisis - (n.) That change in a disease which indicates whether the result is to be recovery or death; sometimes, also, a striking change of symptoms attended by an outward manifestation, as by an eruption or sweat.
    Metabolisis - (n.) Metabolism.
    Phthisis - (n.) A wasting or consumption of the tissues. The term was formerly applied to many wasting diseases, but is now usually restricted to pulmonary phthisis, or consumption. See Consumption.
    Syncrisis - (n.) A figure of speech in which opposite things or persons are compared.
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Crisis - n. (pl. Crises) 1 time of danger or great difficulty. 2 decisive moment; turning-point. [greek, = decision]
    Mid-life crisis - n. Crisis of self-confidence in early middle age.

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