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    Gain - (n.) A square or beveled notch cut out of a girder, binding joist, or other timber which supports a floor beam, so as to receive the end of the floor beam.
    Gain - (a.) Convenient; suitable; direct; near; handy; dexterous; easy; profitable; cheap; respectable.
    Gain - (v. t.) That which is gained, obtained, or acquired, as increase, profit, advantage, or benefit; -- opposed to loss.
    Gain - (v. t.) The obtaining or amassing of profit or valuable possessions; acquisition; accumulation.
    Gain - (n.) To get, as profit or advantage; to obtain or acquire by effort or labor; as, to gain a good living.
    Gain - (n.) To come off winner or victor in; to be successful in; to obtain by competition; as, to gain a battle; to gain a case at law; to gain a prize.
    Gain - (n.) To draw into any interest or party; to win to one's side; to conciliate.
    Gain - (n.) To reach; to attain to; to arrive at; as, to gain the top of a mountain; to gain a good harbor.
    Gain - (n.) To get, incur, or receive, as loss, harm, or damage.
    Gain - (v. i.) To have or receive advantage or profit; to acquire gain; to grow rich; to advance in interest, health, or happiness; to make progress; as, the sick man gains daily.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Again - (adv.) In return, back; as, bring us word again.
    Again - (adv.) Another time; once more; anew.
    Again - (adv.) Once repeated; -- of quantity; as, as large again, half as much again.
    Again - (adv.) In any other place.
    Again - (adv.) On the other hand.
    Again - (adv.) Moreover; besides; further.
    Again - (prep.) Alt. of Agains
    Agains - (prep.) Against; also, towards (in order to meet).
    Againbuy - (v. t.) To redeem.
    Againsay - (v. t.) To gainsay.
    Against - (prep.) Abreast; opposite to; facing; towards; as, against the mouth of a river; -- in this sense often preceded by over.
    Against - (prep.) From an opposite direction so as to strike or come in contact with; in contact with; upon; as, hail beats against the roof.
    Against - (prep.) In opposition to, whether the opposition is of sentiment or of action; on the other side; counter to; in contrariety to; hence, adverse to; as, against reason; against law; to run a race against time.
    Against - (prep.) By of before the time that; in preparation for; so as to be ready for the time when.
    Againstand - (v. t.) To withstand.
    Againward - (adv.) Back again.
    Another-gaines - (a.) Of another kind.
    Bargain - (n.) An agreement between parties concerning the sale of property; or a contract by which one party binds himself to transfer the right to some property for a consideration, and the other party binds himself to receive the property and pay the consideration.
    Bargain - (n.) An agreement or stipulation; mutual pledge.
    Bargain - (n.) A purchase; also ( when not qualified), a gainful transaction; an advantageous purchase; as, to buy a thing at a bargain.
    Bargain - (n.) The thing stipulated or purchased; also, anything bought cheap.
    Bargain - (n.) To make a bargain; to make a contract for the exchange of property or services; -- followed by with and for; as, to bargain with a farmer for a cow.
    Bargained - (imp. & p. p.) of Bargain
    Bargaining - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bargain
    Bargain - (v. t.) To transfer for a consideration; to barter; to trade; as, to bargain one horse for another.
    Bargainee - (v. i.) The party to a contract who receives, or agrees to receive, the property sold.
    Bargainer - (n.) One who makes a bargain; -- sometimes in the sense of bargainor.
    Bargainor - (n.) One who makes a bargain, or contracts with another; esp., one who sells, or contracts to sell, property to another.
    Bougainvillaea - (n.) A genus of plants of the order Nyctoginaceae, from tropical South America, having the flowers surrounded by large bracts.
    Gained - (imp. & p. p.) of Gain
    Gaining - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Gain
    Gainable - (v. t.) Capable of being obtained or reached.
    Gainage - (v. t.) The horses, oxen, plows, wains or wagons and implements for carrying on tillage.
    Gainage - (v. t.) The profit made by tillage; also, the land itself.
