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    Franchise - (a.) Exemption from constraint or oppression; freedom; liberty.
    Franchise - (a.) A particular privilege conferred by grant from a sovereign or a government, and vested in individuals; an imunity or exemption from ordinary jurisdiction; a constitutional or statutory right or privilege, esp. the right to vote.
    Franchise - (a.) The district or jurisdiction to which a particular privilege extends; the limits of an immunity; hence, an asylum or sanctuary.
    Franchise - (a.) Magnanimity; generosity; liberality; frankness; nobility.
    Franchise - (v. t.) To make free; to enfranchise; to give liberty to.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Affranchise - (v. t.) To make free; to enfranchise.
    Affranchisement - (n.) The act of making free; enfranchisement.
    Diffranchise - () Alt. of Diffranchisement
    Diffranchisement - () See Disfranchise, Disfranchisement.
    Disenfranchise - (v. t.) To disfranchise; to deprive of the rights of a citizen.
    Disfranchised - (imp. & p. p.) of Disfranchise
    Disfranchise - (v. t.) To deprive of a franchise or chartered right; to dispossess of the rights of a citizen, or of a particular privilege, as of voting, holding office, etc.
    Disfranchisement - (n.) The act of disfranchising, or the state disfranchised; deprivation of privileges of citizenship or of chartered immunities.
    Effranchise - (v. t.) To enfranchise.
    Enfranchised - (imp. & p. p.) of Enfranchise
    Enfranchise - (v. t.) To set free; to liberate from slavery, prison, or any binding power.
    Enfranchise - (v. t.) To endow with a franchise; to incorporate into a body politic and thus to invest with civil and political privileges; to admit to the privileges of a freeman.
    Enfranchise - (v. t.) To receive as denizens; to naturalize; as, to enfranchise foreign words.
    Enfranchisement - (n.) Releasing from slavery or custody.
    Enfranchisement - (n.) Admission to the freedom of a corporation or body politic; investiture with the privileges of free citizens.
    Enfranchiser - (n.) One who enfranchises.
    Franchised - (imp. & p. p.) of Franchise
    Franchisement - (n.) Release; deliverance; freedom.
    Infranchise - (v. t.) See Enfranchise.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Franchise - n. 1 right to vote in state elections. 2 full membership of a corporation or state; citizenship. 3 authorization to sell a company's goods etc. In a particular area. 4 right or privilege granted to a person or corporation. v. (-sing) grant a franchise to. [french franc *frank]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Disenfranchise - v. (also disfranchise) (-sing) 1 deprive of the right to vote or to be represented. 2 deprive of rights as a citizen or of a franchise held. disenfranchisement n.
    Disfranchise - var. Of *disenfranchise.
    Enfranchise - v. (-sing) 1 give (a person) the right to vote. 2 give (a town) municipal rights, esp. Representation in parliament. 3 hist. Free (a slave etc.). enfranchisement n. [french: related to *frank]

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