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    Frog - (n.) An amphibious animal of the genus Rana and related genera, of many species. Frogs swim rapidly, and take long leaps on land. Many of the species utter loud notes in the springtime.
    Frog - (n.) The triangular prominence of the hoof, in the middle of the sole of the foot of the horse, and other animals; the fourchette.
    Frog - (n.) A supporting plate having raised ribs that form continuations of the rails, to guide the wheels where one track branches from another or crosses it.
    Frog - (n.) An oblong cloak button, covered with netted thread, and fastening into a loop instead of a button hole.
    Frog - (n.) The loop of the scabbard of a bayonet or sword.
    Frog - (v. t.) To ornament or fasten (a coat, etc.) with trogs. See Frog, n., 4.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Bullfrog - (n.) A very large species of frog (Rana Catesbiana), found in North America; -- so named from its loud bellowing in spring.
    Frogbit - (n.) A European plant (Hydrocharis Morsus-ranae), floating on still water and propagating itself by runners. It has roundish leaves and small white flowers.
    Frogbit - (n.) An American plant (Limnobium Spongia), with similar habits.
    Frogfish - (n.) See Angler, n., 2.
    Frogfish - (n.) An oceanic fish of the genus Antennarius or Pterophrynoides; -- called also mousefish and toadfish.
    Frogged - (a.) Provided or ornamented with frogs; as, a frogged coat. See Frog, n., 4.
    Froggy - (a.) Abounding in frogs.
    Frogmouth - (n.) One of several species of Asiatic and East Indian birds of the genus Batrachostomus (family Podargidae); -- so called from their very broad, flat bills.
    Frogs-bit - (n.) Frogbit.
    Frogshell - (n.) One of numerous species of marine gastropod shells, belonging to Ranella and allied genera.
    Leapfrog - (n.) A play among boys, in which one stoops down and another leaps over him by placing his hands on the shoulders of the former.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Frog - n. 1 small smooth tailless leaping amphibian. 2 (frog) slang offens. Frenchman. frog in one's throat colloq. Hoarseness. [old english]
    Frog - n. Horny substance in the sole of a horse's foot. [origin uncertain: perhaps a use of *frog1]
    Frog - n. Ornamental coat-fastening of a button and loop. [origin unknown]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Bullfrog - n. Large n. American frog with a booming croak.
    Frogman - n. Person with a rubber suit, flippers, and an oxygen supply for underwater swimming.
    Frogmarch - v. Hustle forward with the arms pinned behind.
    Frog-spawn - n. Frog's eggs.
    Leap-frog - n. Game in which players vault with parted legs over others bending down. v. (-gg-) 1 perform such a vault (over). 2 overtake alternately.

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