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    Foot - (n.) The terminal part of the leg of man or an animal; esp., the part below the ankle or wrist; that part of an animal upon which it rests when standing, or moves. See Manus, and Pes.
    Foot - (n.) The muscular locomotive organ of a mollusk. It is a median organ arising from the ventral region of body, often in the form of a flat disk, as in snails. See Illust. of Buccinum.
    Foot - (n.) That which corresponds to the foot of a man or animal; as, the foot of a table; the foot of a stocking.
    Foot - (n.) The lowest part or base; the ground part; the bottom, as of a mountain or column; also, the last of a row or series; the end or extremity, esp. if associated with inferiority; as, the foot of a hill; the foot of the procession; the foot of a class; the foot of the bed.
    Foot - (n.) Fundamental principle; basis; plan; -- used only in the singular.
    Foot - (n.) Recognized condition; rank; footing; -- used only in the singular.
    Foot - (n.) A measure of length equivalent to twelve inches; one third of a yard. See Yard.
    Foot - (n.) Soldiers who march and fight on foot; the infantry, usually designated as the foot, in distinction from the cavalry.
    Foot - (n.) A combination of syllables consisting a metrical element of a verse, the syllables being formerly distinguished by their quantity or length, but in modern poetry by the accent.
    Foot - (n.) The lower edge of a sail.
    Foot - (v. i.) To tread to measure or music; to dance; to trip; to skip.
    Foot - (v. i.) To walk; -- opposed to ride or fly.
    Foot - (v. t.) To kick with the foot; to spurn.
    Foot - (v. t.) To set on foot; to establish; to land.
    Foot - (v. t.) To tread; as, to foot the green.
    Foot - (v. t.) To sum up, as the numbers in a column; -- sometimes with up; as, to foot (or foot up) an account.
    Foot - (v. t.) The size or strike with the talon.
    Foot - (v. t.) To renew the foot of, as of stocking.
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    Definition: Similar or Containing
    Afoot - (adv.) On foot.
    Afoot - (adv.) Fig.: In motion; in action; astir; in progress.
    Barefoot - (a. & adv.) With the feet bare; without shoes or stockings.
    Barefooted - (a.) Having the feet bare.
    Bear's-foot - (n.) A species of hellebore (Helleborus foetidus), with digitate leaves. It has an offensive smell and acrid taste, and is a powerful emetic, cathartic, and anthelmintic.
    Bird's-foot - (n.) A papilionaceous plant, the Ornithopus, having a curved, cylindrical pod tipped with a short, clawlike point.
    Blackfoot - (a.) Of or pertaining to the Blackfeet; as, a Blackfoot Indian.
    Blackfoot - (n.) A Blackfoot Indian.
    Cat's-foot - (n.) A plant (Nepeta Glechoma) of the same genus with catnip; ground ivy.
    Cleft-footed - (a.) Having a cloven foot.
    Cloven-footed - (a.) Alt. of Cloven-hoofed
    Clubfoot - (n.) A short, variously distorted foot; also, the deformity, usually congenital, which such a foot exhibits; talipes.
    Clubfooted - (a.) Having a clubfoot.
    Coltsfoot - (n.) A perennial herb (Tussilago Farfara), whose leaves and rootstock are sometimes employed in medicine.
    Cootfoot - (n.) The phalarope; -- so called because its toes are like the coot's.
    Crowfoot - (n.) The genus Ranunculus, of many species; some are common weeds, others are flowering plants of considerable beauty.
    Crowfoot - (n.) A number of small cords rove through a long block, or euphroe, to suspend an awning by.
    Crowfoot - (n.) A caltrop.
    Crowfoot - (n.) A tool with a side claw for recovering broken rods, etc.
    Crow's-foot - (n.) The wrinkles that appear, as the effect of age or dissipation, under and around the outer corners of the eyes.
    Crow's-foot - (n.) A caltrop.
    Crow's-foot - (n.) Same as Bird's-mouth.
    Dove's-foot - (n.) A small annual species of Geranium, native in England; -- so called from the shape of the leaf.
    Dove's-foot - (n.) The columbine.
    Dryfoot - (n.) The scent of the game, as far as it can be traced.
    Duck's-foot - (n.) The May apple (Podophyllum peltatum).
    Fanfoot - (n.) A species of gecko having the toes expanded into large lobes for adhesion. The Egyptian fanfoot (Phyodactylus gecko) is believed, by the natives, to have venomous toes.