    Gainer - (n.) One who gains.
    Gainful - (a.) Profitable; advantageous; lucrative.
    Gaingiving - (n.) A misgiving.
    Gainless - (a.) Not producing gain; unprofitable.
    Gainly - (a.) Handily; readily; dexterously; advantageously.
    Gainpain - (n.) Bread-gainer; -- a term applied in the Middle Ages to the sword of a hired soldier.
    Gainsaid - (imp. & p. p.) of Gainsay
    Gainsaying - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Gainsay
    Gainsay - (v. t.) To contradict; to deny; to controvert; to dispute; to forbid.
    Gainsayer - (n.) One who gainsays, contradicts, or denies.
    Gainsome - (a.) Gainful.
    Gainsome - (a.) Prepossessing; well-favored.
    'Gainst - (prep.) A contraction of Against.
    Gainstood - (imp. & p. p.) of Gainstand
    gainstanding - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Gainstand
    Gainstand - (v. t.) To withstand; to resist.
    Gainstrive - (v. t. & i.) To strive or struggle against; to withstand.
    Regain - (v. t.) To gain anew; to get again; to recover, as what has escaped or been lost; to reach again.
    Thereagain - (adv.) In opposition; against one's course.
    Ungain - (a.) Ungainly; clumsy; awkward; also, troublesome; inconvenient.
    Ungainliness - (n.) The state or quality of being ungainly; awkwardness.
    Ungainly - (a.) Not gainly; not expert or dexterous; clumsy; awkward; uncouth; as, an ungainly strut in walking.
    Ungainly - (a.) Unsuitable; unprofitable.
    Ungainly - (adv.) In an ungainly manner.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Gain - v. 1 obtain or win (gain advantage; gain recognition). 2 acquire as profits etc., earn. 3 (often foll. By in) get more of, improve (gain momentum; gain in experience). 4 benefit, profit. 5 (of a clock etc.) Become fast; become fast by (a specified amount of time). 6 (often foll. By on, upon) come closer to a person or thing pursued. 7 a reclaim (land from the sea). B win (a battle). 8 reach (a desired place). n. 1 increase of wealth etc.; profit, improvement. 2 (in pl.) Sums of money got by trade etc. 3 increase in amount. gain ground 1 advance. 2 (foll. By on) catch up (a person pursued). [french from germanic]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Again - adv. 1 another time; once more. 2 as previously (home again; well again). 3 in addition (as much again). 4 further, besides (again, what about you?). 5 on the other hand (i might, and again i might not). again and again repeatedly. [old english]
    Against - prep. 1 in opposition to (fight against crime). 2 into collision or in contact with (lean against the wall). 3 to the disadvantage of (my age is against me). 4 in contrast to (against a dark background). 5 in anticipation of (against his coming; against the cold). 6 as a compensating factor to (income against expenditure). 7 in return for (issued against payment of the fee). against the grain see *grain. Against time see *time. [from *again, with inflectional -s]
    Bargain - n. 1 a agreement on the terms of a sale etc. B this from the buyer's viewpoint (a bad bargain). 2 cheap thing. v. (often foll. By with, for) discuss the terms of a sale etc. (bargained with me; bargain for the table). bargain for (or colloq. On) be prepared for; expect. Bargain on rely on. Into the bargain moreover. [french from germanic]
    Born-again - attrib. Adj. Converted (esp. To fundamentalist christianity).
    Bougainvillaea - n. Tropical plant with large coloured bracts. [bougainville, name of a navigator]
    Capital gain - n. Profit from the sale of investments or property.
    Collective bargaining - n. Negotiation of wages etc. By an organized body of employees.
    Gainful - adj. 1 (of employment) paid. 2 lucrative. gainfully adv.
    Gainsay - v. Deny, contradict. [old norse: related to *against, *say]
    Regain - v. Obtain possession or use of after loss (regain consciousness).
    Ungainly - adj. Awkward, clumsy. ungainliness n. [obsolete gain straight, from old norse]

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