    Fanfoot - (n.) Any moth of the genus Polypogon.
    Finfoot - (n.) A South American bird (heliornis fulica) allied to the grebes. The name is also applied to several related species of the genus Podica.
    Fin-footed - (a.) Having palmate feet.
    Fin-footed - (a.) Having lobate toes, as the coot and grebe.
    Flat foot - () A foot in which the arch of the instep is flattened so that the entire sole of the foot rests upon the ground; also, the deformity, usually congential, exhibited by such a foot; splayfoot.
    Flat-footed - (a.) Having a flat foot, with little or no arch of the instep.
    Flat-footed - (a.) Firm-footed; determined.
    Fleet-foot - (a.) Swift of foot.
    Foalfoot - (n.) See Coltsfoot.
    Footed - (imp. & p. p.) of Foot
    Footing - (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Foot
    Football - (n.) An inflated ball to be kicked in sport, usually made in India rubber, or a bladder incased in Leather.
    Football - (n.) The game of kicking the football by opposing parties of players between goals.
    Footband - (n.) A band of foot soldiers.
    Footbath - (n.) A bath for the feet; also, a vessel used in bathing the feet.
    Footboard - (n.) A board or narrow platfrom upon which one may stand or brace his feet
    Footboard - (n.) The platform for the engineer and fireman of a locomotive.
    Footboard - (n.) The foot-rest of a coachman's box.
    Footboard - (n.) A board forming the foot of a bedstead.
    Footboard - (n.) A treadle.
    Footboy - (n.) A page; an attendant in livery; a lackey.
    Footbreadth - (n.) The breadth of a foot; -- used as a measure.
    Footbridge - (n.) A narrow bridge for foot passengers only.
    Footcloth - (n.) Formerly, a housing or caparison for a horse.
    Footed - (a.) Having a foot or feet; shaped in the foot.
    Footed - (a.) Having a foothold; established.
    Footfall - (n.) A setting down of the foot; a footstep; the sound of a footstep.
    Footfight - (n.) A conflict by persons on foot; -- distinguished from a fight on horseback.
    Footglove - (n.) A kind of stocking.
    Foot Guards - (pl.) Infantry soldiers belonging to select regiments called the Guards.
    Foothalt - (n.) A disease affecting the feet of sheep.
    Foothill - (n.) A low hill at the foot of higher hills or mountains.
    Foothold - (n.) A holding with the feet; firm standing; that on which one may tread or rest securely; footing.
    Foothook - (n.) See Futtock.
    Foothot - (adv.) Hastily; immediately; instantly; on the spot; hotfloot.
    Footing - (n.) Ground for the foot; place for the foot to rest on; firm foundation to stand on.
    Footing - (n.) Standing; position; established place; basis for operation; permanent settlement; foothold.
    Footing - (n.) Relative condition; state.
    Footing - (n.) Tread; step; especially, measured tread.
    Footing - (n.) The act of adding up a column of figures; the amount or sum total of such a column.
    Footing - (n.) The act of putting a foot to anything; also, that which is added as a foot; as, the footing of a stocking.
    Footing - (n.) A narrow cotton lace, without figures.
    Footing - (n.) The finer refuse part of whale blubber, not wholly deprived of oil.
    Footing - (n.) The thickened or sloping portion of a wall, or of an embankment at its foot.
    Footless - (a.) Having no feet.
    Footlicker - (n.) A sycophant; a fawner; a toady. Cf. Bootlick.
    Footlight - (n.) One of a row of lights in the front of the stage in a theater, etc., and on a level therewith.
    Footmen - (pl. ) of Footman
    Footman - (n.) A soldier who marches and fights on foot; a foot soldier.
    Footman - (n.) A man in waiting; a male servant whose duties are to attend the door, the carriage, the table, etc.
    Footman - (n.) Formerly, a servant who ran in front of his master's carriage; a runner.
    Footman - (n.) A metallic stand with four feet, for keeping anything warm before a fire.
    Footman - (n.) A moth of the family Lithosidae; -- so called from its livery-like colors.
    Footmanship - (n.) Art or skill of a footman.
    Footmark - (n.) A footprint; a track or vestige.
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    Oxford: Definition:
    Foot - n. (pl. Feet) 1 a part of the leg below the ankle. B part of a sock etc. Covering this. 2 a lowest part of a page, stairs, etc. B end of a bed where the feet rest. C part of a chair, appliance, etc. On which it rests. 3 step, pace, or tread (fleet of foot). 4 (pl. Feet or foot) linear measure of 12 inches (30.48 cm). 5 metrical unit of verse forming part of a line. 6 hist. Infantry. v. 1 pay (a bill). 2 (usu. As foot it) go or traverse on foot. feet of clay fundamental weakness in a respected person. Have one's (or both) feet on the ground be practical. Have one foot in the grave be near death or very old. My foot! Int. Expressing strong contradiction. On foot walking. Put one's feet up colloq. Take a rest. Put one's foot down colloq. 1 insist firmly. 2 accelerate a vehicle. Put one's foot in it colloq. Make a tactless blunder. Under one's feet in the way. Under foot on the ground. footless adj. [old english]
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    Oxford: Definition: Similar or Containing
    Afoot - adv. & predic.adj. In operation; progressing.
    American football - n. Football evolved from rugby.
    Association football - n. Football played with a round ball which may not be handled except by the goalkeepers.
    Athlete's foot - n. Fungal foot condition.
    Barefoot - adj. & adv. (also barefooted) wearing nothing on the feet.
    Club-foot - n. Congenitally deformed foot.
    Club-foot - n. Congenitally deformed foot.
    Coltsfoot - n. (pl. -s) wild plant with large leaves and yellow flowers.
    Crow's-foot - n. Wrinkle near the eye.
    First-foot - scot. n. First person to cross a threshold in the new year. v. Be a first-foot.
    Flat foot - n. Foot with a flattened arch.
    Flat-footed - n. 1 having flat feet. 2 colloq. A uninspired. B unprepared. C resolute.
    Footage - n. 1 a length of tv or cinema film etc. 2 length in feet.
    Foot-and-mouth disease - n. Contagious viral disease of cattle etc.
    Football - n. 1 large inflated ball of leather or plastic. 2 outdoor team game played with this. footballer n.
    Football pool - n. (also football pools pl.) Large-scale organized gambling on the results of football matches.
    Footbrake - n. Foot-operated brake on a vehicle.
    Footbridge - n. Bridge for pedestrians.
    Footfall - n. Sound of a footstep.
    Foot-fault - n. (in tennis) placing of the foot over the baseline while serving.
    Foothill - n. Any of the low hills at the base of a mountain or range.
    Foothold - n. 1 secure place for a foot when climbing etc. 2 secure initial position.
    Footing - n. 1 foothold; secure position (lost his footing). 2 operational basis. 3 relative position or status (on an equal footing). 4 (often in pl.) Foundations of a wall.
    Footle - v. (-ling) (usu. Foll. By about) colloq. Potter or fiddle about. [origin uncertain]
    Footlights - n.pl. Row of floor-level lights at the front of a stage.
    Footling - adj. Colloq. Trivial, silly.
    Footloose - adj. Free to act as one pleases.
    Footman - n. Liveried servant.
    Footmark - n. Footprint.
    Footnote - n. Note printed at the foot of a page.
    Footpad - n. Hist. Unmounted highwayman.
    Footpath - n. Path for pedestrians; pavement.
    Footplate - n. Platform for the crew in a locomotive.
    Footprint - n. Impression left by a foot or shoe.
    Footrest - n. Stool, rail, etc. For the feet.
    Footsie - n. = *ft-se. [respelling of *ft-se]
    Footsie - n. Colloq. Amorous play with the feet.
    Footsore - adj. With sore feet, esp. From walking.
    Footstep - n. 1 step taken in walking. 2 sound of this. follow in a person's footsteps do as another did before.
    Footstool - n. Stool for resting the feet on when sitting.
    Footway - n. Path for pedestrians.
    Footwear - n. Shoes, socks, etc.
    Footwork - n. Use or agility of the feet in sports, dancing, etc.
    Forefoot - n. Front foot of an animal.
    Hotfoot - adv. In eager haste. v. Hurry eagerly (esp. Hotfoot it).
    Light-footed - adj. Nimble.
    Pussyfoot - v. Colloq. 1 move stealthily. 2 equivocate; stall.
    Sure-footed - adj. Never stumbling or making a mistake.
    Tenderfoot - n. (pl -s or -feet) newcomer, novice.
    Underfoot - adv. (also under foot) 1 under one's feet. 2 on the ground.
    Web-footed - adj. Having the toes connected by webs.
    Wrong-foot - v. Colloq. 1 (in tennis, football, etc.) Catch (an opponent) off balance. 2 disconcert; catch unprepared.

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